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Haiifa MJK the Arab Transvestite On Instagram

Haifaa MJK Tranny

No I’m not referring to the actual superstar Haifa Wehbe. Meet @HaiifaMJk on Instagram ,at first you’d probably guess this is yet another one of those hundreds of women in the Middle East obsessed with looking and acting every inch like Haifa, with her signature black hair, bee stung lips, colored lenses, striking curves and seductive demeanor.

Haiifa MJK TransvestiteArab male tranny

Well, this one’s a little different, you’ll probably be surprised to find out it’s actually a transsexual Arab man with Palestinian origins whose taken that obsession to the next level and undergone plastic surgeries (he denies them) including sex reassignment surgery to emulate his favorite star. Although he’s been reported to live in Thailand, Haiifa MJK whose real name is unknown has also been spotted in Dubai, where he’s been also reported to have been booked for various singing gigs and has made a career out of emulating his favorite star. He’s now also giving beauty tips and makeup tutorials to women after various inquires by fans.

Haiifa MJK 1IMG_1251

Calling him controversial would be the understatement of the year, a title which he welcomes, with a whopping 289,000 followers on his private Instagram account-yes you need to be approved to view his profile- he definitely speaks and acts like a diva, as evident in his captions- regularly throwing shade at his haters who he calls old spinsters, thanks his own booty and brags about his fame.

Haiifa man no makeupbeauty tranny Haiifa

But what’s really got people talking is the videos he posts of himself very provocatively dancing around half-naked and lip-synching to Arabic songs. And although I think he’s managed to look like a woman, it’s his husky voice that gives him away.

I personally don’t care that he’s a transvestite, to each his own. He has a great body but I just thing he comes off way too hyper sexual, relies heavily on the shock factor and is a total attention seeker. His account looks practically looks like a soft-porn hub. But I think this is the ultimate compliment to Haifa Wehbe, you know you’ve become an icon when men undergo complete transformations just to look like you!

Haifa Transvestite

What do you think?

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Myriam Klink or Lady Gaga?

You gotta love Myriam Klink. Homegirl never ceases to amaze us with the stunts she pulls. I’m curious as to how the creative process happens on her shoots? Because this one right here is genius. I mean nearly naked men in teeny tiny underwear posing as angels as she lounges around so nonchalantly. In another shot the men are even covering their naughty bits with fabric from her outfit while she’s looking smug.

Or perhaps Myriam was inspired with Lady Gaga’s Fame Perfume campaign so much she decided to do the Klink version. You decide.

Either way those shots are really something. (Notice how one of Myriam Klink’s angel men suddenly turns uber tan in the second image below)

wtf 4wtfwtf 23

Lady Gaga’s Fame Perfume Campaign

lady gaga1lady gaga2

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Also did you know that Myriam Kink wanted to run for parliament, read more on her political ambitions here

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Don’t Mess With Haifa Wehbe on Twitter

haifa twitter

Most people who follow Haifa Wehbe on Twitter think twice before they mess with her. The songstress diva has been frequently commended for her online efforts and has even won the Most Engaging Celebrity on Twitter award this year from the folks who brought you the Social Media Awards ( thanks for the best fashion blog nomination btw)

But what sets Haifa apart from the rest is her decision to engage both the fans and the haters equally, and trust me homegirl doesn’t hold back. While most celebs would be advised to ignore haters in an effort not to attract unwarranted negative attention to their profiles and keep things positive, Haifa does things a little bit differently, much to the amusement of her 1,110,000 followers. Not one to shy away from controversy she’ll go head to head with a hater and even reply with a Retweet.

So I’ve gone ahead and aggregated some of my favorite of her latest comebacks. Take a look!

Click on image to enlarge

haifa's badass tweets

Haifa Wehbe Separated AT Birth

Celebrity Copycats: The Lebanese Edition

The Lebanese entertainment industry is no stranger to recycling. That’s right, when it comes to borrowing ideas both directors and celebrities don’t hold back. I’m not sure what goes on in their heads when they decided to blatantly reproduce the work of some of the world’s biggest names in music. I mean, come on they got us a fake PSY (Gangnam Style) this weekend and thought we wouldn’t notice. That’s insulting and pretty racist if you ask me.

Here’s the thing, Beyonce, Britney and Lady Gaga are international superstars. If they think that they can sneakily “borrow” a scene from one of their videos without getting noticed then they must assume we don’t own TVs or computers which is also quite insulting. Either way, they’ll deny these allegations to the last minute and may even claim they’re the ones getting copied.

Check out these scenes and make your own conclusions.

( Click on images to enlarge)

Exhibit A

maya diab angelina jolie

Left: Angelina Jolie in a scene from Alexander the Great

Right: Lebanese host/ singer/ entertainer Maya Diab in her Shaklak MaBta3raf Video (truly groundbreaking btw) watch it here

Exhibit B

Beyonce versus Myriam 1

Left: Beyonce dressed as BB The Homemaker in her video for Why Don’t You Love Me?

Right:  Lebanese singer/entertainer Myriam Fares in her new video for her song Kifak Inta. Myriam has mastered Beyonce’s dance moves by the way. Watch it here

Exhibit C

layal vrs britney

Right: Britney Spears dressed as an flight attendant in the iconic airplane scene from her video for Toxic.

Left: Lebanese entertainer/singer Layal Abboud dressed as an attendant in a train in the video for her song Ya Ana Ya Ana.

Exhibit D (and the biggest offender you can read more about this one here)

britney and Claudia

Left: Britney Spears in a diamond encrusted revealing bodysuit from her Toxic video

Right: Lebanese singer Clauda Chemali in her comeback song “Bowsa Qatoulieh”– meaning- “Toxic Kiss”


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LAU Hotties; The New FaceMash?

Remember how Facebook started off as Facemash, a tool Mark Zuckerberg developed for Harvard-only students that allowed them to rate each other on attractiveness?

Well, let me introduce you to another little thing I came across on my Facebook newsfeed yesterday, it’s a page called LAU Hotties (yup straight to the point) an unofficial fan page (950 likes) that I’m assuming does not officially represent the Lebanese American University though it does use their logo as their profile picture. This page posts pictures of “hottie” LAU students and allows people to like them. The picture that gets the most Likes has the honor of being selected on the cover page.

Lebanon’s love affair with beauty pageants baffles me, think Miss Mermaid Jounieh, Miss Lebanon 2011, Miss Lebanon Battle of the Twins, Mr. International, Miss Lebanon World Super Model.

I have a feeling LAU officials are not going to be too happy when they get wind of this, but for now I’ll say this, those are some good looking students! Students seem to be having a blast on the page and I’m hoping they’ve given page admins permission to publish their pictures.

Here are some pictures posted on the wall, I’ve blurred out the faces, although the page is open to the public I didn’t think it would be fair to publish the students pictures. To view the original photos click here

lau hotties

lau hotties 2

WTF of the Day


Damn you Photoshop.

No Auto Khaled did not commission Nigella Lawson for their latest campaign. At least I hope they didn’t.

Some bright graphic designer thought it would be a brilliant idea to paste her photo in there and call it a day. I’m really curious as to how that process went down, are they even aware who Nigella is or were they just randomly googling an image say “women holding bag of crisps” and found Nigella handling some buttered cream puff or about to stuff her face with a ridiculously roasted lamb shack and so they intricately replaced it with a truck like it’s the most natural thing in the world?

Lebanese brilliance at it’s finest hour. Brands take note of this. I want to nominate them for an SMA.

Speaking of SMA did you vote for me? Best Fashion Blog, it’ll only take a sec here you go

Could Myriam Klink Save Lebanon?

Queen Mryiam Klink

So Myriam Klink is scaring the hell out of us now by promising to run for politics. And like anyone living in this country the thought of  someone with her judgement in parliament terrifies me. And no I’m not gonna jump on the let’s hate on Myriam Klink bandwagon, I’m guessing she has enough of those.

To me the idea of giving power to a woman with such heinous fashion taste,  bad PR and disastrous image management decisions to make vital decisions on a national level makes me slightly uneasy. I’m sure you can relate.

I watched her on AlJadeed’s new show Al Za3eem “الزعيم” which seems like an Arab Idol for aspiring politicians who present themselves in front of a panel of judges and get eliminated accordingly. (a very badly produced concept and show might I add.)

Contestants were tested on their speech skills. Some yelled, others threatened, a few seemed to think they were auditioning for a cheesy Lebanese play only to get royally butchered by the panel of judges who showed no mercy.

And then there was Klink. She stood there, fully clothed, looking mighty professional and gave a very well-rehearsed speech ( you’ll be surprised how good she was compared to the rest) with dramatic and funny hand gestures on two issues she plans to run on. Her first choice impressed me. The environment. She seemed to have a special relationship with nature as her Facebook bio puts it so eloquently

“Myriam Klink is a Lebanese girl from the mountains raised between animals and natures by a loving dad and grand pa who teach her the meaning of respecting life in all its ways….”

But then she said the words I dreaded. Something about women, their rights and well she summed it up with something along the lines of “men have to not forget that they all came from women!”  You know, just in case some men were doubting the birds and bees theory.

But I’m approaching this with an open mind. Of course I’ve made prejudgments based on everything I see about Klink online; the distasteful photos, her obnoxious behavior and the baffling video clips. Does she stand a real chance of winning? Probably not. But could this be her moment to give us something more than Made In Lebanon Paris Hilton, and perhaps even use her star power to bring attention to issues that should really be high on this country’s priority list such as our depleting environment and animal rights? Perhaps. As long as she steers clear from women’s rights.

Myriam Klink AlJadeed New TV 2

Myriam Klink AlJadeed New TV

Myriam Klink AlJadeed New TV 3