Sexism In Advertising: A Notorious Compilation

Yes, we’ve seen some pretty sexist and just- wrong ads from both Lebanon, and elsewhere,  but it doesn’t stop there. Check out this compilation I made of  sexist ads that make you wonder how the Creative Director of any Ad agency could possibly say YES to, without risking serious backlash!? Bisoux

Want More Sexist Ads?  Click Here

11 responses to “Sexism In Advertising: A Notorious Compilation

  1. I really think that these ads have a serious impact on the youth growing up in this sex-obsessed society. It’s no wonder my 9 year old sister asked me how she could be sexy and get boys to like her..

    Seriously.. How could these be allowed to run? The Nando’s ad is the most shocking! Did that run here?

  2. I have one word: Outrageous!

  3. Some of these ads are sexist, some just focus on sexual imagery, some are simply cheap.
    Although I have to say the Arby’s ad isn’t all that bad. I would even say it’s a somewhat clever ad. But hey, what do I know ?

  4. When I see this stuff, I’m always amazed at how the finished ad made it. Imagine the company hired different PR-agencies, got them all to pitch their ideas and then a team of people got together and said “Hey, the one where it looks like she’s giving head is the best!”. After that there were photographers, stylists, assistants, photo editors, graphic designers, assistants and a whole lot of other people who became involved in the process and not a single one of them said “With our budget do we really want to go for something that borders on stupid and down right offensive?” or screamed “What the hell are we doing?!”. It’s almost amusing…. but only almost! I would like to see numbers on if these advertisements actually work though…

  5. Come on people, where is your sense of humor, they are really funny and sexy, you can’t take everything so seriously :)

    • Stephanie Allespach

      Are you serious! I have a great sense of humor. It’s easy to be flippant when such ads don’t stereotype or objectify you personally. For example Ramez, your name sounds very arab. So that must make you a women hating rapist. Or perhaps a terrorist? If advertisement continuously depicted men from Muslim countries along these stereotypes I don’t think you would find that so funny :) And your response only ads insult to injury. By the way there is a difference between sexy and sexist.

  6. Another Single Lady In Beirut

    The D&G ad i think is the most disturbing. It looks like they are trying to make a “rape” image look like it’s “in” and sexy but it actually looks like they are going to do a gang rape on the model. So if I buy those glasses men will want to gang rape me also?
    Ramez it is sooo easy for you to laugh at this you are a guy and these ads appeal to you. Men can be so insensitive right IVY?

  7. one word: degrading! it just sucks I mean it’s true what you said how can a “Creative Director of any Ad agency could possibly say YES to” this and I ask how can these models accept doing such ads, is there no integrity r they so blind they just want to work and get a paycheck?coz they r women too! if u come and think of it though some models don’t even know what ad they r modeling for they just come in have a photo shoot and leave easy and simple. it’s just so sad really for us and the younger generations…

  8. Quite sad ..
    This video is the extended trailer for ‘Miss Represented’, a documentary which speaks about how media shaped the idea of women in the world.. MUST watch.

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