The 6 Annoying Dating Habits Of Middle Eastern Men

1)      Complaining about your overtly jealous woman then throwing tantrums when she merely glances at other men in the room. You are not the Sultan and whatever applies to her applies to you as well. Enough with this chauvinistic melodrama.

 2)       Flaunting your finances when wooing a woman, wining and dining her at the priciest spots in town, ordering the ridiculous magnum champagne bottles and showering her with expensive gifts only to later complain that she’s only with you for your money. You set yourself up for this one honey.

 3)      Her style is what got you noticing her in the first place, but suddenly you’re not feeling those mini dresses and shorts anymore. You’re on a conservative trip and you expect her to cover-up. Stop those outfit sanctions; you’re not being protective, you’re being a hypocrite.

 4)      You want a good girl from a “good family” yet you expect her to join you on those weekend getaways even if she has to lie to her parents about her whereabouts. If her parents don’t fall for it, you’ll go solo anyways. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

5)      Her BFF just had a rough break up and she’s hitting the town, hard. Suddenly the girl who used to help you resolve a fight with your lady is now being sidelined as a “bad influence.”  If you expect your girl to drop her friend just like that then get ready to do the same for her.

 6)      She was honest to you about her past relationships from the start, yet the closer you get, the more annoyed, jealous and paranoid  you start to become with her history.  This is not an “honour” issue; your own insecurities are getting the best of you.

30 responses to “The 6 Annoying Dating Habits Of Middle Eastern Men

  1. Trouble in paradise ?

  2. LOL nailed it.

  3. I guess this applies generally to men .. not just middle eastern… let’s just say .. the “cliche” la2ta! :P

    Add to that: He is entitled to his nights out with the guys, routinely on thursday night, to play cards, but when it comes to a girls night in the city, he shows up un-invited.
    + Complains about the way you look if you don’t prep-up + compares you to others, then complains about girls that look over-done when you do.

  4. Lol. You ladies need to ditch the boys and find some men.

  5. And this, kids, is a typical example of stereotyping.

  6. DONT FORGET, that no matter who ended it, they still think you belong to them. its ok for him to move on but not you.

  7. Oh and my favorite is how they claim to be ‘open-minded’ and ‘enlightened’ individuals while criticizing your shorts and the fact that you have guy friends. I’m starting to think an open-minded Middle Eastern is a contradiction in terms :P

  8. This is a stereotype and general it doesn’t necessary apply to Middle Eastern men, it applies to other men too

    • This most certainly does not apply to good American men.

    • Lol, everyone knows that someone named Ali is obviously middle eastern so of course you will stick up for your nationality. Just saying, middle eastern men are horrible !

      • Not everyone named Ali is Middle Eastern. Arabs are also in North Africa, that would make them North African, not Middle Eastern. And btw, you are horrible. People are people. I bet if you said Blacks or Jews were horrible everyone would be up in arms. Cut the nonsense, educate yourself.

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  10. Hey! Your article made me laugh. I am an Iranian guy and I found that number 2 actually applies to me. Not any other since I am not conservative. My American GF is always welcomed to wear the sexiest clothes since that makes other guys feel jealous to me :D But I think as another commentator mentioned, this applies to other men as well. Also, there really are many girls that are partially (at least subconsciously) attracted to a guy because of his status or money (at least partially!). Imagine, would you date a simple homeless guy? Would you even give him a chance? If you do, you are a 10 ct diamond! But I do know that many ladies, including my GF, would not even imagine dating a guy without any status or money. Even in US, you go to a restaurant, either each pays separately, OR the guy is expected to pay. If you

  11. How do you know M.E. men so well? That’s exactly true, but be fair a bit. It is natural to us -men- to keep our girls out of other men’s access. Even animals do it. It is encoded in the genes. Even considering that, I think I am much more open minded about my wife than she is open minded about me.

  12. This actually applies more to white men in Europe and Scandinavia and US. Seriously dont put this sh.t on us. Congratulations the whtie men finally made you turn against us also, first they did it with the africans then indians, now its our turn. Guess what im born as a middle eastern proud man and will die like one also.

  13. Not all Arab men are chauvinistic and treat women like crap. I know many Arabs who treat their wives and girlfriends as equals. You seem to just be basing this article on racist stereotypes. What is your experience with Arab men? Have you dated many Arab men or just one? Have you even dated an Arab man? There are plenty of bad apples in the bunch. I’m half arab and I’ll be the first to admit a lot of Arab habits are backwards, but not all Arabs are like this. These traits exist in men of all races, and it is indeed racist of you to associate them exclusively with Arab men. If you had a bad experience with one or even a few Arab men don’t make racist assumptions about all of them. And also, people from different parts of the Middle East act very differently. For example, there’s a big difference between Saudi and Lebanon.

  14. It seems to me all these “stories” don’t necessarily target Middle Eastern Men, but a story following a promiscuous women in need of an overbearing amount of attention.

    It seems to me the person in question is self-centered, and who can blame her. Since the dawn of puberty, we’ll say the third grade, little Lori was offered; extra pencils/erasers from her classmates, homework help, tiny souvenir rings and even tasty desserts from her male students lunch box. In the sixth grade she gets walked home from her very own body guard, Mike one week, Paul the next, John soon to follow. Freshmen year she’s getting rides to school because her house was “On the Way”. By senior year she gets nice dinners and sees many beautiful restaurants. All at no cost to her, all for her; all to win her undivided attention and desire.

    These are trends that can easily corrupt a person. Always getting what one wants, never exercising a sense of self worth and expecting ones desires to happen is a recipe for a self-centered selfishness more shallow then the shallowest plash.

    I quote: {
    Her BFF just had a rough break up and she’s hitting the town, hard. Suddenly the girl who used to help you resolve a fight with your lady is now being sidelined as a “bad influence.” If you expect your girl to drop her friend just like that then get ready to do the same for her.

    Enough fancy talk, lets go colloquial. Looks like her friend wants to be a whore. Yea, I wouldn’t let my girlfriend go out with her either.

    She was honest to you about her past relationships from the start, yet the closer you get, the more annoyed, jealous and paranoid you start to become with her history. This is not an “honour” issue; your own insecurities are getting the best of you.

    If her history was that colorful he is probably learning he is with the wrong person. I date girls with integrity and similar culture. It’s okay to be the group pass around; I understand, you see options. But don’t blame a Middle Eastern Man because he is upset that you passed through hands like a dirty hookah.

    Define: Relationship:
    “The state of being connected by blood or marriage.”

    So the problem isn’t the relationship but the ability to stay connected. It must be hard to stay connected to people who do not share the same ideals as oneself.

    You are looking for a man who doesn’t care what you do. You want to go as you come and please. Find someone with the same ideals, and stop blaming Middle Eastern Men for your faults.

  15. I think middle eastern men are very caring men

  16. am African American woman and am dating a middle eastern man he is really good to me he gives me everything I want.

  17. James nailed it. You girls are damaged. Your definition of a good man is someone that will care when you want them to and not care when you want them to.

    Sounds like what a child wants from their idea of a perfect parent.

  18. Middle Eastern men are men who know what they want, how they want it, when they want it. They are loving and passionate, but they are also demanding. They are patriarchs, and they protect their women and families. I like to think of them as “men in the rough”, unaltered, and uncontaminated with the so-called freedoms of the West. Many of us come from a society where almost everyone searches for love in unmeasured ways, and we want to justify all of our urges. The definition of “freedom” has truly been corrupted these days…

  19. After reading these posts of Ivy, I think she is speaking from a personal experience that she had to go through (or someone close to her)
    Regardless, this is way too generalizing and stereotypical. All men in general got the good and the bad in them, just like women… And by thinking that only cuz they belong to a certain race or ethnic background they act this certain way, this is called rasicsim and stereotyping.

    Hope you the best in you love life Ivy.

  20. I think this just applies to most men in general. I’ve actually found middle eastern men to be some of the easiest and best to get along with. Best relationships I’ve ever had.

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  22. I am appalled but not surprised by the lack of maturity and depth of intellectualism contained in this article. Why is it okay to be so blatantly rude and racist? This almost reminds me of a time in America where the majority of white people watched rhetorically loaded films like “Birth of a Nation,” and then began to associate African American men as being over sexualized and a danger to society. Your article disturbs me that you would take such general circumstances and apply them specifically to all middle-eastern men.

  23. Im African American woman and im
    Dating a middle eastern man . I haven’t had any of
    This bad experience that was mention in this article. He treats me equal and he very romantic, caring, and protective. Anything I ask him to do he is willingly and happily to do it .

  24. All kinds of men do this crap. if you don’t believe that you’ve never dated anybody.

  25. Omg this all sounds exactly like an Arab guy I have been dating for 2 months so far online almost everything is him no lie, yeah you definitely nailed it now he’s throwing a temper tantrum because I showed pictures of him to guys when they were trying to hit on me so they will finally believe and leave me alone now he won’t talk to me at all!

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