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Miss Lebanon World Supermodel 2012- What You Missed

In case you missed the spectacle that was ‘Lebanon World Supermodel 2012” here are some snapshots to get you up to speed. No, this was no parody this is a real-life travesty.

12 candidates in next-to-nothing-oufits competing for a random awkward title

The superstar Haifa Wehbe with an album to promote

In some Spanx, pleather, latex and what not…

More pageants strut their stuff

Haifa Wehbe transforms into a cat and begins a series of super awkward dance moves

Audience cringes

Pageants begin to speak

Audience cringes some more

Crowned pageant cries

And they all lived scantily ever after

The End…

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Angelina Jolie Visits Lebanon

She may be filming a Disney classic in the UK, a mother of six and a soon-to-be bride, but that didn’t stop Angelina Jolie 37, from bringing much needed attention to the dreadful Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon and across the region. Dressed in a long modest nude dress and a loose head scarf Hollywood’s highest paid actress and Special Envoy to the UN put her safety on the line and left her precious family behind in an appeal to the international community to help the reported 65,000 Syrian refugees who have fled to Lebanon from the ongoing conflict in Syria.

She started off her day making the long two hour drive to the Bekaa valley visiting refugees as well as a Save the Children-sponsored school. Not one to shy away from getting down with the people Jolie was “moved” by the personal chats she had with mothers and children directly affected by the situation. Later in the day she made her way to Beirut to meet with the Lebanese Prime Minister and then held a press conference to wrap up her visit. You can watch it below

We have a lot to learn from this Angelina Jolie who’s on top of the world yet still finds the time, compassion and bravery to help others.

B%*#% What You Looking At?

I get why men stare at women, mommy explained that to me at the tender age of 10, but what the hell is up with the women who stare at women?

I’m referring to the type of women you see when you’re out and about, at the mall or a restaurant who make it their mission to take-in every detail about you. They fixate like a teething puppy on a pair of stilettos. The entire purpose of their being will be to examine you. Like crackheads they become consumed with  you. Their bulging eyes pop out of their heads and their necks twist as they size you up s-l-o-w-l-y and shamelessly from head to toe. And you know that somewhere in their sick heads; some little ticker is archiving everything.

I was doing some grocery shopping the other day placing my items on the cashier’s counter when I felt two pairs of scrutinizing eyes burning holes through me. Behind me stood two relatively young women. One was top heavy wearing a sheer crimson top that did no justice to her already sagging rack and the other was a what’s considered a big woman with a difficult-to-miss hairy mole on her right cheek. They both looked like life may not have been too kind on them and  had this bitter confrontational look on their faces. The kinda look that spelled trouble.

I quickly gazed in their direction, giving them one of those “I know you’re staring so stop” kinda looks but they didn’t budge. Instead they held the stare right back at me until we were all interrupted by the cashier who noticed that I had forgotten to get one of my veggies priced. Seconds later, I felt their vicious eyes on me once again but this time they were accompanied with not-so-discreet whispers and giggles. At that moment, one of them pressed my then empty cart on my hips and rudely said “can you move this” as she tried to make way for her cart.

The cashier was now aware of the situation. It was like watching a scene from the National Geographic. A duel created to simply establish the peck order. The grocery store had suddenly become the jungle. I could either concede or stand my ground.

Let me tell you they messed with the wrong species that day.

“My cart will stay here” I hissed as I firmly gripped the cart with my claws and pushed back “and I will move it only when I’M done”

It was obvious my reaction took them by surprise. They tried to save face by acting unthreatened by my show of force. Suddenly, they looked much smaller in size and less intimidating so I decided to take go all the way, teach dem bitches a lesson they’ll never forget.

“By the way, they sell mirrors downstairs you should really look at one before leaving the house next time.”

I waited for their next move but nothing. Checkmate. And just like that I made my glorious exit, leaving them with their jaws hanging in the air.


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Sexism In Advertising- The Mazda Example

Just when we thought sexist ads were vintage, over, a thing-of the-past, to learn from but never repeat, the creative brains over at renowned car company Mazda have decided to go down that road again and use the cheapest and oldest tactic in the book to sell- SEX!

Yup, Mazda Lebanon wants you to “GET EXCITED” this weekend and in case their car or offer  didn’t do the trick for you then they’ve thrown in picture of a naked woman covering up her private parts with signs insinuating that she comes with free registration, unlimited warranty on mileage and free maintenance.Way to go Mazda, your high values speak loud and clear to us, clearly you’ve decided to ditch ethics in your branding by reducing women to mere sexually tradeable objects, a slap in the face to 51% of Lebanon’s  female population! The genius who obviously worked so hard on this ad should be the poster child for “how to destroy your brand with a single campaign.” Mabrouk!

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Do You Discriminate?

We’ve been known to take part in some serious discrimination and stereotyping and it’s about time someone called us out on it. Cheyef  7alak has gone ahead and done it again, this time with a fantastic clip about discrimination straight from a classroom near you. The only thing I would have omitted is the use of the N word- it is a derogatory term and though this video aims to fight racism- I don’t think that’s the way to go about it.

Nevertheless, the video below painfully pinpoints some of our most shameful prejudices, our utter racism and our inexplicable superiority complexes only to then brilliantly have us point the finger right back onto ourselves. Yes, in Lebanon we can ski and swim on the same day (though my good friend insists no one’s ever done that) but does that really give us the right to hate and discriminate?

Lebanon’s Hottest MP

Just in case you were uncertain about Lebanon’s hottest Member of Parliament, Strida Geagea, 45, is adamant on reminding you it’s her. The Lebanese Forces MP poses this month on the cover of Gala Magazine in a revealing asymmetrical white dress. The hair and makeup work for her but her choice of outfit is not fitting for an MP.

Check out the billboard plastered on the highway-again, I’m not sure what’s going on with the layout of her in the black dress but this is definitely not the best pose for her or any MP for that matter.

But since we’re on the topic of Lebanon’s hottest MPs let’s check the competition out by taking a look at some of Lebanon’s current and previous women MPs.

Gilbert Zwein, 73, Current MP

Nayla Tueni Maktabi, 30, Current MP

Solange Gemayel, 65, previous MP

Bahia Hariri, 60, current MP

Ghinwa Jalloul, 50, previous MP

Nayla Moawad, 72, previous MP

So who’s it gonna be? Who is Lebanon’s hottest MP ;)

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Why Women Gossip-Inside Secrets Revealed

At the risk of betraying my own kind-I’m going to let you in on a little secret-it’s a well known fact that most women bond by together launching whispering campaigns against other women. It’s about finding that common enemy and assassinating her character over an unreasonably priced latte or some excessively-sweet cocktails.

If you’re shaking your head in disdain right now thinking- oh that’s not me- don’t kid yourself. You and I both know we’ve been there. There is nothing us girls like to do more than have a good therapeutic gossip session.

It’s all about alliances, women herd together to underhandedly pick on others and when they do, this sets off some sort of union between the them, the more one women shares, the more she displays loyalty and allegiance towards the cause, indirectly demonstrating how far she is willing to go, prompting other women to share more shrewd and potentially hurtful information about their shared foes.

The worst part of it all, is some sort of primal instinct that causes us to be super-sweet when running into the unsuspecting victims. The pitch of our voices suddenly become higher and our smiles widen, innately showing off our fangs, in fact we’ve never seemed more friendly or excited. In Lebanon, some women go to extremes by going as far as befriending the women they love to hate. In return, a women can sense an undercover hater right off the bat. It is an unexplanatory feeling that overcomes us, a sixth sense that gets our defenses up and ready for attack. Yet we are lured by the fakeness of it all. And this friends is how frenemies are formed.

You’ll be surprised to see the least likely of friendships formed over gossip, over women’s inability to handle confrontation, over the ignition of our internal insecurity alarms that will only be silenced with gossip. Pure, hard cold gossip.

Olympics Who? Lebanon’s Stars Break Their Own Records

What is the epitome of narcissism? I’ll tell you what- it’s singer Wael Kfoury, Lebanon’s heartthrob, our very own Middle Eastern version of Enrique Iglesias naming a tennis tournament after himself. It’s called First In Tournament Wael (whatever that means) and you guessed it, it’s all about Wael. It also entails his very own promo video where he’s looking suave in his tennis gear, seductively tying his laces only to toss his ball up in the air and shoot.

I happened to accidentally  come across this debauchery on TV Saturday afternoon and I did a double-take when I thought a saw a tennis match with giant-sized posters of a freshly shaven Kfoury plastered all over the tennis court walls. As I heard the overly excited commentator speak I realized it was Wael Kfoury in person playing on the court. Yup, there he was running around, playing a game of doubles with 3 other players who must have felt completely insignificant. And the best part is that he won, in his own game! It was brilliant. Self-promotion at its most shameless hour.

If that wasn’t entertaining enough- another over-the-top diva made an appearance and cheered Wael on- it was none other than Lebanon’s aspiring Lady GaGa, Maya Diab wearing yet another attention-famished outfit and looking like she was about to snatch the camera away and go do some very bad things to it in a corner. She announced that she too will be training all year round to take part in First In Tournament Wael next year. Maya Diab- tennis outfit- playing tennis- now that should be one heck of a sight! I’m game.

Fashion Crime Scenes

Myriam Faris’s stylist and makeup artist decided to play a cruel joke on her, first they made her up into a bobblehead  Martian and when they got hungry they turned her into a lobster. She’s a good sport.

A Sunday Lunch On “The Terrace”

Nothing says vintage like a 19th century palace face-lifted into a luxury hotel in the heart of the green Shouf. And if like me, you’ve grown to appreciate taking the old and improving it with the new, then you should drive up to Mir Amin Palace Hotel for lunch at The Terrace on a Sunday.

The Terrace, a spacious patio jotting out into a sea of wilderness, offers a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains overlooking Beiteddine Palace, capturing the quintessence of what put the long lazy Lebanese lunch on the map. Add to that a traditional Lebanese mezza, some local arak and one of the happiest two-man Bedouin duo playing instruments that look like they belong in a museum and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Unfortunately for us, and although we had booked two weeks in advance, we were unable to truly take in the breathtaking view as we were seated away from the rails. And although we had arrived early and most of the tables were empty, the head waiter was not flexible. However, what we lacked in scenery we made up for with food because we were strategically close to the buffet.

The food was no fuss and straight to the point. All your favorite real-deal mezza dishes that grandmas make in the village. From a perfectly balanced tabbouleh, to a sumac topped fatoush, outstanding vegetarian okra in tomato sauce to juicy stuffed vine leaves and perfectly shaped fried kibbeh. It was one of those buffets that made you leave only because your plate was overflowing with promises of coming back for more. And come back for more we did!

The mere thought of the hot dish section left me feeling giddy inside. It had one of my old-time favorite classics, a slow-roasted lamb cooked to perfection on a bed of rice and a beef and chicken shawarma station. That’s right- our very own shawarma station with all the right condiments!  The chicken was probably one of the best I’ve had in Lebanon thus far.

It took an enormous amount of will-power for me to control my item intake; I had to carefully manage portions to ensure I made enough room in my belly for everything. It was a little difficult given the rich selection but I knew it was a success when I made it all the way to dessert, which I probably should have avoided all together, as it had a not-so-rich selection of mediocre traditional Lebanese desserts, and an unnecessary selection of international pies mostly stuffed with tasteless cream.

The place got packed, and the atmosphere started to pick up as soon as the Bedouin band began playing some old classics as they approached each table. People would sing along, some even dance as everyone sipped on arak and nibbled on favorites. It had none of those superficial types you’d encounter at other places but rather everyone was there to enjoy their Sunday and genuinely have a good time.

The Service: Old-school, attentive, but there is big room for improvement.

The Price : buffet is around $40 per person sans alcohol, lunch for two with two or three glasses of arak would cost you around 100$.

The Verdict: No Lebanese summer will be complete without a Sunday lunch at Mir Amin Palace.