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GAP + IvySays = Beirut Street Pop Art

dana khairallah gap ivy says styldby

Now that I’m no longer anonymous I’ve been having some fun as you can probably tell!

My latest collaboration is with GAP as part of their international digital campaign which entails a global platform that showcases a catalog of personal/street style outfits and looks by fashion bloggers and artists from all walks of life.

What I loved about this initiative is the incorporation of a few GAP items of clothing into my everyday wardrobe rather than a full look from head to toe, which allowed me to stay true to my personal style.

As someone who favors comfort over style any day of the week, I chose this warm dark powder blue and crimson GAP  mix-stripe boatneck sweater and paired it with my favorite pair of American Eagle distressed jeans and a classic Tory Burch Saffiano belt. It went perfectly well with my Zara Badic Envelope clutch and a pair of color-blocked suede kitten heels also from Zara. I accessorized the look with my favorite ballerina Thomas Sabo Charm.

The pictures were shot by the very talented Mokhtar Beirut and took place right by Beirut’s Art Center.

ivy says styld by GAPdana khairallah ivy says gapivy says dana khairallah gapdetails

I’ll be sharing more looks from GAP’s collaboration in the upcoming weeks!

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Mon Obsession Du Jour: LG Pocket Photo Printer

Every where you look someone somewhere is snapping a photo (mostly selfies.) But let’s face it no one is printing any of those things anymore. And what use is a good photo if you can’t hang it somewhere for everyone to see. I say this because I lost 2 years worth of photos on my phone last week. It felt like amnesia. Yes I didn’t back up, I’m one of those people. So when I got my hands on the new wireless LG Pocket Photo Printer I wasn’t going to let it out of my sight.


It’s actually a mini little thing that weighs nothing and fit right into my purse/clutch. I pulled it out of my purse at a café and my friends thought it was just another phone no one guessed it was actually a printer.


And with just the click of a button I was able to print out any photo I wanted on the spot.


I’m not the most technologically-savvy person, so I won’t lie I was slightly intimidated at first, but all you really have to do is download the free app on your smart phone, not to mention it actually works on all smart phones not just LG phones. I was also super impressed with the speed and quality of the photo, better yet that app allows you to edit the photo with filters and what not. But the best best part, is that you will never have to buy ink since IT WILL NEVER RUN OUT OF INK, yup that’s cause it uses Zinc paper!

You can find it at most LG showrooms or stores and it retails for $199.



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Mes Obsessions du Jour

loafers1iphone cases

For the past couple of seasons I’ve been hopelessly obsessed with animal phone cases and flats. Marc Jacobs was the first to give it a go with his iconic Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats and everyone was quick to follow suit. For those of you that thought this goofy trend would fade away, you’re wrong; they are back this season with some more of our cute furry friends. Even Moschino jumped on board with their soft duck and bear cases. The good news, you can get them all online at with  free shipping for all orders over $100 in three days, and yes even to Lebanon.  The bad news is they stopped producing them for the iphone 4.

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IMG_1922lotus biscuitIMG_4700 michael korsIMG_5093zaatar w zeit quinoa tabboulehIMG_4787four seasons Amaretto SourIMG_3093Roberto's shrimp pastaIMG_4553Café de Flore quicheIMG_1925for nowIMG_5064furlas candy bag


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Ivy Reviews: Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics Tints Collection

IMG_4487So I’ve been sneakishly using Bassam Fattouh’s Blush Tint and Lip Tint for the past month and thoroughly enjoying the compliments I’ve been receiving. Friends have been commenting on my “rosy” cheeks and flushed lips and I’ve been acting totally oblivious, “who me? Oh it’s nothing” Yeah right.

But before I dish about my latest beauty secret, let me tell you a little bit about Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics. As the name suggests, makeup artist extraordinaire and image confidant to a long list of celebrities including Haifa Wehbe, Elissa and Mona Abu Hamze recently launched his re-branded beauty line, collaborating with the likes of international fashion illustrator Liselotte Watkins and renowned graphic designer Rana Salam. The collection boasts an amazing selection of creative makeup tools with a twist from creamy eyeliners named Leyl and Feyruz, dreamy Orient liquid liners dubbed Sharm and Mikonos and a full range of velvety and matte lipstick and blush shades which are this season’s hottest beauty trends.

I prefer to keep things light when I don’t have to paint my face. Other days, I just want to keep my face makeup-free but still need a quick pick-me-up, especially if I’m late to a meeting or off to the gym. That’s precisely what both Blush Tint and Lip Tint are; the perfect remedy to some quick color without looking like you just swiped a ton of blush or lipstick on. But make no mistake; both can be used as base or touch-up with full makeup.


The Tint line is made of a water-based gel works line a stain on your skin giving them a natural flushed look like you’ve just ran a mile. Lip Tint actually gives me the exact same result as applying on red lipstick and then wiping it off with a tissue (which I do A LOT.) minus the actual mess that comes with it. The best part is that it literally lasts all day. The challenging part is trying not to lick it off your lips, this stuff tastes like candy.

Although Blush Tint comes with a sponge applicator, I found that it works much better when you remove it and instead use your hands to dab it on your face.



As for Lip Tint you can control the amount my twisting the bottom, just make sure you move it around fast on your lips as it could blotch if you keep it in one place for too long!


I totally recommend you go for both products which will quickly become beauty staples in your bag. You can find Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics in department stores across the Middle East and Lebanon.

Curious about more beauty products? Let me know what you’d like me to review.

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essie new collection

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