Beauty Review: YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation

Teint Touche Éclat Foundation YSL

Foundation can be a very tricky thing during summer. Most ladies tend to opt for tinted BB creams and moisturizers. But sometimes when you’re trying to perfect that makeup base or get that all-natural no makeup look, you require a foundation that can at the least provide you with medium coverage. I’ve been testing out many different formulas lately until I fell on one of my current favorites so far; Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation.

The Formula: First and foremost the formula is practically weightless, super thin, almost watery, with a texture that’s even lighter than the moisturizer I use on my face first thing in the morning and just as light as a BB Cream. It blends seamlessly. The downside is that it may be slightly too light, even for adequate medium coverage so you will have to go in for a second round, if you have more imperfections to cover.

Teint Touche Éclat Foundation.

The Finish: YSL TeintTouche Éclat Foundation is known for being luminous; giving your skin instant radiance and it’s true. Though I’m a big fan of matte foundations here is the deal breaker: although it does in fact leave your skin with a dewy finish it actually settles and blends in so well that it mattifies too. What I’m trying to say is that you won’t get that greasy over-shiny look, but instead get a healthy glow with a solid base.

Teint Touche Éclat Foundation dana khairalah YSL

Staying Power: You have yourself a good 4-5 hours before you need to give your face a good touch up. This doesn’t mean it will produce visible signs as it wears off, it will just fade away slightly. And of course the Middle Eastern heat doesn’t exactly make it easy. It comes in a generous 30ml bottle that will last for months.

Verdict: Light, Dewy and Natural, YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation is ideal for summer, day and night and can easily substitute a BB Cream.

Teint Touche Éclat Foundation Dana Khairallah YSL ivy says

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My Top 12 Favorite Things This Summer

1. Lazy B 11 lazy b If you like to go to the beach to actually tan and chill rather than see and be seen, then you need to be in Lazy B in Jîyé this summer. It’s quiet, it’s hippy it’s earthy and super colorful. Every little inch is an Instagram photo opp and it also has one of the cleanest freshest coldest natural salt water lagoons you will see in Lebanon. But be warned service is also lazy.

2. Deek Duke Chicken Press Burger 8 press burger by deek duke

You have to allow yourself Deek Duke’s orgasmic Chicken Press Burger at least once ( though I doubt it will end there) A beautiful golden breaded three-cheese mix patty sits atop a juicy chunky grilled chicken breast and together they make little bites of love. And if that makes you feel guilty just do what I did, order it with a diet coke and a baked potato.(it’s all in the head) Deek Duke is now also open at City Mall Dora.

3. Adidas Originals X Farm

adidas FIFA FARM sneakers brazil

The 2014 FIFA World Cup may be over, but these babies are here to stay. For the second time around, Adidas has collaborated with the iconic Brazilian label The FARM Company to bring us this colorful carnival of vibrant and exotic colors. Adidas sent them over just in time for the finale and although Brazil lost miserably these sneakers definitely won!

4. Helado Ice Cream9 Helado ice cream in sahel alma

Literally a hidden gem in the crooked and curvy streets of Sahel Alma. Anthony from No Garlic No Onions was the first to discover this homemade ice cream parlor that’s been around for more than 15 years. It’s always swarmed with people and the average wait can last up to 30 minutes but it’s totally worth it. Helado is the only spot in Lebanon to serve real flavors like Lotus Biscuit, Lebanese Wine, Knefe, and my personal favorite Framboise. This is not your average stretchy gooey Lebanese Ice Cream, this local spot gives Ben and Jerry’s a run for their money. Totally worth the ride.

5. Maybelline New York Brazen Beige 732 Lipstick

3 maybelline new york beige brazen lipstick

Although most of us may shy away from heavy lipsticks and opt for light lip glosses when the temperatures are rising, you’ll be surprised how barely-there this Maybelline NY lipstick feels. It’s my go-to shade with my tan and has a versatile shade that works both day and night.

6. Iftars

iftars 1

Having been born and raised in the UAE, Iftars were never just for adamant fasters, they were a part of the diverse culture, and became a wonderful social tradition that brought family friends together every day during Ramadan. So to keep the tradition alive I make sure they begin with my favorite two things, a hearty bowl of Lentil Soup and an amazing chilled glass of Ayran ( Laban Yogurt Drink) and then I go on to massacre the buffet.( Thank you Le Ciel at Habtoor for the amazing Iftar yesterday)

7. Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf7 bonbon by victor and rolf

Sweet, delicious, decadent and feminine are just a few words to describe this newly launched fragrance by Viktor and Rolf. This light caramel-based scent is one of those perfumes that smells even better after an hour or two making it ideal for summer. If you like candy then I have no doubt you would enjoy Bonbon.

8. Louboutin Iriza Pumps

louboutin so kate

The So Kates and Pigalles are wonderful classics but in my quest for the perfect classic Louboutin black pumps this summer I loved the sultry and open-sided design of the Iriza because they allow your foot to breath in this super hot weather. If you’re having trouble finding your size ( both Beirut and Paris are usually sold out) then you will be surprised to find a surplus of sizes at Dubai Mall.

9. Crop Tops

12 crop tops

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The beauty of crop tops is that you don’t have to have a Bündchen belly to be able to wear one. You can minimize/control mid-riff exposure by simply wearing a high waist skirt or shorts and it will keep you cool and refreshed in the scorching heat.

10. Abd El Wahab

abdel wahab

I used to order their Plat Du Jour almost every day for 4 years when I was working full-time. Having earned it’s rank as one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Lebanon, Abd El Wahab never fails with its classic oriental decor and heavenly mezza. I was very proud to celebrate their 15 anniversary with them last month on their gorgeous terrace and will be back for an Iftar or two this summer.

11. Bonita Bay6 tanning

Bonita Bay is one of Batroun’s landmarks and one of those places that never fails to attract sunshine even when Jounieh is looking bleak and grey. I’ve been adamant about getting a tan this summer and there was something about the way the sun hit Bonita Bay that made it ideal for tanning. The only downside is that it’s not a sandy beach but rather a pebbled one, so be prepared to see a lot of people trip and fall as well as some embarrassing moments of your own.

12. Passion Fruit Body Butter by The Body Shop

2 body shop body butter passion fruit

My friends and I used to drench our skin in this rich good stuff after hours of soaking up the harsh UAE sun. It’s actually one of the all-time favorites from The Body Shop because no matter what those after-sun products say, nothing can help sooth a sun burn like this intensive shea butter tub. It will last for months on end and will leave your skin looking moisturized for hours and hours after use. I’ve tried it in coconut, mango, olive, papaya and strawberry but my favorite hands down is the purple Passion Fruit one.


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How To Find Your Soul Mate

soul mate search

Although my Facebook timeline has been flooded with puffy white wedding gowns and cute chubby newborns lately, a portion of my dearest friends (both ladies and gents) are a long way from settling down anytime soon. I say this with confidence because they’re either single and really fed up with mingling or they’re dating someone casually who they would never dream of introducing to the parents.

So you see they’ve settled too, in their own way, either by convincing themselves that they should not bother searching for their Soul Mate anymore, that cuddling is totally overrated and they’re saving their energy for their careers or by pursuing a relationship with a guy/girl who blurts cryptic things like “Marriage is just something society created to organize people”

I’m not going to give you a speech on why you shouldn’t give up ( although you shouldn’t) or reassure you that there is that right person for you out there (I’m a hopeless romantic) I’m just going to share with you a brief list of how you could be enabling yourself from failing to find the right person for you.

1)      You’re not going to find your soul mate by being a bitter pissed off person all the time, going on unwarranted rants online and being generally unkind and rude to others just because you want to come off as strong and invincible. It’s just not attractive.

2)      You’re not going to find your soul mate by carrying excessive baggage from your past breakups and being paranoid and suspicious because you never want to get hurt again so you go on labeling the opposite sex as “cheaters” or “opportunists” and make wild declarations like “I don’t believe in love” to every guy/girl you meet.

3)      You’re not going to find your soul mate by staying in your comfort zone through randomly hooking up with every single guy/girl who’s emotionally unavailable too or by agreeing to an open relationship because you’re scared he/she might leave you otherwise.

4)      You’re not going to find your soul mate by creating all these preposterous credentials you require in a partner before you would even consider dating them like, religion, social status, bank account, height.

5)      You’re not going to find your soul mate by seeking your parent’s approval because no one is truly good enough for you. Or by purposely pursuing someone who lives abroad because you know they’re going to leave eventually.

6)     Speaking of no one is truly good enough for you, I hope you don’t really believe those prep talks. Sure you’re great- in some ways- but you probably have a long list of vices that your better half will have to put up with as well. So take it easy with the whole “no one deserves me” attitude.

6)      You’re not going to find your soul mate because you can’t afford to throw a wedding extravaganza and don’t think anyone will settle for anything less.

7)      And you most definitely will not find your soul mate if you keep posting silly quotes like “I’m single and free and it’s just me ”

All this is not to say that being single isn’t one of the most amazing crucial independent phases in a person’s life, a time where you can create some of the strongest bonds and make the most amazing memories with friends. But just like staying in college for too long, the fun eventually fades. And I am fully aware that not all of us want the same things out of life; like a beautiful house and bouncy babies. I’m just trying to say that maybe you haven’t found your soul mate because maybe just maybe you’ve inadvertently done everything not to be found.


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Did Revlon by Marchesa Copy Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but where do we draw the line between inspiration and a downright rip off?

Revlon has recently launched a new limited edition collection in collaboration with Marchesa “inspired by the couture house” but it looks to me it was inspired by a little more than that. I couldn’t help but notice the alarmingly similar design of their beauty tools to Bassam Fattouh Cosmetic’s line, in particular his Pin Up Collection which has been around for over 3 years now. The most obvious being Revlon’s by Marchesa’s Compact Mirror which is practically identical to Bassam Fattouh’s Pin Up Blush, from design to shape to logo layout. See for yourself

bassam fattouh versus Revlon Marchesa

Also check out the full Revlon Marchesa collection which include a nail box and filer which I placed side by side with Bassam Fattouh’s Pin Up Collection packaging.

Revlon by Marchesa full collection versus bassam fattouhrevlon by marchesa nail kitbassam fattouh liselotte watkins and pin up collection

It’s not a secret that the beauty and fashion industry is flooded with copyright infringements, designers are constantly drawing inspiration from one another without crediting the source. I’ve recently written an Article for Entrepreneur Middle East about this rising trend (especially on social media), but where do we draw the line? And would a cosmetics giant like Revlon really give the go ahead for such design from couture house Marchesa without doing some research first? Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics today has become a household name, with a presence at some of the most high-end departments all over the Middle East alongside some of the biggest names in the cosmetics world, so I find it hard to believe that this was purely a coincidence.

What do you think?




Ivy Reviews: La Petite Maison Beirut

It’s true, over the past couple of years Beirut has been flooded with French Bistros, but the same doesn’t apply to authentic French restaurants serving gourmet French cuisine. In fact it may come as a surprise to know that there are a very few restaurants in Lebanon that specialize in serving French chic food, not the usual suspects that we see on almost every menu today and that’s what the renowned La Petite Maison Beirut brings to the table.

I reviewed La Petite Maison Dubai back in March 2013 and mentioned rumors of it’s opening in Beirut, and not long after that it did at Le Vendôme Beirut, one of my favorite hotels in Lebanon. For those not familiar, this top-notch spot started off at Old Nice in France and has a very popular branch in London. The place embodies the gastronomic spirit of the Côte d’Azur and neighboring Liguria.

Most of us associate French cuisine with dense/creamy/ buttery food, a meal that sits heavy on the belly, but you’ll be more than happy to know that conception is a far cry from the culinary concept La Petite Maison (LPM) is all about. LPM’s entire menu contains very little if not any cream and instead a vast selection of healthy Provençal flavorsome ingredients inspired by fresh and seasonal local produces.

La Petite Maison Beirut 15. JPG

After a busy work week my man and I made our way down for an extended intimate dinner to de-stress at LPM. The décor is the envy of many newcomers looking to emulate its effortlessly sophisticated setting with its open-plan kitchen, banquettes and round tables. And of course their signature olive oil, tomato and lemon trio that sit on each table.

La Petite Maison Beirut 14. JPG

As you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re big fans of trying out new signature cocktails, especially when introduced to new flavors tastefully mixed to perfection by tier-one Mixologists. And so the feast kicked off with LPM’s own quirky take on the classic Bloody Mary and crowd-pleaser, the famous Tomatini, made with cherry tomatoes; a perfect balance of vodka and spices. My man had the Le Mans a superb champagne based cocktail with lemon juice. We also tried the Spring Tea, Twinkle and Manhattan Plum ( my personal favorite) all of which I highly recommend you experience.

La Petite Maison Beirut 4

The tables at LPM are designed for sharing, so if you really want to take the full tour I suggest you share as many appetizers as you can before you get to the mains. The starter list is immense and it was very hard make a decision so we may have slightly over-indulged although we had no regrets whatsoever.

Let me start by gushing over the splendid Grilled Aubergine with Mozzarella, Prawns and Pesto. I’ve never before had this magical combination of gentle flavors with prawns but I can attest that it was absolutely heavenly. A must-try.

La Petite Maison Beirut 8. JPG

Next up were the warm prawns with olive oil and though I always order this dish I can’t begin to describe how succulent the pink large juicy tiger prawns were, split right in the middle with just the right crispness on the outside and seamlessly soft texture inside with a burst of flavors in every bite.

La Petite Maison Beirut 5

We also had the uber fresh Yellowtail Tuna Carpaccio , made exclusively for LPM Beirut, garnished with pickled pepper and aubergine.

La Petite Maison Beirut 7

And the Fried Calamari, a bowl of hot curls of crisped squid with one of the best batters I’ve tried in a very long time and a vigorous taste of spice. At first I was a little disappointed when I noticed it didn’t come with a dip but as I took in each piece I understood it would be a scandal to cover up those salacious flavors.

La Petite Maison Beirut 9. JPG

I also thoroughly enjoyed the light and refreshing thinly stripped Marinated Salmon with Pink Peppercorn.

La Petite Maison Beirut 6

Sharing also applies to the mains. We had the Canard a L’Orange, slow cooked Duck Legs with a tangy orange glaze. I tend to like my duck confit style but this one was wonderfully seared and the sweetness combined with the tender meat that immediately fell from the bone made me fall for this classic festive dish.

La Petite Maison Beirut 11. JPG

But the Grilled Rib Eye Steak made quite the impression, a glorious chunk of simply seasoned tender marble beef sliced into strips to expose its rosy interiors and paired with a strong mustard sauce and a relish dip.La Petite Maison Beirut 16. JPG

For sides we had the Baked Gratinated Potatoes, which were an absolute delight and of course fries, thick, spiced identical fresh cut fries that provided the much needed carb compliment to go with the meats.

La Petite Maison Beirut 17. JPG

The desserts were a masterclass. I discovered my now all-time favorite dessert , not that my list was lacking or anything. The fresh berry Panna Cotta. No this is not your average Panna Cota, trust me. This one’s adapted to Lebanon by using our traditional Laban (yogurt) instead and let’s just say this is the only part of the meal where you will not want to share. Each spoonful will be followed by some gushing sounds you didn’t know you could make, so you can imagine how we weren’t all that discreet.

La Petite Maison Beirut 12. JPG

We also tried refreshing the Passion Fruit and Mango Posset, a superb fragrant grouping of chilled zesty posset with warm fruits that work so well together with just the balance of savory and sweet.

La Petite Maison Beirut 13. JPG

La Petite Maison Beirut does not kid when it dubs itself “Tous célèbres ici !”

It translates into “Everyone is Famous here” and that’s just a prelude to the VIP treatment you will receive. Friendly, knowledgeable and attentive, are just three of a list of many adjectives I can use to rate the service we experienced.

I know I’ll be back to La Petite Maison Beirut for casual business lunches, dinner and drinks with friends or even a reason to celebrate. A three-course dinner and drinks for two will average up to $90-$120 per person.

Verdict: Hands down, the chicest French Food and Restaurant in town with the best Panna Cotta in the region.

Rumour Has It: It may be opening its doors in Istanbul soon and I look forward to reviewing it there as well!


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Profiling Lebanon’s Next First Lady: Marianne Henry Helou

Meet Marianne Helou, wife of Lebanese presidential candidate Henry Helou who’s name is currently being deliberated as a possible consensus candidate by the Progressive Socialist party. But it’s not Henry nor his political aspirations we’re interested in rather it’s Mrs. Helou, his French wife.

She’s a top tier socialite and a regular front rower at Paris Couture Week with her “glossy fur coat, her blonde hair perfectly coiffed.” 

She’s been spotted and interviewed at the likes of Elie Saab, Georges Shakra, Zuhair Murad and Dany Atrache fashion shows in Paris just to name a few. She’s also a favorite face at Mondanite where you can find the blonde beauty repeatedly posing with friends as she makes her rounds on the Lebanese social scene. Marianne and her husband also seem to enjoy an active lifestyle sailing the Greek Islands on vacation and regularly spotted out and about.

I think Marianne Helou definitely has the poise and fashion sense required for First Lady material and would definitely be a subject of intrigue for international media if her husband where to be elected as Lebanon’s president. She would be the first French native to hold such a position and I think she would excel in the fashion department with her signature statement pieces styled with simple mostly black attire.

There’s no doubt Marianne Helou is an elegant woman who may just bring a new sort of charm and sophistication to the table.

marianna helou henry helou


Marianna and Henry Heloumarianna helou elie saabmarianne heloumarianna helou mondanitemarianne henry helou 8marianna henry heloumarianne henry helou 2marianna henry helou 3

You can also watch Marianne Helou interviewed by Fashiontv at Dany Atrache’s Fashion Show in Paris at the 1:23 min mark


Image source


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And The Bioskinspa Giveaway Winners Are…



Thank you to all the fabulous participants who took part in this giveaway. I really enjoyed and related to almost all your comments, right here and on Instagram.

As I mentioned previously the winners have been solely chosen by Bioskinspa since I would have never been able to choose just three ( you’re all winners in my eyes)

Ladies, if your name appears here please contact Bioskinspa on 09 637 260 to claim your prize. I know you’re going to love getting pampered and I’d love to hear about your experience.

I also want to thank both Bioskinspa and the Ogilvy & Mather team for making this happen!