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Ivy Reviews: The Shogun Lounge

If there’s something I love more than shopping, its shopping and sushi together, in the same place. So after doing some heavy Christmas retail therapy at Dunes Verdun on Tuesday I headed over to dinner at The Shogun Lounge, my favorite sushi spot in Verdun located on the 1st floor of the mall.

the showgun lounge dunes 9

There are many things I love about this place besides just the sushi. For starters, the authentic Japanese ambiance which has garnered its fair share of loyal neighborhood regulars who dine there on a weekly basis. The friendly waitresses are sharply dressed in beautiful traditional Japanese kimonos and the sushi chefs behind the bar look like a scene right out of Tokyo- a thing I really miss at the newer lot of sushi joints popping up all over the city. I also appreciated how knowledgeable and mindful staff were about the menu, walking us through our selections meticulously and most importantly, patiently.

the showgun lounge dunes 8

We began with the Crunchy Salmon Salad, this has to be by far one of the best I’ve had in Lebanon; diced generous chunks of salmon sashimi in a fantastic spicy mayonnaise sauce with flakes of crunchy panko topped with nori.

the showgun lounge dunes 7

But the Shrimp Tempura was beyond perfection, fried golden succulent giant shrimps fried just right. The combination of crunchy warm batter on the exterior with the soft shrimp inside dipped in the hallmark thin sauce, was absolutely delightful.

the showgun lounge dunes 5

Their sushi selection was quite original and since we were feeling experimental, we went for the Fuji Maki, something I hadn’t tried before; savory cooked salmon in a spicy sauce with rice, nori and sesame, which I totally recommend. the showgun lounge dunes 4We also tried the delicious signature and my personal favorite Shogun Lounge Salmon; a layer of rice and nori topped with smaller diced salmon sashimi bits. The Sheyen Special Maki did not disappoint, and although I’ve had shrimp tempura maki many times before, this one was actually topped with a thin slice of salmon sashimi which I thought added a lovely touch to this otherwise classic roll. Last but not least we had the scrumptious Shogun Maki a lovely mix of crab and shrimp.

the showgun lounge dunes 2the showgun lounge dunes 1

And of course no Japanese meal is complete without a wonderfully seared cut of tenderloin marinated in a teriyaki sauce to share. I like my meat cooked medium-well with just a hint of pink. The stir-fried spinach and fresh mushrooms were the ideal side dish for this plate.

the showgun lounge dunes 10

Price: A meal for two like this (20 pieces of sushi in total) with soft drinks will cost you an average of $65 per person which in my opinion is very reasonable considering The Shogun Lounge is considered an upscale sushi restaurant.

Verdict: You can’t go wrong. The place definitely continues to earn its spot as one of the most reputable and iconic sushi lounges in Beirut and the best part is if your friends don’t like sushi, they serve a full blown Chinese menu.


Casper and Gambini’s New Menu

Cannelle’s Finest Desserts




Ivy Reviews: Cannelle’s Finest Desserts

Cannelle review Ivy Says beirut

When it comes to local patisseries-shops Cannelle is an institution. Not only has it mastered the art of the classic French pastry it’s also managed to add its own signature touch along the way.

I had the pleasure of doing a confectionary tasting tour at their lovely branch in Dunes Verdun last week. And although I didn’t grow up in Lebanon I am very much aware of the iconic status this establishment holds on many people’s traditional Sunday lunch or dinner tables. When your aunt asks you to pick up a cake from Cannelle, you just do as she says, no questions asked.

Canelle Macaron Beirut

I was lured in by a trail of aroma lingering in the mall. For a moment I just stood and stared at the marvel of fresh puff pastries, croissants, crèmes, chocolates, macarons. It was more difficult to choose than I thought.

The lovely ladies walked me through two of the house favorites. First the timeless Macaronade aux Fraises, a true work of art involving two layers of the same marzipan used in Gâteau Succès , filled with a generous layer of glazed strawberries and topped with all sorts of red berries and fine sugar icing.

Cannelle Macaronade aux Fraises

Cannelle’s second classic is the infamous Gâteau Maison, also known as the Gâteau fondant au chocolat. If you’re into rich, intense dark chocolate mousse then you will love this cake, I especially enjoy this one with an all-natural vanilla bean ice cream.

cANNELLE Gateau Maison 1

And of course I had to try the macarons. It was a little larger and less compact than the ones I’m used to but this almond flavored marvel left quite the impression on my taste buds. I loved their carefully selected colors and flavors and I thought they’d make a lovely gesture to take along when invited to brunch.

Cannelle Lebanon 2 macaron

Next I picked out my own little dream team. I choose them according to the meticulous craftsmanship that so obviously went into preparing them.

Cannelle review Beirut dunes

I was drawn to this picture perfect Eclair à la Framboise and how wonderfully the berries were sandwiched between two layers of my favorite cream puff dough and rose crème.

Cannelle Eclair Framboise Beirut

I absolutely love tarts so I chose two. First the bestselling Tarte au Citron, a perfect combination of sweet and sour, with a delectable lemon crème on a pâte brisée or shortcrust pastry. As well as the poised Tarte aux framboises with actual raspberries on a bed of delicate gelée.

Cannelle Lebanon Tarte au citronCannelle Lebanon tarte aux framboises


Take a look at this beauty, a fluffy caramelized chunk of apple sits atop an iced pâte d’amande also known as Marzipan base.

Cannelle Dunes Verdun Tarte Pommes

I was absolutely taken by the Cannelle version of the Choux à la Crème, a circle of light Choux pastry with one of the most fluffy dreamy whipped vanilla flavored Crème Chiboust I have ever had, and believe me when I say I’ve had my fair share of these in France. This pastry is one of the most underrated classics but remains my favorite to date.

Cannelle Beirut Ivys FavoriteCanelle lebanon 1

Verdict: it’s no wonder Cannelle has been able to stand tall amongst the momentary French patisseries sprouting all over town. This classic refined house remains a true Lebanese icon that is resilient and able to maintain its iconic status regardless of time and competition while continuing to bring us some of the best in French desserts.





Ivy Reviews: Casper and Gambini’s New Menu

Casper and gambini Dunes Verdun Ivy Says 1

I feel confident referring to Casper and Gambini’s as an institution in Lebanon today. It’s mastered the art of consistency and has managed to strike the perfect balance between wholesome high-end cafe cuisine and excellent service. So this post isn’t about how much I like Casper and Gambini’s that’s already been established, rather it’s a review of their recently launched new menu.

I visited Casper and Gambini’s at their Dunes Verdun branch for the first time and I absolutely loved lunching on their bustling patio. I worked out quite the appetite on a photo shoot that day and managed to wolf down the grissini and their traditional complimentary labneh balls drizzled with thyme as I always do.

Casper and gambini Dunes Verdun Ivy Says 1 Crusted Eggplant

The first new item my friend and I chose was the delectable Crusted Eggplant Parmesan and when I say delectable I mean so good you may want to have one as a starter and another as a main dish. Casper and Gambini’s put their own twist on this otherwise classic dish by crusting the actual slices of eggplant with Parmesan and then lightly frying them. On top sits a generous helping of melted mozzarella, basil and a fantastico roasted tomato sauce. As I cut through the arrangement the ingredients blended together so harmoniously. This one makes it on my very highly-recommended list.

Casper and gambini Dunes Verdun Ivy Says 1 crab sandwhich

To counter the calories of the Eggplant Parmesan we had the crab bites, essentially made up of two portions of a mayonnaise-based mix of shredded crabmeat served on a thinly sliced toasted white bread and a side of green house salad. If you’re calorie counting then this dish is a good light and fresh option on their list of starters.

I knew I wanted a sandwich for mains but the new additions left me confused, how was I supposed to choose between a Philly Cheese Steak or a Chicken Quesadilla sandwich? Our waiter sensed my predicament and passionately recommended I try their Provolone Steak Sandwich, or what I now would call the most valuable player of the group. Be warned, this is not your average sandwich, this is a game changer.

Casper and gambini Dunes Verdun Ivy Says 1 steak sandwhich

Picture this; slow-grilled Australian beef medium cooked with a pink center, crisp smoked bacon, melted provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and horseradish mayonnaise all inside a fluffy freshly baked cheese-flavored ciabatta The sandwich was soft enough to bite through while holding everything together so well, none of that soggy falling-out business. The flavors did a little dance in my mouth as I struggled to finish the mammoth thing. It was challenging. But legendary.

Casper and gambini Dunes Verdun Ivy Says 1 steak sandwhich 2

My friend opted for the Gourmet Mini Sliders which I have to say are as creative as it gets. Three mini burgers, the first a Mediterranean one with Halloumi cheese, a classic with provolone and a fiery Mexican one complete with avocado cream, mango and Emmental cheese. I favored the halloumi one and my friend raved about the Mexican.

Casper and gambini Dunes Verdun Ivy Says Burger slidersCasper and gambini Dunes Verdun Ivy Says 1 Halloumi burger

Price: On the higher end of the scale for a daytime cafe/restaurant; 2 appetizers, soft drinks and two mains for 97,000LL.

Verdict: Five star hotel service and a new menu that deserves all the hype. Casper and Gambini’s is revived and raising the bar.

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A Night At Monte Cassino Hotel

Out of the hundreds of hotels that have set up camp in the Maameltein and Tabarja area, less than a handful are actually decent enough to recommend, in service, quality and reputation. So when Monte Cassino invited my man and I to be amongst the first guests to stay at this hotel which opened its doors back in June, we were taken aback by the grandiose establishment situated only a stone’s throw away from the landmark, Casino du Liban.

monte cassino 9

Monte Cassino is a luxury boutique hotel in Tabarja with an exterior that somewhat resembles a private Italian villa, with impressive pillars and a renaissance feel to it. The hotel boasts 12 opulent suites overlooking the magnificent Jounieh Bay with unobstructed views reminiscent of the Amalfi coast; steep green mountainous terrain and tranquil turquoise waters. Each suite is exquisitely designed for both comfort and convenience and also features its very own Jacuzzi either within the lavish washroom or right in the center of the suite. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that toiletries included one of my favorite ranges from The Body Shop.

sway rooftop Monte Casinomonte cassino hot tub 5monte cassino balcony 2monte cassino body shop 4

After checking in to our room we made our way down to the Tulip Lounge for some fine dining. We kicked things off with glass of Chardonnay and a sumptuous dish of Beef Carpaccio on a bed of rocca with a lemon mustard dressing. I especially enjoyed the breaded calamari on some hommus, which I thought was a rather lovely twist to an otherwise classic dish. For mains I had a divine cut of Filet Mignon cooked to seamless medium-rare with a side of grilled vegetables and some splendid potato gratin. I also got to taste the orange salmon with a side of fluffy Basmati rice which I would recommend if fish is your thing.

monte cassino filet 7monte cassino tulip salmon 6monte cassino dinner

We enjoyed more drinks on the lobby terrace before heading to Monte Casino’s new rooftop, SWAY, an effortlessly chic bar, lounge and pool area with a magnificent unrivalled 180 degree view of Jounieh and its surroundings. Just then the much –anticipated annual firework show began to mark the commencement of the Jounieh International Festival and let me tell you, we never before had the chance to experience it from what felt like a front-row seat. The rooftop began to get busier as more guests arrived and the DJ began playing some of the season’s hottest tunes as we were offered more drinks and danced the night away under the stars.

monte cassino sway 1ivy says dana at monte casino

Following a great night’s sleep we had a continental breakfast in a glamorous area which happened to be my personal favorite, furnished in chic denim 50’s style. Most of the guests headed back to the rooftop pool which is open all week for those who want to soak up the sun.

monte cassino dining 3

There’s no doubt Monte Cassino will be at last upping the game in Jounieh, bringing much-needed elegance, standards and all-star service to a mediocre area that is seriously lacking in all three. All the while remaining effortless and elegant with none-of-that over-the-top tacky nonsense. It’s a true boutique hotel with a unique character that if remains meticulously managed at the same level will be raising the stakes.

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My Top 12 Favorite Things This Summer

1. Lazy B 11 lazy b If you like to go to the beach to actually tan and chill rather than see and be seen, then you need to be in Lazy B in Jîyé this summer. It’s quiet, it’s hippy it’s earthy and super colorful. Every little inch is an Instagram photo opp and it also has one of the cleanest freshest coldest natural salt water lagoons you will see in Lebanon. But be warned service is also lazy.

2. Deek Duke Chicken Press Burger 8 press burger by deek duke

You have to allow yourself Deek Duke’s orgasmic Chicken Press Burger at least once ( though I doubt it will end there) A beautiful golden breaded three-cheese mix patty sits atop a juicy chunky grilled chicken breast and together they make little bites of love. And if that makes you feel guilty just do what I did, order it with a diet coke and a baked potato.(it’s all in the head) Deek Duke is now also open at City Mall Dora.

3. Adidas Originals X Farm

adidas FIFA FARM sneakers brazil

The 2014 FIFA World Cup may be over, but these babies are here to stay. For the second time around, Adidas has collaborated with the iconic Brazilian label The FARM Company to bring us this colorful carnival of vibrant and exotic colors. Adidas sent them over just in time for the finale and although Brazil lost miserably these sneakers definitely won!

4. Helado Ice Cream9 Helado ice cream in sahel alma

Literally a hidden gem in the crooked and curvy streets of Sahel Alma. Anthony from No Garlic No Onions was the first to discover this homemade ice cream parlor that’s been around for more than 15 years. It’s always swarmed with people and the average wait can last up to 30 minutes but it’s totally worth it. Helado is the only spot in Lebanon to serve real flavors like Lotus Biscuit, Lebanese Wine, Knefe, and my personal favorite Framboise. This is not your average stretchy gooey Lebanese Ice Cream, this local spot gives Ben and Jerry’s a run for their money. Totally worth the ride.

5. Maybelline New York Brazen Beige 732 Lipstick

3 maybelline new york beige brazen lipstick

Although most of us may shy away from heavy lipsticks and opt for light lip glosses when the temperatures are rising, you’ll be surprised how barely-there this Maybelline NY lipstick feels. It’s my go-to shade with my tan and has a versatile shade that works both day and night.

6. Iftars

iftars 1

Having been born and raised in the UAE, Iftars were never just for adamant fasters, they were a part of the diverse culture, and became a wonderful social tradition that brought family friends together every day during Ramadan. So to keep the tradition alive I make sure they begin with my favorite two things, a hearty bowl of Lentil Soup and an amazing chilled glass of Ayran ( Laban Yogurt Drink) and then I go on to massacre the buffet.( Thank you Le Ciel at Habtoor for the amazing Iftar yesterday)

7. Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf7 bonbon by victor and rolf

Sweet, delicious, decadent and feminine are just a few words to describe this newly launched fragrance by Viktor and Rolf. This light caramel-based scent is one of those perfumes that smells even better after an hour or two making it ideal for summer. If you like candy then I have no doubt you would enjoy Bonbon.

8. Louboutin Iriza Pumps

louboutin so kate

The So Kates and Pigalles are wonderful classics but in my quest for the perfect classic Louboutin black pumps this summer I loved the sultry and open-sided design of the Iriza because they allow your foot to breath in this super hot weather. If you’re having trouble finding your size ( both Beirut and Paris are usually sold out) then you will be surprised to find a surplus of sizes at Dubai Mall.

9. Crop Tops

12 crop tops

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The beauty of crop tops is that you don’t have to have a Bündchen belly to be able to wear one. You can minimize/control mid-riff exposure by simply wearing a high waist skirt or shorts and it will keep you cool and refreshed in the scorching heat.

10. Abd El Wahab

abdel wahab

I used to order their Plat Du Jour almost every day for 4 years when I was working full-time. Having earned it’s rank as one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Lebanon, Abd El Wahab never fails with its classic oriental decor and heavenly mezza. I was very proud to celebrate their 15 anniversary with them last month on their gorgeous terrace and will be back for an Iftar or two this summer.

11. Bonita Bay6 tanning

Bonita Bay is one of Batroun’s landmarks and one of those places that never fails to attract sunshine even when Jounieh is looking bleak and grey. I’ve been adamant about getting a tan this summer and there was something about the way the sun hit Bonita Bay that made it ideal for tanning. The only downside is that it’s not a sandy beach but rather a pebbled one, so be prepared to see a lot of people trip and fall as well as some embarrassing moments of your own.

12. Passion Fruit Body Butter by The Body Shop

2 body shop body butter passion fruit

My friends and I used to drench our skin in this rich good stuff after hours of soaking up the harsh UAE sun. It’s actually one of the all-time favorites from The Body Shop because no matter what those after-sun products say, nothing can help sooth a sun burn like this intensive shea butter tub. It will last for months on end and will leave your skin looking moisturized for hours and hours after use. I’ve tried it in coconut, mango, olive, papaya and strawberry but my favorite hands down is the purple Passion Fruit one.


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Ivy Reviews: La Petite Maison Beirut

It’s true, over the past couple of years Beirut has been flooded with French Bistros, but the same doesn’t apply to authentic French restaurants serving gourmet French cuisine. In fact it may come as a surprise to know that there are a very few restaurants in Lebanon that specialize in serving French chic food, not the usual suspects that we see on almost every menu today and that’s what the renowned La Petite Maison Beirut brings to the table.

I reviewed La Petite Maison Dubai back in March 2013 and mentioned rumors of it’s opening in Beirut, and not long after that it did at Le Vendôme Beirut, one of my favorite hotels in Lebanon. For those not familiar, this top-notch spot started off at Old Nice in France and has a very popular branch in London. The place embodies the gastronomic spirit of the Côte d’Azur and neighboring Liguria.

Most of us associate French cuisine with dense/creamy/ buttery food, a meal that sits heavy on the belly, but you’ll be more than happy to know that conception is a far cry from the culinary concept La Petite Maison (LPM) is all about. LPM’s entire menu contains very little if not any cream and instead a vast selection of healthy Provençal flavorsome ingredients inspired by fresh and seasonal local produces.

La Petite Maison Beirut 15. JPG

After a busy work week my man and I made our way down for an extended intimate dinner to de-stress at LPM. The décor is the envy of many newcomers looking to emulate its effortlessly sophisticated setting with its open-plan kitchen, banquettes and round tables. And of course their signature olive oil, tomato and lemon trio that sit on each table.

La Petite Maison Beirut 14. JPG

As you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re big fans of trying out new signature cocktails, especially when introduced to new flavors tastefully mixed to perfection by tier-one Mixologists. And so the feast kicked off with LPM’s own quirky take on the classic Bloody Mary and crowd-pleaser, the famous Tomatini, made with cherry tomatoes; a perfect balance of vodka and spices. My man had the Le Mans a superb champagne based cocktail with lemon juice. We also tried the Spring Tea, Twinkle and Manhattan Plum ( my personal favorite) all of which I highly recommend you experience.

La Petite Maison Beirut 4

The tables at LPM are designed for sharing, so if you really want to take the full tour I suggest you share as many appetizers as you can before you get to the mains. The starter list is immense and it was very hard make a decision so we may have slightly over-indulged although we had no regrets whatsoever.

Let me start by gushing over the splendid Grilled Aubergine with Mozzarella, Prawns and Pesto. I’ve never before had this magical combination of gentle flavors with prawns but I can attest that it was absolutely heavenly. A must-try.

La Petite Maison Beirut 8. JPG

Next up were the warm prawns with olive oil and though I always order this dish I can’t begin to describe how succulent the pink large juicy tiger prawns were, split right in the middle with just the right crispness on the outside and seamlessly soft texture inside with a burst of flavors in every bite.

La Petite Maison Beirut 5

We also had the uber fresh Yellowtail Tuna Carpaccio , made exclusively for LPM Beirut, garnished with pickled pepper and aubergine.

La Petite Maison Beirut 7

And the Fried Calamari, a bowl of hot curls of crisped squid with one of the best batters I’ve tried in a very long time and a vigorous taste of spice. At first I was a little disappointed when I noticed it didn’t come with a dip but as I took in each piece I understood it would be a scandal to cover up those salacious flavors.

La Petite Maison Beirut 9. JPG

I also thoroughly enjoyed the light and refreshing thinly stripped Marinated Salmon with Pink Peppercorn.

La Petite Maison Beirut 6

Sharing also applies to the mains. We had the Canard a L’Orange, slow cooked Duck Legs with a tangy orange glaze. I tend to like my duck confit style but this one was wonderfully seared and the sweetness combined with the tender meat that immediately fell from the bone made me fall for this classic festive dish.

La Petite Maison Beirut 11. JPG

But the Grilled Rib Eye Steak made quite the impression, a glorious chunk of simply seasoned tender marble beef sliced into strips to expose its rosy interiors and paired with a strong mustard sauce and a relish dip.La Petite Maison Beirut 16. JPG

For sides we had the Baked Gratinated Potatoes, which were an absolute delight and of course fries, thick, spiced identical fresh cut fries that provided the much needed carb compliment to go with the meats.

La Petite Maison Beirut 17. JPG

The desserts were a masterclass. I discovered my now all-time favorite dessert , not that my list was lacking or anything. The fresh berry Panna Cotta. No this is not your average Panna Cota, trust me. This one’s adapted to Lebanon by using our traditional Laban (yogurt) instead and let’s just say this is the only part of the meal where you will not want to share. Each spoonful will be followed by some gushing sounds you didn’t know you could make, so you can imagine how we weren’t all that discreet.

La Petite Maison Beirut 12. JPG

We also tried refreshing the Passion Fruit and Mango Posset, a superb fragrant grouping of chilled zesty posset with warm fruits that work so well together with just the balance of savory and sweet.

La Petite Maison Beirut 13. JPG

La Petite Maison Beirut does not kid when it dubs itself “Tous célèbres ici !”

It translates into “Everyone is Famous here” and that’s just a prelude to the VIP treatment you will receive. Friendly, knowledgeable and attentive, are just three of a list of many adjectives I can use to rate the service we experienced.

I know I’ll be back to La Petite Maison Beirut for casual business lunches, dinner and drinks with friends or even a reason to celebrate. A three-course dinner and drinks for two will average up to $90-$120 per person.

Verdict: Hands down, the chicest French Food and Restaurant in town with the best Panna Cotta in the region.

Rumour Has It: It may be opening its doors in Istanbul soon and I look forward to reviewing it there as well!


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Ivy Reviews Dubai’s Latest Hot Spot; La Serre Bistro

la serre dubai one

Whenever La Serre  is mentioned in Dubai, most people quickly associate and compare it to LPM (La Petite Maison) one of Dubai’s most coveted restaurants located at DIFC which I reviewed last year here.

That’s because the resemblance between the two is strikingly similar and it’s not really a coincidence. The common denominator in this case happens to be Chef Izi Ani who left LPM to open up Dubai’s latest hot spot; La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie.

Located in the trendy new Vida Downtown boutique hotel, La Serre boasts two floors in what looks like a glass box from outside, a traditional Parisian boulangerie on the ground floor which opens up early morning to serve freshly-baked breads, viennoiserie and a light breakfast menu and a fancier bistro and bar on the first floor serving Nicoise/Mediterranean cuisine.

On a recent trip to Dubai, I had dinner at Le Serre on a Wednesday evening and the place was packed. The interior is gorgeous, an open marble-clad kitchen looks out at a sea of fancy diners in a white crisp setting with a serene feel to it, and a very chatty ambiance. And just like LPM, a tomato, a citrus and a bottle of olive olive oil await you on your table as well as a very busy and difficult-to-catch waiter who barely has time to greet you before he’s ushered away.

la serre dubai

We had a couple of vodkas and a few fabulous lychee martinis at the bar so we decided to share an array of our favorite appetizers as we continued to sip on our drinks. The Burrata and Tomatoes was the first to make its debut, a generous serving of creamy cheese topped with ripe cherry tomatoes and a serving of basil.

la serre burrata

Next the splendid goat cheese with cherry tomatoes, hazelnut and subtle chilli, a specialty and preferred amongst La Serre regulars.

la serre chevre

We also opted for a French classic, the Lentil salad with pickled vegetables which I thought gave this otherwise typical dish a lovely kick.

The Quinoa salad with confit duck legs and clementine was a real treat, a bright and colorful salad in a light citrusy dressing.

la serre quinoa

But the grilled prawns deserved the chapeau bas, marinated in abundant garlic and rosemary with crunchy toasted sour bread. Perfect.

la serre shrimps

We over-indulged on the appetizers so decided to share the mains, The Cepes Risotto was one of the best I’ve had to date, intense cepes in a creamy rose sauce and pungent Parmesan garnished and cooked to absolute perfection. The portion however was quite stingy.

la serre risotto

And the Lamb Cutlets Provencal lived up to their hype and demanded respect as they made their way to our table, two glistening thick, juicy, succulent and ridiculously tender chops.

la serre lamb cutlets

I’m afraid there was no room for dessert, especially since we moved on to the bar for some more post-dinner drinks. Unlike our waiter, the bartenders were patient, something that often lacks at much-coveted gastronomic powerhouses like this one.

Verdict: La Serre definitely gives La Petite Maison a run for its money, though Dubai without a doubt has the clientele and demand to withstand more than one premium culinary bistro. Perfect for a romantic date, business dinner or a birthday treat with friends. It’s worth the visit to Vida Downtown and if you’re not up for dinner then you can also brunch in the guest garden.

la serre dubai vida

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