Your Turn To Tell IVY

13 responses to “Your Turn To Tell IVY

  1. I also loved your fashion posts, why did they stop?

  2. I like everything but what I like MOST is when you tackle social issues that a lot of people find “tabboo”! And keep those posts about “diary of a single girl in Beirut” comin! =)

  3. I like the reviews but it would be more interesting to combine the review with your dating adventure or a small story this way you will have two in one :D

  4. I started reading because of dating, sex, taboos, smart comments about social behavior, sex, (umm i said that right?) hahahaha

    hey, it’s a fun blog, keep writing about everything and anything…

  5. More social definitely. I really like they way you address the subject. Right to the point.

  6. i love this blog ! it is fresh and real :)….we can all connect with it. keep doing what you are doing and do add some fashion disaster pictures from lebanese women. (in resto, malls, pubs, street) that will make us laugh :D

    • Xena that is a genius suggestion! But it would require some mad- paparazzi style photo shooting skills… how creepy would they think I am if they spotted me!
      Glad you enjoy the blog!

      And thanks to everyone who took part in the poll

      Discussing Lebanon’s social dynamics was the winner with 41% of the votes! But I’m taking everyone’s suggestions into account.


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