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Mes Obsessions Du Jour

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Mes Obsessions Du Jour

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Mes Obsessions du Jour

loafers1iphone cases

For the past couple of seasons I’ve been hopelessly obsessed with animal phone cases and flats. Marc Jacobs was the first to give it a go with his iconic Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats and everyone was quick to follow suit. For those of you that thought this goofy trend would fade away, you’re wrong; they are back this season with some more of our cute furry friends. Even Moschino jumped on board with their soft duck and bear cases. The good news, you can get them all online at shopbop.com with  free shipping for all orders over $100 in three days, and yes even to Lebanon.  The bad news is they stopped producing them for the iphone 4.

Mes Obsessions Du Jour

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Haifa Wehbe or Maya Diab: Who Wore It Best

fashion faceoff

Left: Haifa Wehbe performing on Dancing With The Stars back in January in this sheer netted and embellished Nicolas Jebran creation that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. She paired it with an over-sized blingy hair piece.

Right: Maya Diab in almost the same dress by her all-time go-to-designer Nicolas Jebran at Cannes in May. Maya wore her signature big hair and accessorized her look with de GRISOGONO earrings.

So who goes home a winner? Haifa, Maya or should they both get jail time for crimes against fashion?

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Murex D’Or 2013 The Best and Worst Dressed on the Red Carpet

Each year Lebanon hosts the Murex D’or an award ceremony to recognize the achievements of Lebanese and Arab artists and media personalities in the region. And, since I’ve appointed myself this city’s fashion crime scene reporter I thought it would only be fair I share with you the good, the bad and the hideous.

murex cyrine abdelnour

Cyrine Abdelnour may have gone home with the best actress Murex D’or  for 2013 but it feels like she pulled that disaster of a gown right out of the 8o’s. I really don’t know where to begin. It seems whoever designed this dress couldn’t decide between using the embellishments, the organza, the polyester, the metallic prints and some more embellishments so he decided to throw in everything in there. I feel nauseous just describing it. Total red carpet fail.

lara scandar

Lara Scandar

LOVED her look, and I’m not sure who she’s wearing but that royal blue dress with nude undertones looks like something Elie Saab could have designed. She brings such a fresh young touch to the red carpet and makes it on my best dressed list for the night, especially with that simple messy hair and the ox-blood lips.

Murex Pamela el kik

Pamela El Kik

She’s an actress and no she isn’t in costume auditioning for the role of Rainbow Brite, Pamela El Kik wanted get noticed on the red carpet and she sure got…noticed. Between the dramatically beaded bustier and the colour massacre on the bottom-half and that painstaking metallic purple clutch she may have committed one of the biggest crime scenes on that red carpet to date.

murex nancy ajram

Nancy Ajram may strike the occasional faux-pas when it comes to casual wear but the superstar songstress can do no wrong when picking the right gown and effortlessly complementing her look from head-to toe. She wore this sexy Balmain royal blue dress with simple swept-up hair and accessorized it with a Valentino clutch. Perfection.

murex aline laoud

Aline Lahoud, singer

Oh dear, I feel like I’m about to insult a sweet 12 year old girl who wanted to be a princess but it’s a dirty job and someone’s gotta do it. Let’s start with the Rapunzel hair. I mean come on, what is the meaning of this? Is this supposed to be some sort of breakthrough in the world of hairdressing? And the wedding-dress-gone-bad, where do I begin: the cut, the fabric the ill-fitting waist. If that wasn’t bad enough how about those gold leaves were placed on the side to give it that “edgy” touch. Yeah, no that didn’t work. Good luck recovering from this one.

murex elissa

Elissa’s been having a ball with fashion lately and she didn’t fail to impress in this white Marchesa ethereal gown with intricate beading. I liked that she didn’t do the whole cliché chignon hair women just love in this part of the world but rather kept things wavy and effortless.

murex Maya Diab

Maya Diab

See-through fabric. Check

Figure Hugging dress. Check

Excessive cleavage. Check

Animal Print. Check

Bling Bling. Check.

If Maya Diab is anything she is consistent. She definitely brings the action. Does it make it right? It depends who you ask. But she’s growing on me.

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MET Gala 2013 Best and Worst Dressed


Christina Ricci looked perfect in plaid in this creation by quirky Vivienne Westwood, I loved the way the strapless gown flapped on her chest and the strappy heels. I also loved that she completed her look with orange lips rather than the typical red. She killed it last year in her bow tie dress and this year too!

kristen-stewart-in stella

My Grandma has been calling all morning demanding Kristen Stewart return her curtains. I kid. Dressed by Stella McCartney this burgundy satin pantsuit adorned in lace is actually very chic but I would have preferred it on someone slightly taller. Yes she is skinny, but pantsuits are for models. I LOVED the hair but didn’t appreciate the matchy-matchy smokey eye makeup.


Anne Hathway goes platinum this year and looks every bit the punk in this see-through vintage Valentino dress. A good comeback from the Oscar fail this year I loved seeing this usually goodie two–shoes in something more risqué and dramatic, but I’m not a big fan of mid- side-boob.


Another star that took the theme way too seriously was Miley Cyrus ( why was she even there?) in this long Marc Jacobs fishnet gown that looks like something she picked up from a stripper joint and the awful hair that is way too long for to spike up. To be fair though she looks like she’s rocking an amazing figure from that silhouette!

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

No she didn’t make a statement in Givenchy, Beyonce tried way too hard in this way-too-much-going-on dress. And I’m all for over-the-top couture and art but the thigh-high slit, matching boots and matching gloves made this one big mess to look at. Add that waist belt in to the mix and you got yourself something that looks like she took the title of the “Gala PUNK: Chaos to Couture’ way too literally. This looks like it was made by the House of Deron not Givenchy, just like last year when she looked like an ostrich. No matter how many people call her the Queen, even she can’t get away with this fashion crime.

gisele-bundchen-050613- (2)

Super Model Gisele Bundchen pulled a cheap shot on everyone at the gala. She wore an itsy bitsy little Anthony Vacarello  mini-dress that only women with radically tall legs can pull off- and she looked stunning!


Holy Grandma! Madonna raided her teenage daughter’s closet. We get it punk means studs fishnets and plaid but all three of those together is nauseating and don’t get me started on that wig.  And enough with the excessive show of butt, your over 50 and super fit. WE GET IT! She may be the queen of pop but she is definitely NOT the queen of style. And Givenchy? Come on!

 "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Leave it to Gwyneth Paltrow to make a statement in the most effortless manner. While most stars were decked in 80’s memorabilia she threw on this satin long-sleeved bubblegum pink Valentino with a sheer panel cutting right across her upper chest. And although I the simplicity of the dress I don’t think it did much justice to her midsection. I would have preferred it to be slightly more form fitting on her.


Nicole Richie makes sure she gets noticed this year in a shocking grey frock and an amazing embroidered Topshop gown which I just loved! She pulls this off without looking too punkish and still keeping her poise and elegance. One of my best dressed looks of the night!


Finally Jennifer Lopes in a long-sleeve full length gown without the excessive cleavage or thighs! She must be reading my blog!  Ok prolly not.But she wore a curve–hugging Michael Kors feline patterned dress with an amazing punk-inspired combed back hair do which I’m going to print out and show my hairdresser this weekend.


No to matching your shoes and dress. And how does a floral print gown from head-to-toe have anything to do with the punk theme? Pregnant  Kim Kardashian managed to find yet another super unflattering look for herself in this form-fitting Givenchy gown by Riccardo Tisci.  Besides the fact that she looks like wallpaper the worst part of the dress is that it comes with attached gloves in the same pattern. JUST AWFUL!

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Rooney Mara was one my of best dressed of the night with this stunning crème laced Givenchy gown (finally something decent from the fashion house) she went super light on the foundation, minimal on the haired and finished her look with oxblood bold lips. Perfection

sarah jessica parker

Sarah Jessica Parker revived her Sex and The City Character in this crazy head piece by Philip Treacy and Giles Deacon gown and paired them with Louis Vuitton plaid boots. Do not attempt to try this look unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw.


An unexpected and very pleasant fashion risk from Kirsten Dunst who wore this ravishing gown by Louis Vuitton, I love every bit of it from the plunging neck line to the patterned halter to the olive green feathered bottom. One of my best dressed of the night!


Always a winner, Kate Beckinsale looked beautiful in this Alberta Ferretti dress with an asymmetrical hem that she paired with the perfect earrings and the perfect heels. A little too safe perhaps?