Of All The Men In Beirut- I Had To Meet Him!

I thought I finally met the man I’ve been waiting for. Kissing all those frogs  must finally have paid off, cause I found my prince charming.

He’s as handsome as most girls would imagine their prince charming to be- Sophisticated. Smart. Shy, in a good way. A lawyer too.  He was definitely into me. We got introduced through a mutual friend and the man couldn’t keep his eyes off me. I was having trouble breathing.

I pictured it all. We’d move into this cute apartment with a rooftop  in Hamra and we’d take morning jogs together on the Corniche. I met my better half. I beat the system.

Until… 2 hours later, he mentions his fiancée. Yes his FIANCEE!!!!  But he didn’t mention her in a loving way; it was kinda in a matter of fact kind of way. As though he had just remembered. He almost sounded apologetic.

I was heartbroken; he managed to break my heart in 2 hours. Even though we were a party of 6 he continued talking to just me. Asking me questions like he wanted to know everything about me. I left abruptly. It was way too uncomfortable and I could no longer hide my disappointment.

I feel terrible saying this but there was something there. And it wasn’t at all sleazy. He was gentle and sweet. I just can’t get him out of my head. But I know I must never see him again. How on earth did I just get myself in this horrid situation? Even thinking about this guy goes against everything I believe in. Must shop now. Bisoux

11 responses to “Of All The Men In Beirut- I Had To Meet Him!

  1. Timing is everything, unfortunately. As a guy I often meet girls who I wish I had met years ago, if only because back then I wasn’t attached. Oh well, life works that way. Where you end up is where you belong.

    Moon River… nice.

  2. ivy, i had this same experience over a year ago now, i cut the guy out for the same reasons: it was just too painful and too dangerous for us to spend time together.

    i wish i had better news, but all this time and it still breaks my heart all over again every time i think about him :(

  3. same here … i had a shot but i didn’t have the courage to make my move. Now my Prince Charming has a Girlfriend and what breaks my heart is that he is her REBOUND GUY!!!

  4. WG, if he’s her rebound guy, hopefully it won’t last :D

    you may still get your shot!! courage :)

  5. We all want what we can”t have….

  6. Khaiii, I’m not alone in this. I’ll be following you for sure!

  7. By any chance, does his name start with a Z?

  8. You’ll be alright. If he talks about his fiancée this way, then he’s not worth the attention ;) Have a nice week dear xx

  9. Oh and I _LOVE_ Breakfast at Tiffany’s & Audrey. That’s my favourite song there!

  10. well his name starts with an R not a Z …. Goodluck for you sleepless beirut :)

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