What Men Really Want- Especially Lebanese Men

1) A smart yet very sexy women- men are picky, they wanna be able to have a challenging conversation with a girl yet they want her to resemble somewhat of a cover-girl. She also needs to be fun and exciting – always up for having a good time.

2) An open-minded yet conservative girl- she needs to be able to sleep- out on the getaway weekends to Faraya- yet they prefer her to be from a family that actually calls to ask her where she is . ( Bint 3ayleh ya3ni)

3)She needs to be confident enough to not complain about her body, yet cool enough to share a good hearty meal with him, ya3ni if he feels like having Barbar after the Sahra- she better not complain about her weight.

4)Respect, respect, respect- men hate it when we go off on them- this  is the biggest threat to their masculinity, no matter how bad they eff-up , they don’t expect you to scold them for it. (Yes, we share diff ideas of respect- they think it’s us not shouting at them- we think it’s them not making us look bad by checking out our competition.)

5) Boy time. Alone. Men need their space, even if it’s sitting home playing pS3 with their best buds,  when they feel  this no longer becomes an option for them- they’ll be looking for away OUT.

The list goes on – but I’d prefer to hear from others too! Bisoux

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  1. Is that so much to ask for? :P
    Just Kidding… Some of these points are well made and true but some not so… Plus on the other side, look at the high standards Lebanese women look for in a guy!!

    • Long live feminism. I’m baffled by these demand. Women should not be oppressed, we fought for freedom. Very few women will stand for what the chauvinistic had typed above.

  2. If by high standards you mean- $$$- then sadly your right :(

  3. In point one you forgot to say that she shouldn’t be too smart for him not to feel that she can someday control him and influence his decisions :)

  4. I have to agree to some of your points, but for me personally, I hate cover girls who are all made of plastic, a lot of make-up and high maintenance makes me want to throw up!
    Point 4 is true, but to be fair, a man has to give respect in order to receive it, it’s a two-way street.
    Point 5: Yes, we do need our space from time to time, not necessarily on PS3 :-)

  5. 6. Its ok for him to have a relationship past but not for you.
    7. His friends are always first, but you have to put him first.
    8. You should laugh at all his jokes even if they are lame.

  6. Very good points you made!! yet every man differently, but #4&5 are accurate at any case :)

  7. Point number 5 is the most important of them all.

  8. Some of these men belong to this artistic and intellectual milieu… they want a girl that bet3abillo rasso, that they can discuss with her very specific subjects and do cool activities…of course she should have a Bac+100 and be super hot and have two or three extra skills with that or something… but yet it’s better for her to stop intellectualizing everything when she asks for explanations about why she should drop her projects for the possible love between them…absurd! but true! and why would continuing what made her “bet3abillo rasso” become an obstacle between them ? someone has to make concessions? why?

  9. – She should make less money than him
    – Lady in the street. Freak in the sheets.

  10. Haha very interesting. I can tell you that each boy has his own caracteristics. Point 5 for me is not important and I don’t like plastic girls. Other points can be discussed but you are not far from hitting an average lebanese guy by what you are saying. You don’t have to forget that in Lebanon there’s 6 girls to each guy (statistics) so since there is high demand (from girls) and low offer, guys can filter :p

  11. A Lebanese guy left me bewildered and confused. Intensely, we met Friday night. Eyes locked on each other and passionate kisses. He gave me his business card and wanted to take me out the next evening. I wanted to play low key, not get all dolled up and go out again. He offered to come to his place, chill. Which I allowed to happen. I ended up staying the night and we made out from dusk until dawn, literally. I was a good girl and didn’t go all the way. He wanted to see me Sunday evening but I decided to not see him right away. Monday evening, he called me wanting to discuss with me about being in a “exclusive dating” relationship where he clearly explained he didn’t want me to date other men nor he would date other women. He expressed he wanted to see me at least 3-4 times a week minimum. I never been in a situation as such where a man has criteria for this. However, I agreed. Maybe it was time for me to date 1 guy exclusively. Something new for me but I compromised. He tells me that he is a man that is nto very verbal but a man that takes action. So he would show me how what he feels for me. He expressed to me he wanted to see me Tuesday evening, and I wanted to as well but had family (parents) obligations. We made plans to see each other Wednesday and that he wanted to accompany me to my event I was attending. I misunderstood his texts apparently and had some miscommunication about how we were meeting up. He got pissed off and cut all communication from me. He then sends me an e-mail on the evening of Cinco de Mayo after no texts, no phone calls from either of us explaining himself. Now, he REALLY likes me but cannot even see me or date me because it made him realize that if he gets into this, he might be hurting himself or me in the future. He plans to move back to Lebanon eventually etc. But he wants to remain friends? Now, I cannot get him off my mind. I cannot believe this Lebanese man for the few moments, a few days has left this impression on me. Advice anyone?

    • I met a lebanese man online… Never did online thing before until now.
      We met and he was sweet and kind and loving. It all seemed so fake and superficial yet deep to him. He was a touchy feely type of guy who showed intense interest and expressed that we were a match for one another and how did I know. I didnt know….. Only he knew we were fit for one another.
      We proceeded and continued to text. He only saw about three to four times. He burned me several times due to family issues and friend issues of people needing him to cover a situation. Every one else in his world was apparently more important to him than myself. He became a workaholic and used that as an excuse that he couldnt see me or take me out due to no money. From paying child support and rent etc… He continued his passionate texting and calling me “babygirl” all the time. he failed in actions not words. Dont know if all lebanese men are like this but I have no desire to date one again. He felt that texting and talking on the phone was a solid relationship. After about 4mos of this I let him go. Told him what I wanted in a relationship. He stated his situation was not allowing him to see me due to finances, etc. He has 2 children from a previous marriage. I can see why he was divorced. He failed with his wife and will probably fail at every relationship thereafter due to not being available in a relationship. Emphasizing too much on work and earning money. Relationships were last on his mind. He was very close to his mother and would hang up with me if she was calling him or any family member for that matter. I do not recommend dating men from other cultures and beliefs no matter how sweet they appear to be or good looking. Its a facade. I do miss him because we connected intellectually and became like friends and texted almost daily. We trusted each other with our daily news and it seemed we had a connection. But he was fine with me ending it. said he understood. And that he would not look for anyone else cuz he worked too much. Wow.

      • Hi just wondering if your Toronto because this situation sounds like the same situation my friend is in.

      • I have been dating a lebanese Muslim for 2 months. He is rubbish in bed. Thinks only about himself and is unable to converse and has no respect for women. It’s taken this amount of time to figure him out because i only see him for 2 hours a week. He’s full ofpretty words and texts saying he misses me every day. Texts pictures of hearts and flowers, always asks about my kids. Is outwardly charming but like a pretty iced cupcake is empty and devoid of real substance on the inside. I hate that I fancy him. I have broke it off with him after practically every visit from him as I always end up feeling unloved and unwanted in the true sense of the word. He makes love for himself with no regard to myself or my feelings, wants or needs and it’s all over in 20 seconds. He’s rude when we are together, alwayson mmobile. Every time I cut it with him he gets angry then continues to contact me next day. I know I have to utterly finish it with him otherwise I am going to be controlled by him. I will keep you posted. Ladies Iwwould like to hear your experiences if they were similar or better to mine. Thank you

      • I have just read your comment, can’t believe, as if you were describing my relationship with a Lebanese man. are they all like this???? when I tell him what I want in a relationship he just agrees. verbally, but then, as you wrote, everyone else is more important, all the time, it makes me feel like I’m the last on the list.

      • Sound like the same guy that I’m involved with! He only calls when he wants to see me and the other times, he’s either working or being with his family. He tells me that he likes me “ALOT”. I somewhat have the same feeling, but it’s been going on 8 months now.

      • I’m in Toronto and my situation is almost like everyone is describing here. I have met quite a few Lebanese guys this year and I can honestly say I will avoid them all like the plague from here on out. Yes they can be very attractive but it’s not worth it. Such a waste. I already avoid Mediterannean guys for this same reason.
        I’ve been seeing my Leb for nearly 4 months now and yes it’s true-everyone under the sun is more important than making plans with me. He is a good guy to friends and family, but not women he dates. For all his experience in sleeping with lots and lots of women (he slept around a lot in his youth when moving to Canada, was married, and in long term relationships with Lebanese women), he’s not a great lover. How is this possible with all his experience? Makes me wonder about the Lebanese women he was wit. And he’s too rough in bed and I don’t like this anymore as it’s turning me off. I have tried to gently coach him to be more delicate with me as I’m not made of iron. I have broken up with him twice due to his inconsistency and a “disappearing act” he had pulled, but he reeled me back in later by promising, and then following through, by being more consistent and saying he wants something serious with me leading to marriage. However, he is very s l o w ….and although it feels a bit more serious than before-if it continues at this pace I’ll be an old woman. I honestly can’t see us ever progressing or meeting his family, let alone marriage. I was hoping it would progress a bit faster. Also, I’m muslim as is he, but I’m not from the same cultural background as him….so I’m worried that one day he’ll ditch me for a Lebanese chick (even though I think I’m better-and he said he liked me more than the arabic girls he met). So although I could have easily fallen in love with him, I’ve put the brakes on my own emotions and know I’m not in love with him as there honestly is nothing really to love-because he hasn’t shown me anything to love. As for the respect, I’m always respectful as my culture is similar to his, but it’s hard to respect someone who’s wishy washy, seems more talk than action, and has made me feel a bit low. So respecting him just isn’t there. If I can’t respect him, how can I love him and truly be good to him-he’s shown me scraps or the bare minimum. I’m going to fade away so as not to hurt his ego (constant dumping is ridiculous) and he most likely won’t even notice I’m gone as I’m already on the bottom of his list…so no harm, no foul. He was a bit unreliable a few days ago, which is leading me to this decision, as it’s the same cycle repeating itself again. And I’m so glad I’m taking hold of my girly emotions!
        Best of luck and avoid Lebanese men! They are only good for their clever and plotting female counterparts! Not a lick of genuineness in any of them. I wonder how they are raised……
        Btw the friends thing is so true!

  12. i cant ask more……………… or less

    • hahah yes Mediteranean men are so similar I come from Greek culture and expected exactly what I recieved when dating a Lebanese; he was on his phone, he’d put me on hold, he never had anything nice to say but actually say “I miss u bitch” etc-some expletives I cannot say. He was all hands, could never hold a conversation, insecure, requiring constant validation, telling me “you’re mine now…don’t let anyone else touch you…” wtf lol he was intense, and most probably unstable told me he loved me on the first date and when I told him “what you’re feeling is not love” he got a weird look on his face and retorted” don’t say that” and would try and manipulate me into saying “I love you” he was a complete freak in other departments as well lol

  13. its nice to meet you ???

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  15. lebanese guys , huh dont even think about, i have bf from lebanon (leaving usa) and i am myself europian , first month it was kind of ok but after official rilationship and name that i was his gf ,oh boy here we are drama. i just love him and cant leave him like nothing happend ,but trust me ppl i do sufer lot of things from his culture , long story short, lebanese guys are very very drama , and women does not have any rights in family or out side of family and they respect mothers morthen wife . so think about before you get deep into relationship like me , do you really want drama life ? !

    • Oh gf you are so right. Im an American and mt bf is also from Lebanon. I love him so much like you do yours. But Drama is all we seem to have. No matter how hard you try to please u can’t. But at the same time its so hard to walk away I do understand. Good luck to you.

    • How about both ways!

      Perhaps you created the drama without realizing, becuase you want to have it your way, and not both ways!

  16. oh gf’s out there who are thinking abt dating lebanese guys- if you not lebanese dont do it- i agree with just some if you dont want drama in your life – dont date leb guys- yes they can be sweet and kind but they are not bf material- nancy i know all about what you saying
    yes they may drive nice cars etc…but wont share their money with you- all they want is free time- i dont see any other guy wanting so much time to themselves- whats the deal???? with giving them all this free time you suppose to be dating- i may as well be single- LOL

  17. Apparently, Lebanese guys everywhere are screwing girls over.

    • which is funny no? it takes a real woman to keep a leb in her arms! peace!

    • Oh, yes indeed.

    • I have a dream

      And apparently they complain after they had their sweet!

      I wish The Lebanese men were kept for Leb women! At least the lebanese female didn’t have to work so hard on everything, and then ends up wit few choices or non! So please please please keep your hand off the Lebanese guy for the love of God!!!

  18. There is positivity and negativity in everything. Thank you Allah I found a really beautiful Lebanese man. BUT he is 38 and I am 29. I think the key is to find a MAN over 30 … or so… its not about being lebanese, as there are many PEOPLE who abuse trust. Yes, lebanese culture can be quite confusing and full on… but its full on for lebanese people and most of the time it needs to be for show, to save face and respect for our elders. You will find many people liberal and free in their views on life, whether they are christian or muslim. Its about following your heart. There are many demands on what a lebanese man wants from a woman, however you dont have to commit to those demands, you are free to chose… and what isnt perfect for you just isnt your NASIB.
    I think the list is right most of the time however… the key word is NAMRADE they hate it… it doesnt work and the ‘attitude’ thing of the west doesnt work on them either… just a little tip.

  19. I can’t agree more with Mariam, enough said. International ladies take it from a native and RUN FOR YOUR LIVES :D

    • and keep the Lebz for Us! hahaha i like your post it is tricky,….There is no woman like a lebanese woman,…and leb boys are there for the call!

  20. Yeah I think you just need to go on a really nice romance tours one of these days.

  21. OMG Ladies dating Lebanese men help me plse. I have met a handsome amazing man from Lebanon working as a civil engineer in Iraq. He couldn’t be more charming and sweet, compimentary to me, and yet by the 4 or 5th message he was telling me he wanted to meet my father and one day be his son. I am from a wealthy family, very blonde, slender and he treats me as if I am some goddess from heaven, speaking of marriage on day, our babies we will have etc……….I tried to fight it off w/him, over and over. He is 26 and I am 24. He is coming out of a 5 year engagement w/a Lebanese girl, very attractive and finaly told me, he had sex w/other women while engaged to her b/c no normal healthy man could wait 5 years. I thought I was no fool, would never fall for lines like this but he is so utterly charming handsome I seem to not be able to get out from him. God he is utterly charming BUT as someone said above, calls me his Baby Girl. Also on his FB page on “Likes” the book “Lolita” is one of his favs. Now for those who don’t know, that book is about a pedo ending up marrying his young little step daughter after the wife dies. IDK but to have this as a favorite book? Flat out freaks me out, yet I let him get away w/so much b/c we are online and things can get confusing and backwards. So all he does it worship me I think b/c I am a pale blue eyed very blonde girl who has come from a neglected and wealthy family, He must see me as somewhat needy for love. I just am finding I cannot call him on what seems to be bullshit to me plus he doesn’t answer my questions abt important things on may occasions, as if he doesn’t hear me or something. He speaks to me as if I am the only girl on the planet for him and this sort of feelings and talk go straight to the empty lonely places in me. I have had bf’s and all this and been quite independent etc…..they are American but somehow this man has a hold on me I cannot shake. He says he is dangerously in love w/me and will let nothing separate us. He knows my home town and where I live now but that’s it. I am afraid he won’t let go of me and somehow will find me. Now he wants my phone no and address and I don’t want to give it to him b/c I fear him showing up one day and being crazy. Cause he say s he would die w/out me blah blah blah. I need help and advice plse Ladies, slap me silly into seeing what I cannot please :) thanks in advance.

    • faure ~ you say that you have never met him in person or spoken with him on the phone yet he professes his undying love for you. That, along with other things he is doing screams of dating scammer. there are men, mostly from nigeria and malaysia, who pretend to be someone, usually stealing pictures and life histories, in order to lure men and women into online relationships. they do this to scam money, launder money (which is often used to fund terrorist activities) and/or obtain green cards. go to romancescammers.org and read and learn. protect yourself. don’t give him any personal information. don’t give him any money or allow yourself to receive goods to resend to him. this is potentially a very serious situation. don’t feel stupid or dumb for falling for him. these men are skilled in psychological methods to dupe people. they are theives and criminals. please be careful.

  22. Heh entertaining blog.
    It is simple enough, yet i do not expect most of you to grasp it.
    The standard throughoubred and raised lebanese male specimen is a worthless scumbag. These people are raised on a straight up idiotic,chauvanistic, and egocentric culture. Massive red X on those.

    What you need is the mixed culture breed, ergo lebanese men who have spent a good portion of their lives abroad AWAY FROM ARAB INFLUENCE. The result is usually an intellectual with a much wider perspective on life, the good values of lebanon such as chivalry and a sense of honor, as well as consideration. The lebanese are not considerate by nature, they are a highly selfish populace. This issue dissipates upon exposure to western civilization.

    I am such a sample specimen, and i have been blown off by europeans and americans before due to being lebanese, only to turn their opinions and consequently their lives upside down and inside out with the turn of a phrase.

    Do not despair ladies, there is a god, and he comes in the form of the travelled and cultured lebanese man, the homebrewed kind is simply trash.

    The ego is impossible to get rid of however :>

    • I completely agree you. I have had several friends of my ex, who were lebanese by birth in their home country, and were raised and schooled in their home country. They are exactly like the exasperated views of previous women.

      But recently, 3 months ago, I met a Lebanese man, born in Australia, hardworking, religious and with strong family ties, and he is completely different to any viewpoint/stereotype or any other lebanese male I have ever met. He is genuinely caring of my feelings, without overly being charming or excess usage of endearment terms, which when overly used in every conversation and message, mean nothing. He shares the best values of Arabic/Middle Eastern culture, of putting the women first, protecting her, looking after her wellbeing and her financial needs. Mind you, he is no fool, he is careful about providing for his future, by paying off his house, and spending as much time with his 3 children, his wife died several years ago. So all girls out there looking for a decent Middle Eastern/Lebanese guy, they do exist, and they will treat you like a princess. But I advise you to look for one that has had a decent exposure to Western European culture. And please, meet the man in person, not online. There are a lot of scammers out there.

  23. Thank you for your comment. I am noticing w/my Lebanese bf, in spite of his civil engineering degree, (and I have an art history degree Ivy League), that no matter how much I try to discourse with him—and a variety of topics—that he just doesn’t try or attempt to expand the discussion. We seem to be stuck in “how much he desires me” or “getting married” (sooner for him than later) and “how happy he will make me”. However I can say right now if he doesn’t find me fascinating now-in the bloom of romantic love-what will this say later? Sorry for the rhetorical question here.

    I ask him question after question: crickets. I ask him “may I ask you some questions?” and get: “of course my love, anything……..” I ask and no answer. This is all via FB now. His silence continues into the next day where upon he writes me greeting me with the new day and all is love and light. It has turned into such a discernable pattern that I can’t let this go.

    Here’s the caveat for me: he is so genuinely kind and sweet in all other areas that I cannot “see” the disconnect as well. At first I thought maybe there’s other women, etc………But now I ‘m thinking it is the differences within our cultures. I am used to Western men talking to me about everything, and now with him, I am thinking he perhaps was raised not to value intricate conversations between men and women. I write and write of my feelings and the feedback I get from him is “My girl’ My sweet and good crazy girl”, “we will be so happy together”, “I need you now” sort of thing.

    I need help so much. He is so sweet and good, the thought of hurting him is just too much for me to bear now. He genuinely seems innocent and oblivous! HELP please.

  24. It’s really entertaining to read the above points, but really can you generalize Lebanese men or any men???? A Lebanese men is a mix of different cultures, every person is unique in their way of looking at life and their needs.

    While everyone is just adding their personal point of views based on relationships, acquiantances, ……., I doubt you can ever have a true list of “What Lebanses Men Really Want” or in my case “What Lebanese Women Really Want”… :p


  25. Hi fellas, I am an Iraqi woman marreid to a lebanese guy, we have 3 kids together, knows him for 8 years, marreid for 6 years. I was born and rasied in the US, left my job, my family, just to be with the man I love. I love the topic and the comments, I think thery are geat and 100% true. From my experince,I would like to say few things. First, there is one thing I dont like is that the girl has to TSAYER the man all the time weather what he is talking about is right or wrong,she always must say “YES” to get what she wants.in Arabic, we say “2oolilou EH, ou bil akhir i3mali ili baddik yah” Trust me guys, a lot of women do it, and it works, but I dont think it is right, becasue it is fake and beased on MASLA7ASecond, lebanese men like….NO, the correct word for thar is LOVE,ADORE to be respected. ATTENTION:- If you disrespect your Leb man once in your life, it will follow you to your grave “ra7 til7a2ik hal 3amleh il sawdeh 6ool 7ayatek” so be careful.Third, no matter how old lebanese men are, and how sexy and attractive you look, they like women,LOL.It is just in their blood.Forth, They love to play 400 for long hours min 3ashieh la wesh il sobi7.Fifth, Lebanese men are very stuborn,each one stick to his idea even if they know it is wrong,probably becasue thats related to their tribes or their political point view.Fifth, Everybody talks politics.By the Way, this is not critisism.I have the Lebanese citizenship. I adore my husbnad very much and I am thankful for sharing my life with him.

    • only a good women can think the way you do
      all the best for you and your husband

      • Noooo shu hal haki,…lebanese we dont like neswen,..that is why our neswen are not made from celicone lolll,..i really like your description,…god bless your familly,…try to play 400 Vs ur husband,..and pretend that you won even if he did,..this will make him crazy,..then you will go for your fourth Kid!

    • wht is 400?

  26. Generally speaking, educated and cultured Lebanese men are the best any woman can hope for in a lover, a boyfriend or a husband. The golden rule is to never ever disrespect him or smirk in his face. I have also noticed that Lebanese people are in general very materialistic and some of them are just plain hard headed garbage, both men and women.

  27. I am a South African girl, also slim n blonde, and dated a leb guy for 6 years, he was my first everything and I really only had him in mind. We broke up a few times during the six years, and his distinct pride would come out every time as I had to be the one to crawl back and make up. He ushered the words ” you’re the only one for me, I could never see myself with anyone else” a few times. I was well and truly in love. The last time we broke up, a year ago, he told me he had been with two other women in the two months we were broken up for. I was devastated, but the feelings I had for him were still full throttle, so I took him back. In the initial stages of the relationship, he supported me, then for a long period of time I supported him. When we got back together the last time he had worked his way up in the world and was now rocking a gorgeous car and his own business-which didnt do anything but blow up his ego!! About a month ago he started getting distant. He also cried financial wolf, started staying at work later, and didnt seem as interested in the relationship anymore. Very recently he started talking me down infront of his friends, saying he doesnt know what he wants anymore, and telling me how I need to be if I want to remain being ‘his woman’. I thought maybe issues at work were stressing him out, and I should fight for the relationship, even though I was going through a v difficult time myself, the half of which I didnt tell him. A week ago he ended it, ON BLACKBERRY MESSENGER, not even to my face, saying he doesnt know what he wants anymore, and that he cant keep me hanging on. Then it comes out he was interested in a leb woman who works accross the road from his shop, for a while now, but he cant get with her because of the different religions (apparently that is a big thing in lebanon). To say I was shattered is an understatement. I had trusted this guy with my heart and soul and he had all but thrown it to the dogs. And done it in such a cowardly fashion!! My belief in all men is completely non existent, esp as I told him that all I need from his side is for him to be faithful…what I learnt from this is key to all women out there dating these shady men:
    1. If he in any way tells you how he needs you to be, RUN A MILE-you are beautiful as you are and you need to accept who you are first. Tell him to go find THAT woman because you are only willing to offer yourself. There may be ten women to every one man, but quality is a thousand times more important than quantity;)
    2. Your instinct is the first most powerful force in your body. If your gut tells you something is up-follow it!! That little voice is 99% of the time SPOT ON, and will grow stronger the more you listen.
    3. Ladies, you need to get yourselves independent, no matter what your position. Study further, if you cant, get a job and save up-work your way to financial independance-DONT RELY ON A MAN-if anything happens tomorrow, you want to atleast know that you are financially free. He dropped me after SIX YRS-they can detach emotionally and you will be dumped to deal with it yourself-become independant. It gives them a sense too that youre not as attached as they’d like and they treat you better for it:)
    4. YOU are the most important being in your life. The only other ppl more important than you will be your children. DO NOT give up your life-long hopes and dreams for a man-acchieve them first, then find Mr Right.
    5. DONT show/tell a man more than he needs to know-tell him you love him, but dont overdo anything-you need to keep them thinking that you will be absolutely stable and able to move on if anything has to happen ie, if they mess up:) You are a lot stronger than you think. You can get by tomorrow without someone/ something that you relied on today. Always reassure yourself of your strength. God gave us tremendous emotional resilience.
    6. Respect is a million times more important than love. Once that is gone , the relationship WILL fold. And respect works 100% BOTH WAYS!!
    7. Dont crawl back. He has left you? Run out with someone else? Thats fine. Let him have her because she will never be YOU. If he comes back, and you feel up to it, talk it out. If you dont ever hear from him, then so be it. He is the hunter and should be the man in the relationship-DONT EVER take on that role. Its not your place and he will lose respect for you. Set a time limit too, if he comes back after say six months, its too late buddy!!
    8. Dont give yourself false hope. Its over (given a time limit), you are strong and deserve a million times better. Pick up the pieces, and move on. Everyday you will get stronger. Dont ever give up.
    9. Dont make him your life!! You, and he, need time alone. Have friends, see them atleast once a week without him, and have a life without relying 100% on him to form your life. A relationship is not two halves making a whole, its two COMPLETE persons coming together to form a bond. You are not a puzzle piece and you shouldnt feel something is missing from your life that he can fill.
    10. All is not lost when he leaves: You will find that all those friends you lost contact with (the true ones:)) will be there for you. You will become stronger as each day passes and make a new life for yourself. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, and alone doesnt equal lonely:)
    Chin up ladies-you are all beautiful creatures of God’s creation and deserve the very best man to make you happy:)

    • Hey JenM – I love your response to this topic. You have inspired me to change my ways and stop losing myself in men for which I have done all my life since I was a teen, maybe because of “daddy issues” (by the way it isn’t just Lebanese men that act this way there are some American men I have come across that do the same thing.) The 10 key points you made is something I have needed to hear all my life and I guess it is the appointed time. Thank You JenM for taking the time to write something that really made me stop and think and take notice of what I am doing to myself and that I can’t keep this up cuz life is too short and it’s passing me by and well I can’t blame men for everything as much as I’d like to. Thanks for what you wrote and I already printed it out so I can read it and remind myself of what not to do and what I should do. I hope God gives you what you need and want in life cuz you surely deserve it. I like how you say chin up ladies – keep your chin up to JenM!

    • LebMen=Heartbreak

      Amen! Jen!
      Let Leb women have them, as a woman from the US. Don’t get involved.

      I read so many stories of how wonderful and how deep a connection we have all felt with a Leb Man,(his affairs said the same about him)that is the problem…. They know just how to suck you in, its a skill they have passed on for ages, they can lead you to believe you are the “Only” woman they ever want, sweet talk you like no other man can. Then once your in, fully, heart and soul, your treated like property. They do what ever “they” want and you must accept it, accept them as they are and just shut up! It can send your heart and head spinning.
      The time they say they need with friends, work, family, whatever will increase when they have set sights on some other woman. Dont you dare question them. When you finely find out, they say “so what, just drop it” mine said to me, as if to make it OK, “she was just a body I used to masterbate with, so you need to just forget it, move on” they don’t have a feeling called “remorse” as they will never admit they did wrong. Ego, like no man I have ever seen.
      You must also worship them, they need that to feed the BIG ego, if you try to talk about something they have done that has hurt you, you will get a solid emotional disconnect from them for days, weeks, months. until they feel you have been punished back into submission. Control, is what they desire. If they have you, and they know it, you will see a whole new side. If you stay with your head in the sand, say or do nothing, believe the mask they wear and never un-mask them. Sure they will keep you, but thats it, as deep as the love was you once felt from them, as is the devastation of being devalued day after day. But….. They will keep you, even more so if you make good money, or your family is wealthy.
      The time they put into charming you, is just looked at as a investment, no honest feelings. It’s words, as women, we fall for, all women are fooled by words spoken as if in true love, we are suckers that way, Leb men are pros. I never blamed the women my husband had, as he is charming, very good looking, I fell for his lies, over and over for years. I worshiped him, as being so wonderful. Until something in your gut, keeps nagging at you until it finely wakes you up. I think…. God finely hit me upside the head with a 2X4.
      My best word of advice…… Be careful once you have awoken from the dream, as you never know how underhanded a de-masked Leb Man can be. Just keep a close eye on all your funds, never allow them total control or befor you know it, you are sunk, he is gone, your funds are gone, and you have no money to chase after him. Your left with your head spinning, and heart broken. Them, oh they are very proud, for them, they have outsmarted you, it’s all about winning.
      May God protect the ones with your head still in the sand. May God show his grace and love to the heartbroken, that they may be healed from the emotional devestation. Amen!

  28. Salam, Hi all! Who came up with this site ℓ☺ℓ too funny! I am also a South African married to a lebanese guy for 5 years now with 2 kids! I have to say some of the points are true but funny after u read it coz I dnt take it serious! I’m happy with my leb just the way he is even if he likes to work hard n visit his friends! I manage to deal with it , and once u stop fussing and nagging they eventually come around! The respect part I think is more to have respect for ourselves as woman, atleast that’s what mohammad taught me in all these years how important is a womans modesty n dignity! So yes there are some points there that are true but tell me any man (or woman for that matter)in this world that are perfect! I can’t say anything bad about the lebs love them all!

  29. 1) Everyone say I met a leb guy blah blah blah a
    I want to ask you ???? Should that bad leb man spend all these
    2) Please girls don’t Go for a leb man if you once think that
    The thing I can tell you about a leb man is he does not
    3) What will make a women spend more then 2 years with him and yo
    4)Some of you girls was saying please girls don’t Go for l
    5) Will Done to those who could handle the lebanese that it me
    And To those lebanese or arab Girls should be the las
    And to those that are non Arab and want to complaint about the ar
    Hugs and kisses ;)ab and specifically lebanese I suggest you stick to ur own kind of people t to talk ,, because you not easy to handle your self.ans you are REALY A Clever and Strong Womeneb man and other sad stories loooooool I just want to tell you keep your advice to your self because you never accept anyone else’s advice when you met the leb man,,, and also because you couldn’t handle the leb man ..lolu can see there’s NO action and you Do know that ,,and you just leave it because you enjoying your self @ that time and the time he decide to leave for what ever reason you want to say blah blah blah and also wara wara wara wara loooool like bullshit stories ….you are better then him or any of those ideas that women have that a man is = to a women and wara wara,,, and after he leaves you,,, U want to make stories that leb man like to play ….but people don’t know both sides of the story years with you to play only..,,,,,you must please look @ your self first if you not the problem,,, maybe he is doing that because he find out you deserve better then him …nd I know him for 3 or 5 or 6 years and after that you want to say the leb man is like this and that and other names .Hiiiiiii to who ever has a problem with a leb man

  30. Hiiiiiii to who ever has a problem with a leb man
    1) Everyone say I met a leb guy blah blah blah and I know him for 3 or 5 or 6 years and after that you want to say the leb man is like this and that and other names .
    I want to ask you ???? Should that bad leb man spend all these years with you to play only..,,,,,you must please look @ your self first if you not the problem,,, maybe he is doing that because he find out you deserve better then him …
    2) Please girls don’t Go for a leb man if you once think that you are better then him or any of those ideas that women have that a man is = to a women and wara wara,,, and after he leaves you,,, U want to make stories that leb man like to play ….but people don’t know both sides of the story
    The thing I can tell you about a leb man is he does not like bullshit stories ….
    3) What will make a women spend more then 2 years with him and you can see there’s NO action and you Do know that ,,and you just leave it because you enjoying your self @ that time and the time he decide to leave for what ever reason you want to say blah blah blah and also wara wara wara wara loooool
    4)Some of you girls was saying please girls don’t Go for leb man and other sad stories loooooool I just want to tell you keep your advice to your self because you never accept anyone else’s advice when you met the leb man,,, and also because you couldn’t handle the leb man ..lol
    5) Will Done to those who could handle the lebanese that it means you are REALY A Clever and Strong Women
    And To those lebanese or arab Girls should be the last to talk ,, because you not easy to handle your self.
    And to those that are non Arab and want to complaint about the arab and specifically lebanese I suggest you stick to ur own kind of people
    Hugs and kisses ;)

  31. I would say one of the things Lebanese man want is for their woman to be a lady always, they love femininity in a woman.
    My bf is lebanese and yes there’s drama but I don’t see any of what some people are saying here. I’m not a muslim I’m actually catholic and I have a very nice relationship with his family they all seem to like me, also I always have a say in our relationship, we do fight and Lebanese man can be a little jealous which I personally think is more a protection feeling, which I think is awesome. They are caring, very passionate about everything!!!! intelligent so proud of their country and culture, and over all respectful.
    Maybe I’m just some lucky girl who met the most amazing Lebanese man.
    I’ve met his Lebanese friends and they all are so down to earth, respectfull and easy going guys.
    Oh I also have a thing for Mediterranean – Arabic guys,after dating a few guys from different countries and cultures Arabic man are the most sexy, respectful and protective man towards women I’ve ever met!!!

  32. SOME= Lebanese men are kind, respectful, and loving. As ALL should be!

  33. Hi all i must say after looking online for a blog that could help me

  34. I came acrosse this one, i must say this blog does not seem to bash lebanese men but it helped me in understanding mine. I met him three months ago, through an “app” yes people an app. We have never met, we call, skype and bbm eachother, he was very sweet very into me, wanted to know about my culture…my life etc. I think one of the first questions was “are you virgin”- i mean c’mon? I told him he has to like me for me, and i was actually divorced. (no kids) Apparently this is a big deal in lebanon? i dont know…..but he overlooked it……we have been in constant contact with each other i even introduced him to my mom on skype etc, we made plans to see each other later this year. He would tell me the sweetest things (after reading the previous experiences on this site i realized thats common with lebanese men) he calls me precious, princess…..he tells me he loves me and even talked about meeting his family when i visit and marriage. I thought to myself this man is amazing……..he’s sweet, kind…caring…he gets jealous …very sensitive….Which woman wouldnt fall for this? He sent me pics of his family…his home….of the beautiful country…etc….Everything was perfect given the situation of long distance. I was thinking to myself i feel such a connection with him (i havent said the L word to him yet) but imagine when i meet him how intense the relationship is going to be! Then All my dreams came crashing down……. while we were skyping one night my brother came into my room….being the big bro he is he decided to tease me…….He said what kind of name is Elij? (he was reffering to my lebanese guy) he jokingly said it…..my sisters (teens) also came into the room and started laughing..Just like that…the convo on skype went dead…………he logged off i tried calling back over and over…he never answered he sent a message saying “i felt that i wish them well”, i apologised i tried to explain that by no means was it disrespectful to HIM! it was a typical big brother teasing ME! My BROTHER WAS TEASING ME (not that im saying he isnt wrong he is for teasing me like that) But He wouldnt hear it……..he said goodnight and after much pleading and apology…..still nothing……A few days after i decided to msg him telling him im sorry again….and i want him in my life etc he said “we’re fine all is well stop worrying about it”…..
    BUT WE WERE NOT FINE! I stopped getting the beautiful morning greetings……….he stopped msging me , skype……calls nothing. What DID I DO WRONG????? (i felt as if i committed a crime or i cheated on him or some bad wrongful act) i didnt do anything to deserve this? I’m not the type to chase after anyone…..i gave it a few days…nothing…….no msgs…..no skype………calls……. After a week he sent a msg saying “hi” that was it……….nothing after that…..I decided to try again….i called …i messaged…..he never responded, a day turned into a week….a week turned int a few weeks and i still havent heard from him……. The silence is killing me, i feel like i am being punished , i dont know if to hope …..or let go? He could have easily said it was over (if in fact it is>?) I’M CLUELESS…….i fell for him now i’m wondering if i will ever hear from him again……….. Yet again if this is something he GOT SOOOOO UPSET FOR im beginning to think what if i actually did something to hurt him or offend him? I’m so hurt by this…….can anyone please give me some insight to this? Was it really that big of a deal?

    • Hi there Confused one, I am currently in a relationship with a Leb guy. I met him online as well but we are from the same country. Its been 8 months almost seen we met but he does this disapearing acts on me telling me family problems came up, or too much work, or friends! the list can go on and honestly I never second guessed anything took everything at face value. He always knew when he needed me I would be there. Recently I went thou something and I really needed him to be there for me and he wasnt. BY via-text sure but not present and that crushed me into pieces and made me think to myself why?? I havent gotten the good mornings like I use too or the good nights! not even beautiful or bella… just my first name!! Unusual and I know where your are coming from. I love this person and respect everything about him, his job, his family, his background… EVERYTHING!! I just now need to know if he does the same for me which I havent felt that from him lately. Im hating on arabic ppl nor the men at all!! they are beautiful ppl just like everyone else in the world. Just need to know where I stand with him :(

      • Hey Hun,
        Just wanted to let you, that I was going through with the same thing with a Lebanese man I was engaged to for 4 months. I was deeply in love with him and we WOULD have been married this July; but he walked out on me a month before our wedding. The reason. His lawyer told him that marriage wouldn’t be enough to grant citizenship. I would have done anything for him. The reason I’m responding. You HAVE to make the move ask what’s going on. Be polite of course but show that you love him and you want to know where you stand. Don’t let him wave it off and just accept it like I did. He told me THREE days before the split we were all good. Looked into my eyes and lied. Don’t let this happen to you – there is no need for it. If he’s not serious – WALK. You deserve better.

  35. This is such an eye opener! I think its a common thing for Lebanese men to meet women online or maybe it is just the world we live in today. I have found a hero in a Lebanese man, his words are not anything like an American man. Online I chased his friendship for a few months and just enjoyed learning about his culture. When I left my husband of many years my Lebanese friend became so much more, saving me from all my hurt and self-pity. Months later I’m now experiencing his love, protection, desires, providing and goodness from his heart all from a distance. I’m an independent, smart and strong woman but I’m no match for his words, he’s just so beautiful. If he is gone tomorrow I will still be a better woman for knowing him and will never have regrets. If all Lebanese men are similar to this then we should be helping to show the rest of the men in the world how to be more like them. Women get hurt by all nationalities so I think I would rather have my heart broke by someone who makes me feel so wonderful and special rather then by a cold hard emotionaless sh**head. This is a great discussion, thank you.

    • I agree with this also. They are really so sweet

    • Have to leave an update to my situation. It’s been over a year since I fell in love with this Lebanese Maronite man, that I met while playing poker online and we are engaged. Planning my first visit to Beirut to meet all his family and marry in his church. Yay! He is still beautiful everyday and I still feel as if fate/God has given me the best man for my heart I could ever imagine. It’s not always perfect, no relationship is. Our cultural differences do cause problems but we are both aware of it and we have to work harder to understand our beliefs however I honestly love seeing his Lebanese man side come out. I also see his drama and his love of friends and such but I promise ladies you reach a point in life and you see that having your man be involved with harmless and good things outside of your marriage will make your relationship stronger. All people have to maintain their identity so we can see what is in front of us. We will love more and better if we don’t allow ourselves to obsess on our partner. Stay true to yourself and he will respect and love you and if he disappears from your life then you will still be strong and standing tall….. I love all these post! Not having any interactions with Lebanese people before makes me so clueless on the culture. Please keep them coming, I want to know more before my visit, give me the good and the bad, help me prepare for the family cuz omg I don’t know if I can handle the Lebanese in-laws, lol. Kidding I know I will love them! No Worries

  36. Guys,…i have to list three things that a woman -need to do- to keep a leb man:
    1- truthful,..honest,..blablabla are not the case,…just be a woman(strong but not rude- beautiful but not fake
    2- live the feeling that a leb men pride can take them to their own death just to protect you if you need that,..appreciate our emotions
    3- be carefull we love beauty.,…carefull means always be beautiful for him,..new,..fresh and he will never think of another woman!
    ciao ciao!

    And oh i forgot,..lebz men are big kids,..they like ( Ghenej) indirectly!

  37. puertoricanprincess33

    it all sounds good makes sense, im a puertorican model, he is lebanese and we are in love, but he doesnt trust me. i mean i havent done anything for him to be that way, maybe because hes a police officer, who knows. but if he keeps going this way, i have no other choice than to change my cell number. Hes a good man, very good father, genuine, curses alot but who doesnt. Im a chick from newyork city so im street smart and so is he, but he is so insecure.. i wish he wasnt i hardly go out much. i only go to social events or modeling shoots. only time will tell…what will happned between me and my boyfriend. he is super smart and so am i so we mesh…

    • I am PR too…Its a very passionate love itsn’t it….Is he divorced or do you have kids together? My x was a police officer too but in NJ.

  38. very nice points, i agree with, but to be honest lebanese man talk alot, but in actions… + liers and cheaters :D dont think i have some problem or heik shi, its just what ur showing boys , really like some post was saying – beirutbouy should change name – cave boy, thats true, and no1 can say other side.

  39. I was a Lebanese man for 4 years when we were younger. We went to each others prom and college. We loved like no other we were so into each other. His parents wanted him to get married. he ask my parents. But they thought I needed to attend college and grow up a bit. We kept dating but towards the end of our relationship he grew increasingly controlling, jealous. I was very welcomed and apart of his family..like dtr. Anyway, after a few passionate fights and a break up. His parents felt it was time for him to get married to a Lebanese girl and arranged it. (relative). It was a hard break up we didnt want to end it but he had to…funny thing is he still 10 years later he still asks about me and still loves me…so
    Yes, In truth A Lebanese man wants true love, passionate love, respect, a housewife, a women who puts him first, you must be from a good family, but you will be closer to his because he will put his family first in his life as you should do the same for yours.
    I doubt my X will ever feel that unique passion we shared so we know deep inside its our memory. I moved on married and have kids too..its a bitter sweet ending.

  40. This is just disgusting..

  41. I dated a lebanese guy who LIED about his whole LIFE.. about his – name, age, religion, job, money, where he lived, what he drove. I am a Christian, a model, very successful, financially secure, older then his “real” age by a year, well known in the city I live in. He DENYED being Druze.. worked for pizza hut (not a computer programmer!) fake id that says he is YOUNGER… fake names all over the place, fake facebooks (like 5), drove an ex gf’s car (said it was his), lived with his sister in a super run down old condo the size of my one bedroom, wears a TON of makeup (YES he wears makeup! foundation, eyeliner… etc!) – self obsessed on a HUGE scale – very attractive but super insanely insecure…. hence when I would leave for work or went to ride my horse at the stable he would follow me.. call me a million times, check up on me every minute… BUT what I also did not know.. he was posting pics of my home, my vehicles on his facebooks saying they were his! and when I was at work at my office the pizza boy was having women back to my HOME!!!! This is a Canadian Leb born in BC… says he was born in Paris.. that he is super rich.. etc… sadly I actually did have a connection with him – and I know when I finally caught on to the lies and started to unravel the truth I had to run as far away as possible.. no matter what feelings were involved. He was lying, cheating, even stealing from me.. he stole electronics from my home which he pawned off for money… so sad. It was a waste of a year… he was was a very smooth player.. it took a long time fo rme to see really how bad this guy was… anytime I got suspicious or found somehting out he had an expert way of turning it around on me.. it was insane.. and somehow it was my fault! Narcissitic and I would say has a borderline personality disorder.. and compulsive liar. Very dangerous as he is very very attractive and will “treat you good” too .. total gentleman… he needs a warning label tattooed on his forehead. Thank goodness I got out when I did.. I learnt he had 5 women on the go.. all friken 2’s and 3’s.. and the there is me..model/actress/businesswoman… I was the money.. fame and the arm candy and the one to live off of.. the rest were his little harem of whores who ran to his beck and call. Sick sick sick. I even got him photoshoots as I was a model and he was posting and sending out “our” pics as some “model” he works with.. when I am the model and he was the “boyfriend in the pics”! The girls on his facebook (which I was blocked from) thought I was a “model” in the pics that he worked with.. nothing else. BEWARE!! he uses facebook as his #1 wheeling tool and gets girls to send him things from all over! If you want his name you can contact me direct!

    • he sounds like my boyfriend joey he would use me i would pay for everything and then he would say no body forced you too but if i did not pay he would bite hes hand and call me a dog slut ect

  42. girlfriends stay away from Lebanese men ive been dating one for 11 months now in australia, hes name is joey fayad he is abusive every time he fucks up its my fault his mum is treated like a slave she is a servant too his dad and him, women have no rights ,he is allowed to flirt with other women in front of you and whenever he did this i use too say to him are you right which means stop smile at that bitch in australia, we would have a huge fight he would smash all of my things smack me in the face and when i go too leave he would bite his hand then i would run too my car as he has kicked my car too they are all sycos im glad i got out today with my life only because he mum was sitting there watching him abuse me everyone thinks he is wonderful they don’t know him like i do

  43. Aw man.. all these messages from upset women… Listen, every individual, regardless of the place he/she lives in on this planet, is completely unique in his/her own way of understanding their own principles. Meaning, everyone has his own personality. Now of course, there can be similarities between people sharing the same culture, but I honestly believe people cannot be judged by their ethnicity or whatever other general criteria… I’m Lebanese myself, born and raised in the Netherlands, yet I feel I (by far) cannot relate to most so called points/charicaristics given… Don’t go around generalizing people… 99% of us human beings are phoney, unoriginal, self centered immitators.. Now if you understand, love and KNOW yourself as an individual consious being, you’ll eventually, at some point in space and time, attract and bring in whoever/whatever you desire.. Think simplistic and things will happen intuitive, natural and shit will flow smooth.. comfortable. Becoming spiritually/mentally independent before giving in to others..

    • Nice comment. I agree on your relating to the human to human level, however there are those variables such as arranged marriage and family control and or spoiling their kids…

  44. It’s nearly impossible to find educated people in this particular subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  45. The Lebanese culture stresses on importance of family period. But many times parents love their kids so much they give give with out too much rules and you know it creates a spoiled person, then their are the parents who are super controlling, we love you so much we are anxious and gonna keep you close eventually the rebel. Every culture has those parents. In the end, every parent wants their kids to marry the “right person” who can benefit the family and or son and daughter.

  46. I a married to a leb stright from leb. I am lebaese american. let me tell you, drama, drama, drama. jealously, controlling, to much pride, hard headed. nothing good enough. Never ever been with a man like this. dont think all are like this. i have alot of friends who are cool but who knows what they are like behind closed doors. all my american lebanese men friends warned me too. but i wanted to give it a try. My mistake!

  47. I met a Lebanese man on line and he is very good looking and seems to say all the right things, but when I talk with him on the phone or we text each I get this feeling he is controlling. I haven’t met him in person yet. Right away when we started to correspond with each other he started to ask me what I liked about sex, and he would say what he likes in a woman, he gets angry and upset if I have to work and can’t meet him. He sounded very pushy and demanding. He even told me once I should be honored to go out with him. I don’t think I should bother with him anymore. Anyone have any suggestions?

  48. i am in a relationship with a christian leb man. i am a filipina living in kuwait. we’ve been living together for almost a year. i am 26, divorced and he’s 34, never been married. so far he is a very nice guy, sweet, and he never failed to show me love. once i told him that if he just want to play just moved out of my life because i dont want to waste my time playing with him. i think my man is very different because he never asked me for free time with his friends. he cooks for me and even wash and iron my clothes. he knows how to respect my decisions. we are planning to go to lebanon this year so i can meet his family but i have a worries because i heared in lebanon all filipina are made to be their servants. people are racist, specially to us filipino. My partner told me not to worry because his family is different. they all know me and every time i talked to them they always say that they are all waiting to meet me. my boyfriend treats me like his wife and his telling everyone that im his wife. so far, im happy with my leb man.

  49. I am very happy with mine. He is wonderful. I just had to learn how to deal with him. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Good luck, ladies.

  50. hi hazel.. lebanese man is a little bit pushy.. and you need to commit your time with them.. where you from?

  51. After reading a couple of comments, it is apparent that Lebanese men are stereotyped at best. Every culture and society carries the traits that were mentioned, simply because it’s the variety of human nature. Not dating a Lebanese again because of a previous experience would render you a lesbian after several failed relationships with men of all nations. Labeling Lebanese men under one umbrella is a fallacy, not an empirical observation.

  52. majority of lebanese men i’ve met… you knew how to list them pretty well ivy…

  53. this post is unbelievably sexist … so you expect a woman to be perfect in every possible way to look like THE “cover girl” imposed by the media, to accept it no matter how much he “effed up” without complaining or blaming him , to eat things he wants whenever he wants and yet to still look like the cover girl… in other words to be completely passive in the relationship, (except when it’s about sleeping in farayah hein?!) Psshhtt

  54. Where are the single Lebanese guys in Toronto?

  55. Papers has a role where you get started for rid or get together the domain’s largest paid Blogging religious service on the cyberspace. It never happened and the Gazump bounty at one time known as Touiteur is a key that will get rid of the sponsored contents in the release translation of our chirrup node. When I got ready to fresh up afterward my physical exertion, her category moves to an Amish community of interests in Pennsylvania. And this is and appears to be all over-caffeinated.

  56. I have been involved with a Lebanese man for only about a month. I have never dated Arabic men before. I am Hispanic. I went into this with a very open mind, however I always had the stereotype in the back of my mind. So I tried to be very polite and respectful. Right off the bat, first date he tried to get me to sleep with him. That’s not at all my style! He said he was sorry. The second date was a movie, he was trying to grab on me during the movie! Again I tried telling him that it was making me uncomfortable. We went out a few more times and he was more respectful. He didn’t try anymore. Well it’s happening again. He says sex is part of getting to know someone. He is very kind, very sweet but I am starting to question his intentions. I have 3 children. Is that in itself something a Lebanese man would never date? He is Muslim but very Americanized. I have not brought it up to him yet.

  57. It’s stupid to judge a nation by a single person. My Lab is like any other man. I was even in Lebanon, and frankly it was a wonderful experience. I miss a lot Lebanon. He is divorced with a child, I’m divorced with a child.He work hard, it is true, but for me and the kids. We have our ups and downs, I can not know if we’ll always be together or not, but not all relationships are like this?We both live in European countries.

  58. Basically, Lebanese men want award-winning actresses, an extremely smart girl who acts stupid, a girl who can share all their food cravings but when home at night she throws up, a descent girl “mish beyes tima gheir ema” but a porn star in bed and the list goes on……
    So girls work on your acting skills and go ahead

  59. Sounds like WHITE guys too you know? Maybe all men share the same negative traits…Every man is different. There are good and bad men from every ethnicity/culture. White guys also want perfect looking women who are smart but act dumb, not a slut but must sleep with him right away.. etc.. etc..

  60. I’m a west.cost canadian, euro roots, dating a sophisticated lebanese man …. 10 yrs older … And he.rocks my world, as I do his. I’m a little blonde haired hippie and hes tall dark handsome and very level headed … He gives me stability and I bring him down to earth. We both make eachother laugh and he lives how I am not scared to speak my mind. am

  61. Culture is such a beautiful thing, but sometimes certain things you hould leave and let live :)

  62. im asian (pinay) and im experiencing all this now…and im getting used to it…and after reading all your posts,i think lebanese guys are really like that…i dont know with you,but what i observe with some of the lebanese guy i know,theyre just flirting with other girls,but they are still loyal and pure love with their partners..

  63. Hi, I log on to your new stuff on a regular basis. Your writing style
    is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

  64. I dated only one lebanese man, He was married he said separated his claim, i met his family very wealthy family, he was ok looking but for the books great in bed, a challenge in bed, but he lost his badge as a san francisco police officer had major control issues and a nut, with that said who cares about money in that situation, when the man hates everyone and thinks he is better than all and racist. I declare he was the most ignorant man i ever got involved with. His family controls his soul and mind. i dumped

  65. My ex lebanese boyfriend, ex cop named tony awad stated what hitler did to the jews was good, yeah he was a nut. so no thanks ill never date another one ever again in my life. I am puertorican a model, yet i feel compassion for the jews and for human life.

    • Dear Monica,

      I am a Lebanese man. Many years back, I was asked about what Hitler did to the Jews, and this was during the oppressive Israeli’s occupation to Lebanon. My answer was: it was a horrific, ugly and unjust act! How could someone butcher people like that, just how!!

      One thing is to dislike the Israeli’s government and their military criminal butcher act and their supporters. And, another, is to learn not to hate the ordinary Jewish people and generalise, either for the current or the innocent Jewish that sadly had had lost their life in the Holocaust.

      Your ex was wrong and you are doing the same by stereotyping the Lebanese as your ex did with Jews. Please do not generalise, it is wrong to do so.

      For me in general, I love and respect women. I do make sure that my woman is fulfilled and heard in every possible way. For me, the real beauty of a woman lies in her character and intellect.


      • your right i agree. I think best to let go and forgive each person is different. im puertorican so im an american, therefore i must try to view all men outside of their culture race or nationality as equals and in a perfect world it would be such. i agree with your logical views.peace.

  66. all women need to stay away from those men

  67. are all your lebanese bf are sweet?bcoz mine is not!yeah at first but after a month,i feel he treat me like an ordinary friend..there are times that he dont call or no even txt messeges…i asked him why is he like that to me,then he told me that hes always busy at work or hes always with his friends..i told him one time that i want to break up with him,coz,i feel nothing happens in our realationship,but he doesnt want..hes always assuring me that he loves me and i am his only girl…but still,i dont know why he doing this things to me..i feel i dont have boyfriend at all

  68. I’ve dating a young Lebanese guy his only 21 and me 27. He is a sweet guy but his jealous a lot to all men surrounding me. We work at one company here in Doha and right now we are quite okay. But I am just a bit afraid since this my first to date to an Arabic man. I was interested in searching the net their characteristics cause I want to understand his attitude more. and I wish we can stay longer.
    But as of now, we still enjoy each others company:)

    • I hope this helps

      Hello KC,
      He is a Lebanese not an Arab man (with my due respect to the Arabs)! There is evidence that Sidon was inhabited from as long ago as 4000 BC, and perhaps, as early as Neolithic times (6000 – 4000 BC)! Reference – wikipedia.org! Furthermore, in modern time, the Lebanese passport indicates the Republic of Lebanon. There is no indication or mention of any Arabic state in the Lebanese official documents. All the official documents indicate ‘The Republic of Lebanon’!

      It is difficult perhaps to understand their characteristic through the Internet.
      Each person and opinion is different. It is not the best option to generalise!

      He’s only 21, so try finding out if he had a relation or experience with women, perhaps this should help understanding the jealousy bit? If the jealousy gets on your nerve, then you need to talk to him? Expressed your filling about him and what you want to achieve from dating him, be upfront!

      If you sense that he is serious about you, please make sure you don’t break his heart! Be honest about your feelings, and make sure he is honest about his as well, just like you would do with any other person!

      Be honest with him and I wish you all the best.

      • Thanks Ivy for that information. all the while I thought he is consider as arab man, nonetheless whether he is Arabic or not they shared little common thing such as the religion and culture.

        Furthermore, I keep on observing and asking him question about his past on how he deal with his “ex’s” and I guess he is more experienced than me and was even shocked how he try to understand my feeling, tantrums and all. I am just glad he also try to adjust with me.

        all this time I am ALWAYS honest with my feelings not only with this Lebanese man but also with other people. . .and the very start that we dated each other he knows what I want with our relationship. I have talked to him about everything. . .so for now we just want to take this step by step. We just hoping for the best in the future.

        Thanks Ivy:) God bless!


  69. Dear Monica,

    I am a Lebanese man. Many years back, I was asked about what Hitler did to the Jews, and this was during the oppressive Israeli’s occupation to Lebanon. My answer was: it was a horrific, ugly and unjust act! How could someone butcher people like that, just how!!

    One thing is to dislike the Israeli’s government and their military criminal butcher act and their supporters. And, another, is to learn not to hate the ordinary Jewish people and generalise, either for the current or the innocent Jewish that sadly had had lost their life in the Holocaust.

    Your ex was wrong and you are doing the same by stereotyping the Lebanese as your ex did with Jews. Please do not generalise, it is wrong to do so.

    For me in general, I love and respect women. I do make sure that my woman is fulfilled and heard in every possible way. For me, the real beauty of a woman lies in her character and intellect.


  70. Hello .. I met a lebanese man online.. We chatted for a week.. he said he loved my pictures.. he said he loved me.. and told me I was his lovely wife.. I thought that was odd.. how can you love someone by just looking at a picture.. He kept textn me … saying he will take care of me. He textn me with sweety.. and honey.. baby.. . anyways.. we finally met for lunch.. He is a big manager and a senior engineer for a big company in montreal..
    We ordered a salad.. he seemed nice.. we had a glass of wine.. he told me i was beautiful.. and kissed my hand.. he told me I would be his lovely wife by next summer.. I really couldnt say a word.. just giggle.. I never had a guy tell me all this on the first date.. what the hell… So He told me to eat fast.. or take the salad back to work.. he had to go..So.. I said ok.. I will take it back to work.. after all.. i had only one hour to get back to work.. So I told him I had to go to the ladies room.. I found it downstairs of the restaurant.. i was in the stall.. and I heard a mans voice.. It was him.. he followed me in the ladies room.. not knowing what to do.. I just said ok.. well. your bathroom is next door.. see you upstairs in a few minutes.. I got out of the stall.. and went to wash my hands.. and there he was he popped in again.. but.. grabbed my arse.. and grabbed my breasts.. and turned my face and kissed me really hard.. I said hey.. STOP!! get out.. He said lets go in the mens bathroom. its empty.. I said what the hell.. no.. I ran upstairs and stormed out.. he ran after me.. and grabbed my arm..I told him,, hey maybe in Lebanon you can treat your woman like a prositute or a whore.. I dont know.. But.. Iam a lady.. and you treat me like a lady.. Iam not your whore.. and leave me alone..He said stop yelling at me.. your causing a scene..ok.. he said.. he apologized.. he said he wont touch me.. he said he just finds me so attractive.. omg.. I wanted to run away.. but he reassured me he wouldnt touch me.. so he drove me back to work.. that night.. I was looking at the mirror.. and my top lip and bottom lip was bruised from his rough kissing.. my wrist had a mark on it and my neck was scratched.. what the hell..
    He text me and apologised but wanted to see me again .. I said ok.. alittle frightened.. I should of said no.. Iam so stupid..so i met him at a parking lot.. got into his car… i said I was online and was learning arabic.. I told him a few words..he was pleased.. but then asked me not too be emotional.. and no drama.. he doesnt want any drama or stress in his life.. he said we would go and eat some where.. but asked me to go in the back of his suv.. and give him a blow job.. what the hell!! So.. I opened the door.. and walked away.. .. What a creep..he textn me all day.. that day.. but hasnt even text or called me all day today.. good.. go get a prositute for gods sake!! i never want to see him again.. I was lucky.. he could of raped me that day in the bathroom.. nobody was around in was in a basement.. OMG..

    • If it was true

      You could tell by the way he was telling you that he wanted to marry you etc that it was odd from the beginning, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed!

      Generally men from all over the world wants;

      And guess what? You need to figure out the man you’re dating what he is after, and guess what too? Women are more or less the same as well, and the man needs to figure if she’s after his heart, private part or his wallet etc…? I hope you do your homework with any guy that you meet, not just a Lebanese guy! I often hear women saying that ‘’all men are the same’’ and that is regardless of their nationality!

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  73. Well there are lots of bad men out there from around the world, but I would like to give the oscar for that to Lebanes men, from what I have experienced and seen around me. Lebanes men are liars and they have some internal issues within themselves. I have seen girlfriends suffer from Lebanes guys but also seen very few happy. I would say 7 out of 10 Lebanes guys are bad, but if u get one of those 3 then u are lucky :) and yes they are charming and yes be extra careful.

  74. I just met my first Lebanese guy, young (28 yo) and we slept together last night and it was AMAZING. Best sex I’ve ever had.
    He seemed to be nice and polite to me but of course, every guy seems to be nice and polite to the girl the first time they meet and of course, when they know their going to get some so that doesn’t matter.
    The only thing that kind of freaked me out is that…he has this loose hanging skin underneath his penis, close to the head and I’ve never experienced a man that had that on his penis before so thats why it freaked me out at first so i asked him about it and he said it was something he was born with but its not anything to worry about, like a std or anything like that so maybe it something to do with his culture when he was a baby or when he got circumcised. I don’t know but I’m not that worried about it anymore, he assured me that he was 100 percent clean.

  75. Real men dont want any of this. Most men in Lebanon lack maturity because they have not worked on themselves to become better human beings. they are worried about where they went and who they dated and show off after show off. they care about what mommy and daddy think of their woman, so they pick the woman which would make their parents happy, but make them miserable. to make the long story short, baddoun 100 sene ta yseero men

  76. I’m totally crushing on my Dr. He is Lebanese, 40 and single. Such a sweet guy, beautiful smile. Just a fantasy though, he would never go for someone like me. I’m a heavier woman, and nothing fancy, believe me! But I would probably jump at the chance if I got it regardless of the negative things posted here lol :)

  77. Im still married with a leb guy we are 8 years married.During this years he cheated on me many times as in many many times to the point i caught him in our bed with a girl .and he is good on it and making stories , i forgave him though since he refuse to divorce.He is in vacation right now in leb for 3 mos. during his early vacations i found out from a friend he just engage there with a leb girl that his parents chose for him. I am converted to islam from catholic and they kept pushing me to understand that muslim men can marry 4 wives.And im so hurt that he is living a double life and without being honest to me or to the new leb girl. He havent come back so he still dont have idea that i know whats going on there and he still acts like innocent ..im still figuring what to do i love him but i cant accept this kind of cultural thing he is into.i believe in one woman man. Many of his leb friends here in my country is like same just other way around , they have wife and children in leb but since they work here in my country they get wives here or gf without knowledge from leb. I often ask them hows your leb wife? Why she allow you to stay for years ? The leb guys will tell me that their leb wives dont care as long the men send them money . Yes so i have like i got 2 things keeps me wondering . First , is this really a cultural thing for leb muslim men cause all of them that i know here is doing the same marrying 2 wife without telling the first and they dont want to divorce the first they seem like to keep the two. 1 inside his country and 1 outside. Secondly, is it true for lebanese women that they just dont care as long the men gives them too much money (please girls dont be offended this info came from leb men). My leb husband is very good at me he is the sweetest charming man ,my only problem is him being a liar and cheater. Does him marrying another instead cheating even without telling me will saves him from haram? May allah guide me through this :_( Their tradition or culture are really complicated and confusing for me :_( like wer a couple againts all odds. All his family is doing their best to take my husband away and make him marry a leb muslim girl .What about the love that god has given us? :_( i am human too, God created me too , i have heart too :(

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  80. My name is Mrs joyce from united kingdom i got married at the age of 30 i have only one child and i was living happily .After 5 year of my marriage my husband behavior became so strange and i don’t really understand what was going on, he packed out of the house to another woman i love him so much that i never dreams of losing him, i try my possible best to make sure that my husband get back to me but all to no avail i cry seeking for help i discussed it with my best friend and she promise to help me he told me of a man called PRINCE AYAWU, he is a very great man and a real man that can be trusted and there is nothing concerning love issues he cannot do that is why they call him the great doctor. I contacted him And i told him everything that happen all he told me is that i should not worry that all my problems will be solved immediately. He told me what to do to get my husband back and i did, he said after 4 days my husband will come back to me and start begging, it really happen i was very surprise and very happy our relationship was now very tight and we both live happily again.So my advice for you now is to contact this same email address templeofgreatness@gmail.com if you are in any kind of situation concerning love issues and any other things that give you problems contact him.

  81. she also needs to be able to work and pay her share with him the expenses of the house rent or mortgage,,and it is ok if after 10 years of marriage he ends up with a girl a friend and she also can have her intimacy with another man..just let us not to talk about it for the sake of the family(3ayleh) and for the sake of few more properties or cash in the bank…it is totally acceptable that each of the two couple to seek love and intimacy with outsiders…just keep things going as if everybody is happy,,,I have seen many cases like that…where according to the lebanese standards marriage is something and intimacy and sex is something else

  82. i was married for five years with out any child,because of this my husband
    start acting very strange at home,coming home late and not spending time
    with me any more.So i became very sad and lost in life because my doctor
    told me there is no way for me to get pregnant this really make life so
    hard for me and my family.my sister in law told me about DR SERAPHIN from the
    Internet,how he has helped people with this similar problem that i am going
    through so i contacted him and explain to him.he cast a spell and it was a
    miracle three days later my husband can back to apologize for all he has
    done and told me he is fully ready to support me in any thing i want,few
    month later i got pregnant and gave birth to twins (girls) we now a happy family

  83. Edmond Boutros

    Dear,I read carefully you point of view & I respect your opinion. But me as a lebabese man I see that your opinion can match any failure relation you had with any man depend on his nationality. Men are men everywhere and men attitude is the same. That’s why I think your failed relations(as you mentioned by yourself,and it sounds are many)based the failure on your bad choice. Make good choice with any man from any nationality you’ll find him ideal. Make a bad choice with a man of one of the midst famous nationality and you’ll find him bad. Thank you. (Edmond Boutros)

  84. #LOVE
    That is the only command.

    All men’s blood has crossed and we are brothers. All women are sisters who over thousands
    of years have covered the globe and now reach beyond the clouds.

    From the palest skin to the darkest, all are one. Do for others as you would have them do
    for you and you will find happiness.


  85. I have met a leb man 2 years ago. He introduced himself with a European name, hid his age and marital status. I live in the US and he has business in Africa. We were meeting every month. A year later I found out he was married but he said he didn’t live with his wife and he only wanted and loved me and wanted to live together. I found out he had a different name, he lived in a different country from what he told me and bunch of other lies , but for my questions he told me I misunderstood him at the first place. I believed him for another year that he was separated from his wife, because I couldn’t imagine how could he spend so much time on the phone and Skype with me and flying to meet me if he was married, till just recently I found out from their friends facebook they were parting and from the pictures I could tell they are happily married . I told him he is a chronic liar, he said not to look at the pictures , he can live and go out with his wife and 3 kids but the true love he only has for me. He only loves me in the whine entire world. He hooked me. I wanted to ask what to do, but I already know everyone’s answer to run as far as I can from him, but after 2 years of belief in our future I’m totally weak , and I already tried to finish our relationship a couple of times, seems like he won’t let me go and he won’t leave me alone. He is 18 years older. And he has been the best lover in my life, most charming and romantic , but also jealous when I meet my girlfriends and he was extremely rude also calling me very offensive words for not answering my phone when he called. So I’m lost

  86. I recently started dating a Lebanese man, 51 yrs old, who has been in the US for 18 yrs. He is very handsome and passionate but his English is broken and it is a barrier to communication. He is very touchy feely and puts his hand very firmly on my throat when he kisses me. He is very open when it comes to PDA, nearly groping me in front of others and yet everytime I start to speak about anything he tells me to keep my voice down….can anyone say oxymoron? He is very selfish…..everything is about him. We do what he wants to do and he expects me to remain at his side where he can touch me and let everyone know that I am his. He only cares about his pleasure when we are intimate…..my pleasure is not even a thought in his mind……needless to say, I will not be seeing him anymore.

  87. i met a guy in USA he was raised in Lebanon but was living here in the U.S. I actually met him at work, he was my manager. Once after seeing each other for 3 month i thought something is coming. I felt happier when he was coming, we laughed mutually at our jokes. Then once he came to my house and our relationshipps started. The first couple of weeks were perfect! i felt like I was a princess, he was calling me 100 time a day, cooking for me. Finally i felt alive. Then, slowly step by step we started seeing each other rarely without any reason. I made him a suprise on Valentines Day. he love it so much. To make the whole story short. He continously stopped calling to me, texting, i am not telling about coming to my house. I originally come from Russia so consequently i thought that their family (somebody from their family didnt want to accept me and talked bad things about me(its just my guess))he changed his attitude so fast. By the way his oldest cousin has his wife from Bulgaria so i thought for that family its quite normal to have a girlfriend or wife from another country. I was very mad at him when I texted him not to talk anymore. He made me do that and after that so easily we didn’t see each other. The bad thing is i going the same college with his brother…..and its hard forget my past as facing his brother everyday. This is so ridiculous…and tragic at the same time…..
    could anyone comment my story?

    • я 3 года встречаюсь с ливанцем. Мужчинам, не только ливанцам свойственно быть охотниками, добиваться, заваоевывать, но как только они вас добились и вы растворились в своем мужчине, он теряет к вам интерес. Может это произошло в вашем случае! Если ваша история длилась 3 месяца, благодарите Бога! От этих мужчин вы не получите спокойной жизни, они превратят ее в кошмар, сделают из вас нервазматичку ! Они большие сказочники и обманщики . У меня очень длинная история, the only reason why I’m still with my Lebanese man is because I’m married, я замужем за американцем 12 лет, от него я никогда не получала никакой романтики, признания, восхищения, и естественно когда я втретила моего восточного принца будучи замужем 9 лет с 2 детьми я слепо влюбилась и моя жизнь без него уже не имела смысла. Но дерьмо поперло из принца очень скоро, и это уже была не love story but addiction. Я много раз пыталась прекратить отношения, но потом не могла спать и есть и все возвращалось на круги своя. Он добивается что бы я ушла от мужа, но зная все нутро из вне, как только я разведусь с мужем, я в помине не нужна буду моему принцу, а по началу я могла разрушить свою жизнь ради него и слава богу , что у меня была подруга, которая помогала мне видеть происходящее со стороны. Сейчас я использую его для удовольствия, да я его люблю, он пускает пыль в глаза красиво и умело и мне тяжело противостоять. Я узнала что он женат и у него трое детей, он и на это придумал миллион отговорок и выпутался как ни в чем не бывало, и продолжает твердить что хочет на мне жениться. Я научилась пропускать вранье мимо ушей! Но за вранье я заставляю платить ! Например он купил мне обручальное кольцо за 17 тысяч долларов, первое кольцо которое он мне подарил стоило 11 тысяч . Их нужно использовать в сто крат больше, чем они используют нас! И научится плевать на них! Потому что они как почтовые марки- чем больше плюешь , тем они больше клеятся!!!

  88. I am so happy I found this site this evening! I am a white woman who was dating a Lebanese/Egyptian man for 6 weeks. We met on a dating site. He is 10 years older than me. I found him very attractive, attentive, romantic and fun. We did a lot of activities together and his health was not the best when we met, he had high BP and diabetes and erectile dysfunction for over a year! So we had no sex. We also watched movies together. He was always telling me your so beautiful, your so sweet, I just adorned him. At one point he wanted me to move in but no Id have to know someone a very long time for that. So one day he invited his best friend over and he asked me is it okay I said fine. Then we were out on hi s patio having drinks and his friend was putting the makes on me, trying to get my number etc to date me and he told me my friend is not that interested come with me. First off I would never lose my respect to go with a man I really like (whether it works or not) best friend! So I told adel and was upset and he said u have to tell him and I said no YOU have to tell him to stand up for me. So he spoke to him, but he joked ‘you lost your chance”… so after this things changed. I also saw he valued his friend over me but in white culture the woman comes above all others except maybe his mother. After about 1 week he turned more quiet. Then on the long labour day weekend he left me a text that he cant see me anymore,Im not the right woman for him and he has to focus on his health. He was out at the bar that night with his buddy as we talked a few minutes. A few more days went by and I got angry as he never called me to talk about US and our relationship! So I told him I am not a steak you can order and blocked him on the dating site. He left a heartfelt note the next day that he really cares for me, but again he cant see me..giving excuses. So then we stopped talking and 2 days later he called and said he missed me and still wanted to see me to go out and do activities together and he would buy me dinners. That evening he called again and came to pick me up. I was unsure if this a date or what so when I got in the car I said am I allowed to kiss you or what? and he said of course! But the rest of the night he never tried to touch me he was cold. he sp ent over 100 dollars then he dropped me off (it was pouring rain so what can one do in the rain?) and he said nice to see you again, have a nice rest of evening and I said same to you. NO word since that night it was 4 days yesterday. I called and his cell was off left him message to tell me what is going on are we going out or not? So last night he called and I just started a job today. He was happy for that. Just to advise I think I saved this man’s life I got him of BP meds and hes taking vitamins and his health his improved a lot he even told me so….so is his erectile problem which he brought up on the phone (how akward for me now!)…so he told me that last outing was not a date. As we talked I was getting more angry. ..then later in the conversation he said he wants a woman who is around 5 foot 5 to 6 and I am 5 foot 8 or more (but he is 5 foot 11 and he prefers a greek or Italian woman! His first wife was white irish/English. I don’t feel we can stay friends at this point I am enraged about what he did to me to hurt me the way he did. I was going through a crisis with my family in the east and lost my friend here to heart attack….

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