No Such Thing As Nice Guys?

Lama, a friend of a friend of mine started seeing this guy she kept running into at the bank; he seemed like a really nice normal guy, except for one weird quirk about him, he was a pervert undercover.  Everything was going so great between them until the moment she saw his bedroom, there were pictures of sexy girls on his wall leaving nothing to the imagination. Even a 15 year old would think it was a little over the top. Lama just couldn’t move past it and that was most definitely the mood killer of their time together.

The next day she couldn’t get herself to pick up his call. She had to get some opinions. Most of the girls she asked agreed that it was super-weird except for some guys who thought it was pretty pimp. At 29 isn’t it a little strange to have made a swimsuit calendar the prevailing theme in your bedroom or am I just lucky to have never to come across one of those kind of guys…?

10 responses to “No Such Thing As Nice Guys?

  1. What does “pervert undercover” mean exactly?

    I don’t think it is weird for 3 reasons
    1) This is Lebanon. Everyone is suppressed sexually until their wedding night
    2) Lamas’ opinion is highly subjective. What she considers excessive might be normal to someone else. Without having seen his room, it is hard to comment on how many sexy girl pictures are too many
    3) At least the guy has pictures of women and not men. I would be more worried if he had endless pictures of topless men

  2. as they say boys will be boys. . .

  3. you know i see it funny,
    but my opinion having pictures of sexy girls or calendar swimsuit on his wall doesn’t make him pervert … except if he is shooting the girls up from his window or u know real pictures he took :P
    but in either way he is not the kind of “normal guy”
    i cant define “normal guy” i just can say that a normal guy is someone you can trust

  4. It’s definitely weird because he’s 29 and I do understand your friend’s reaction but I also think she is blowing things out of proportion. She might wanna pick up his call next time he rings, give this poor soccer a second shot.

  5. Pictures? Seriously? Get a grip on yourself.

  6. I think by 29 one hopes a man is serious enough to not have to have made his rooms theme of swimsuit models. He’s not perverted, I’d say just not matured. Though no matter how old men are they like their swimsuit model calendars which is okay to some degree and you don’t let women in your life know all about it but on the whole to be obsessed is not normal and I’d leave him just because he really mostly needs to grow up. LIke a few said, this varies on the situation and person and what you perceive is okay- it all depends.

  7. Mariam right behind you :)

  8. He’s not a perv. He’s just a big fat loser.

  9. There are such things as nice guys! There are just too few and far between!

  10. So he has naked chick pics in his bedroom?!?!?! That doesnt make him a perv, it makes him a teenager.

    And I don’t think she would wanna date a 29 year old teenager… :P

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