The Miss Lebanon 2011 Competition- What A Joke!

Did anyone go through the painful ordeal of watching the disaster that  was Miss Lebanon 2011 yesterday? I’ve never cringed more in my life while watching the pageants answer the judges’ questions,trip on stage and attempt to dance or preform. No really, it was out of this world! I had to cover my face with my hands for half the time, I was sooo embarrassed for them and I don’t even know them.  And the judges?  Almost every single lady judge except for the amazing designer Reem Acra had overdosed on Botox and facelifts before the show, how can such women possibly be chosen to select the fresh face of Lebanese beauty when they clearly don’t realize the abuse they’ve inflicted on their own faces and how fake they come off to regular folks!?

Every year the contestants in Miss Lebanon get less and less, I’m not gonna say pretty, let’s just say less up to Miss Lebanon or beauty pageant material. We’ve all heard the same thing, many beautiful  girls that would qualify come from ” good” families who would not allow them to enter  a pageant. I don’t know if that’s true or false, all I know is that if the folks over at this Miss Lebanon Committee can’t find some decent looking girls to throw a pageant, then they should seriously reconsider throwing it in the first place. Now I get that the new Miss Lebanon 2011 has a huge following, many friends and fans, perhaps  my standards of beauty are all messed up but I don’t think the new Miss Lebanon Yara Khoury deserves that title, both physically or intellectually. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means insinuating she is ugly, she is a pretty girl , but by no means or under no beauty standard does this young lady qualify to represent Lebanon locally or better yet at ANY international beauty pageant. Why don’t I let you guys be the judge?… Bisoux

20 responses to “The Miss Lebanon 2011 Competition- What A Joke!

  1. Miss Lebanon competition has become a sad thing to watch! None of the contestants deserved to be on the stage, and the result was obvious since the beginning of the night…eno 3am yestaheblouna!
    Looking at the pictures, I noticed that even the X miss Lebanon is ugly.
    This competition needs a serious make over!

  2. I can grant her that she is better than last year’s Miss but what is she 19? Shouldn’t she has natural eyebrows? Tattoo eyebrows are ugly. I would understand if she was a cancer survivor who lost hers through chemo

  3. c’mon guys – she’s beautiful!

  4. Shil tante taybin!

    “We’ve all heard the same thing, many beautiful girls that would qualify come from ” good” families who would not allow them to enter a pageant” What?? What defines ‘good’ and ‘bad’ families? Bent 2ema ya3ne? Mniha tante ;) *Poke Poke* Are you implying that these girls don’t come from respectable families and that there’s a shortage of beautiful girls because the rest of the good families won’t let their daughters run for miss Lupon?
    There’s a very nice candidate called Muriel in the pageant, she’s the sister of a friend, she comes from a a ‘GOOD’ family, bent 3ayle, no she really is. This bent 3ayle connotation that you used is too general and too narrow, culturally.
    You’re right about the rest though, miss Lupon ma 3enda genre, whatsoever. bess mniha tante, mniha *wink wink*. Wen l2ahwe?

  5. It’s okay Ivy, don’t insinuate that she’s ugly, I’ll just plain say it: Ugh !! She’s ugly, and what’s up with the way she cringes her upper lip while talking ? I’m disappointed..

  6. Dear Maggie, the eyebrows of Yara are natural. So please don’t start rumours, the new Miss Lebanon is gorgeous, natural, beautiful and young. Congrats Yara, you truly earned it.

  7. Those are 3anjad tatoo eyebrows?????

  8. AS usual..another desappointing miss lebanon like every year,the runner ups are always way better, Carolina should have won the title like Daniella bou Gharios should have won the title last year, and the list goes on…since when the LBCI elected a decent Miss lebanon?? The LBC has reached it’s lowest this time by electing this thing called ” yara- miss lebanon 2011″ & those judges were made to be bought “conspiracy”, who pays the higher rate gets the crown. typical lebanese behavior..tfouhhhhhh

  9. Hi, listen not all the Miss Lebanon are winning by “wasta” PLEASE PEOPLE if you didn’t like this year’s or last year’s Miss it is not a reason to think that they’ve cheated in any way. And Miss Lebanon’s eyebrows are real.

  10. she is not pageant type there are a lot of girls wld’ve won and earned it hope nxt year we wnt be sooooooooo disappointed as this year :P:P:P

  11. Wish I would’ve watched it.. “I’m practically addicted to twitter..” hahaha.

  12. .i have a question . what’s up with her gum? haven’t anyone told her that she needs surgery ? and from what i’ve realized is that she is unable to close her mouth ? hahaha how about we examine her thighs? she looks like she’s on anabolic steroids

    • I’m with Andrea. She did what I wanted to, by the way Ralph I think that when you are smiling because you are HAPPY and you’re not doing a fake smile your gum appears. You should try it some times.. you know.. smile with all your heart.

  13. Yara is a naturally beautiful girl. If we were to chose a perfect looking girl might as well go to a plastic surgeon. On the other hand, yara is natural, has the looks and the personality. She will in my opinion go really far especially internationally. I do wish her the best of luck in Miss Universe and am rooting for her to win the title because she can do it .

    ps: for those who think she doesnt deserve it, why not apply next year and change “the way it is”.
    So plz be more polite and consider other peoples feelings when it comes to giving your opinion.


  14. ummm ok she is addicted to twitter yet she says that she doesn’t always tweet she tweets whenever she feels like it lolllll …..

  15. I dont think you tweet randomly, you tweet when you feel like tweeting. What you’re saying doesn’t make ANY sense

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