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Back To Basics With Some Mezza Libaneza

I took a break last week from all those burgers I’ve been consuming and decided to go back to basics. I tend to forget just how much I’m in love with our national cuisine , so here are a select few of my favorite Mezza dishes made by my friend’s mom.  Merci Taunt! Bisoux

IVY’s Dee-licious Dishes

Cooking get-togethers are the new thing in Lebanon right now.  It’s not just about making something at home and taking it to someone’s house, but more about making it with friends. And that’s exactly what my girls and I did last Friday.

Everybody loves a good spaghetti bolognaise,  it’s one of  my favorite classic Italian dishes that never seems to get old (at least in my books).  So we whipped up some pasta for dinner before getting to dessert. Feast your eyes…

Then comes my favorite part- the baking. It can get super messy, especially when you have four strong heads in the kitchen trying to take the lead.  Picking a recipe wasn’t easy, so we tossed a coin and ended up with these two lovelies. First we prepared the batter for some decadent  chocolate-chip muffins and next we decided to go with a heavenly pink vanilla frosted strawberry-flavored cake. If you’re wondering how it turned out so pink on the inside we used a mix of food coloring and  strawberry puree made from frozen sweetened strawberries.  Impeccable! Take a look. Bisoux