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9 Arab Crimes Against Beauty

roula saad

Back in October 2013 I  launched the Online Petition Against Tattooed Eyebrows to counter the growing  pandemic of creepy crawlers taking over our country. It has become one of my most successful posts to date shared by hundreds beauty advocates brave enough to stand up for what is right. Today I wage a full out war, on the crimes against beauty that have given us terrifying reputations and landed us on some of the world’s most notorious beauty faux pas lists. Join me, for united we are stronger.

Exhibit A:  Permanent Lip Liner

lip liner

Let’s get one thing straight, Lip liners were intended to give your lips that natural contour and define borders not for drawing on entirely new ones. But to go as far as making those things permanent and darker than your natural lip line? That’s borderline self-loathing.

Fact: Nobody actually believes those are real lips, and when they’re extended upwards they begin to resemble a mustache. Worst of all, eventually the liner begins to fade in different areas leaving you looking like you marked yourself with a pen by mistake. Stop it.

Verdict: Life without Parole

Exhibit B:Going Blonde


Some women go blonde and it looks like they have Scandinavian blood and others are smart enough to steer clear. But there remains a significant portion of ladies who insist on looking artificial by bleaching their locks regardless of their skin tone, and adding insult to injury by dying their eyebrows as well. Hair Coloring is a science and it should be done by a professional, so make sure you’re nice to your colorist or he won’t tell you the truth you need to know.

Verdict: 30 Hours of Community Service

Exhibit C: Concealer Overdose


We are notorious for this. Sure concealer is a miracle worker adding that instant fresh boost and covering dark circles, but the whole point was to conceal those bags not paint them a bright shade of white, unless the plan is to resemble a raccoon.

Verdict: Hefty Fine

Exhibit D: Botched lips.


Yes, I know we’re all guilty of coveting plump lips. But whatever happened to proportion, symmetry, and common sense? Lindsay went from 25 to 55 overnight because her doctor didn’t tell her how over-sized and droopy her lips had become compared to the rest of her face. When you look like you’re constantly duck-faced and your inner lips protruding like a Trout, it’s time to lay off those collagen injections. When one side of your lip is more filled than the other it’s time to sue your doctor.

 Verdict: 30 years to Life

Exhibit E: Ombre Hair


There’s Ombre and then there’s negligence. Growing your dyed hair out only to pass it off as dip dye or Ombre is a really really bad idea especially when the contrast between the light and dark is huge. Ombre is about having a subtle fade in color if done professionally otherwise it looks plain tacky.

Verdict: 30 days House Arrest

Exhibit F: Botox


I’m not vehemently against surgical beauty enhancement and I’m not going to speak too soon either. I’m young enough to enjoy the natural collagen on my skin without having to resort to botox just yet. BUT by just yet I mean at least until my forties. I mean come on, girls in their 20’s (yes 20’s and early 30’s) are getting botoxed like it’s a bikini wax and in doing so are emulating women in their 50’s. How pancake face is becoming the ultimate status symbol beats me! Walking around with permanently raised eyebrows makes you look constantly suspicious or shocked and laughing with no facial expression makes you look looney.  It’s ludicrous I tell you.

Verdict: Life without parole/solitary confinement

Exhibit H: Fake/excessive Tanning


Whether you’re ruthlessly exposing your body to harmful sun rays, addicted to the tanning booth or pouring it on from a bottle the only thing that should sport that shade of red is an Orangutan.

Verdict: 15 years with possibility of early release for good behavior

Exhibit I: Very Light Foundation.  


Contrary to Middle Eastern practice foundation is supposed to match your skin tone not create a new one. I don’t care how many Fair and Lovely ads you’ve seen, using a lighter foundation  makes your head look like it belongs on another body and will actually age you.(gasp)

Verdict: Heavy fine and monthly makeup purchase limit

Exhibit J: Colored Contact Lenses

fake lenses

I thought colored contact lenses were just a fad, I really thought by now we’ll look back, point and laugh at ourselves hysterically but sadly Arab stars are so adamant on keeping that trend alive that lenses have become synonymous with cheap and vulgar. How something so unflattering and fake could be so popular is beyond me!

Verdict: Electronic Tagging

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Join the Fight Against Tattooed Eyebrows


Alright. So I’m about to acknowledge the elephant in the country. Someone’s gotta do it already, and I’m taking one for the team.

Two words: Tattooed Eyebrows. We all breathed a sigh of relief as we bid farewell to decades of notoriously pin-thin over-plucked half-moons, little did we know we’d only be paving the way for these jumbo eye-staches? When did it suddenly become cool to have creepy caterpillars on your forehead? Dark, moist, ridiculously thick and worst of all, supernaturally defined and straight substitutes or deformed arches of what was once, hair.

I must have missed the memo, you know the one that incited these poor unsuspecting women to go out in flocks, shave off their eyebrows and replace them with absurd PERMANENTLY tattooed marks on their heads. I woke up one day and everywhere I looked there they were, red ones, gray ones, brownish-orange ones, and very very black ones. The Horror.

No tattooed eyebrows do not look natural. No matter how many times you ask or what ridiculous sum of money you paid for them. No matter what that beautician told you. They just don’t. And they never will. You’ve been punk’d.

Besides, the point of recreating a look is to emulate something that actually exists in the first place. I promise you, the last women that probably sported those things were living in caves and even they felt insecure about them when they discovered the mirror.

And what about when they peel ( yes, those things peel!) if it were up to me, it should be illegal for women to go out in public when they’re freshly inked and their new creatures are covered with this nasty coat of gunk.

I thought long and hard before writing this post. Because I thought of all the women that got them. That’s a lot of women to piss off. But you know what, they should have listened. They had done no justice to their once beautiful faces. You may tell me my opinion is uncalled for. Perhaps.

But there’s one thing I’m sure of, Tattooed eyebrows should be criminalized, if not for the women who wear them then at least think of the  people who have to withstand the pain of looking at them. Because we all know that when you’re speaking to someone with tattooed eyebrows, you can’t look anywhere else but at those things. It’s all you can focus on. And you get caught so many times doing it. And you try and try to look away but you end up staring right at them the entire time.

So ladies, enough is enough, you can fight this, resist the urge to go in for that retouch session, let them go , and in a year or two,  they will fade away like a far distant memory. And if you’re lucky no one will remember that you had the same facial expression for an entire year.

Sign the petition today by leaving your name in the comment section below!

MTV Video Music Awards 2013: Best Dressed

There were so many disastrous frocks at the 2013 MTV’s Video Music Awards. So so many. And then there was the trainwreck Miley Cyrus who committed every crime against fashion and her dignity that even Helena Bonham Carter was probably shaking her head in disdain somewhere.

So instead of getting nasty I’m going to share with you my choice of best dressed because there were a couple of fabulous gowns that really deserve the recognition.

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

First up is Selena Gomez in this show-stopping Atelier Versace fall 2013 creation. I can’t begin to describe my complete infatuation with this number and how well she wore it although I still view Selena as this younger Disney princess-type. She took this entire look right off the runway including those amazing shoes. I absolutely adore the bustier, the detail and the color. Best dressed hands down!

ciara givenchy

Ciara looked picture perfect in this piece of art couture by Givenchy. The intricate embroidery looks like it’s been sculptured right on to  her body and the feathers at the bottom give it an ethereal feel.  Pure perfection from head to toe.

Holland Roden

I have no idea who Holland Roden is but let me tell you she is now on my style radar. I LOVED this daring ivory Naeem Khan pants-dress combo. Not many can pull off this look but she did so well with her gelled back hair and the crimson lips were the perfect final touch.


I’ve always been big on long-sleeved dresses ever since Angelina Jolie stunned in that green Atelier Versace … so Girls actress Alison Williams comes in fourth for me in this ivory Valentino Fall 2013 long sleeved, high collared lace dress. She unusually paired it with those Christian Louboutins heels that actually work.

taylor swift in Herve Leger

Ok I love Hervé Léger, so does every girl in the world. And then there’s Hervé Léger and Max Azria. Let me tell you, not many women can pull of this look, and your bust and hips really need to be proportional to be able to fit into this nicely. Taylor Swift’s been blessed with never-ending legs and a tiny frame so although she wears it really well, it’s still a pretty safe bet. I’d love to  see Sofía Vergara’s hour glass rocking this one.

Taylor’s old-hollywood hair and red lip pairing look great but slightly too made up, I would rather see her hair with tousled casual waves.

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Celebrity Copycats: The Lebanese Edition

The Lebanese entertainment industry is no stranger to recycling. That’s right, when it comes to borrowing ideas both directors and celebrities don’t hold back. I’m not sure what goes on in their heads when they decided to blatantly reproduce the work of some of the world’s biggest names in music. I mean, come on they got us a fake PSY (Gangnam Style) this weekend and thought we wouldn’t notice. That’s insulting and pretty racist if you ask me.

Here’s the thing, Beyonce, Britney and Lady Gaga are international superstars. If they think that they can sneakily “borrow” a scene from one of their videos without getting noticed then they must assume we don’t own TVs or computers which is also quite insulting. Either way, they’ll deny these allegations to the last minute and may even claim they’re the ones getting copied.

Check out these scenes and make your own conclusions.

( Click on images to enlarge)

Exhibit A

maya diab angelina jolie

Left: Angelina Jolie in a scene from Alexander the Great

Right: Lebanese host/ singer/ entertainer Maya Diab in her Shaklak MaBta3raf Video (truly groundbreaking btw) watch it here

Exhibit B

Beyonce versus Myriam 1

Left: Beyonce dressed as BB The Homemaker in her video for Why Don’t You Love Me?

Right:  Lebanese singer/entertainer Myriam Fares in her new video for her song Kifak Inta. Myriam has mastered Beyonce’s dance moves by the way. Watch it here

Exhibit C

layal vrs britney

Right: Britney Spears dressed as an flight attendant in the iconic airplane scene from her video for Toxic.

Left: Lebanese entertainer/singer Layal Abboud dressed as an attendant in a train in the video for her song Ya Ana Ya Ana.

Exhibit D (and the biggest offender you can read more about this one here)

britney and Claudia

Left: Britney Spears in a diamond encrusted revealing bodysuit from her Toxic video

Right: Lebanese singer Clauda Chemali in her comeback song “Bowsa Qatoulieh”- meaning- “Toxic Kiss”


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Haifa Wehbe or Maya Diab: Who Wore It Best

fashion faceoff

Left: Haifa Wehbe performing on Dancing With The Stars back in January in this sheer netted and embellished Nicolas Jebran creation that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. She paired it with an over-sized blingy hair piece.

Right: Maya Diab in almost the same dress by her all-time go-to-designer Nicolas Jebran at Cannes in May. Maya wore her signature big hair and accessorized her look with de GRISOGONO earrings.

So who goes home a winner? Haifa, Maya or should they both get jail time for crimes against fashion?

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MET Gala 2013 Best and Worst Dressed


Christina Ricci looked perfect in plaid in this creation by quirky Vivienne Westwood, I loved the way the strapless gown flapped on her chest and the strappy heels. I also loved that she completed her look with orange lips rather than the typical red. She killed it last year in her bow tie dress and this year too!

kristen-stewart-in stella

My Grandma has been calling all morning demanding Kristen Stewart return her curtains. I kid. Dressed by Stella McCartney this burgundy satin pantsuit adorned in lace is actually very chic but I would have preferred it on someone slightly taller. Yes she is skinny, but pantsuits are for models. I LOVED the hair but didn’t appreciate the matchy-matchy smokey eye makeup.


Anne Hathway goes platinum this year and looks every bit the punk in this see-through vintage Valentino dress. A good comeback from the Oscar fail this year I loved seeing this usually goodie two–shoes in something more risqué and dramatic, but I’m not a big fan of mid- side-boob.


Another star that took the theme way too seriously was Miley Cyrus ( why was she even there?) in this long Marc Jacobs fishnet gown that looks like something she picked up from a stripper joint and the awful hair that is way too long for to spike up. To be fair though she looks like she’s rocking an amazing figure from that silhouette!

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

No she didn’t make a statement in Givenchy, Beyonce tried way too hard in this way-too-much-going-on dress. And I’m all for over-the-top couture and art but the thigh-high slit, matching boots and matching gloves made this one big mess to look at. Add that waist belt in to the mix and you got yourself something that looks like she took the title of the “Gala PUNK: Chaos to Couture’ way too literally. This looks like it was made by the House of Deron not Givenchy, just like last year when she looked like an ostrich. No matter how many people call her the Queen, even she can’t get away with this fashion crime.

gisele-bundchen-050613- (2)

Super Model Gisele Bundchen pulled a cheap shot on everyone at the gala. She wore an itsy bitsy little Anthony Vacarello  mini-dress that only women with radically tall legs can pull off- and she looked stunning!


Holy Grandma! Madonna raided her teenage daughter’s closet. We get it punk means studs fishnets and plaid but all three of those together is nauseating and don’t get me started on that wig.  And enough with the excessive show of butt, your over 50 and super fit. WE GET IT! She may be the queen of pop but she is definitely NOT the queen of style. And Givenchy? Come on!

 "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Leave it to Gwyneth Paltrow to make a statement in the most effortless manner. While most stars were decked in 80’s memorabilia she threw on this satin long-sleeved bubblegum pink Valentino with a sheer panel cutting right across her upper chest. And although I the simplicity of the dress I don’t think it did much justice to her midsection. I would have preferred it to be slightly more form fitting on her.


Nicole Richie makes sure she gets noticed this year in a shocking grey frock and an amazing embroidered Topshop gown which I just loved! She pulls this off without looking too punkish and still keeping her poise and elegance. One of my best dressed looks of the night!


Finally Jennifer Lopes in a long-sleeve full length gown without the excessive cleavage or thighs! She must be reading my blog!  Ok prolly not.But she wore a curve–hugging Michael Kors feline patterned dress with an amazing punk-inspired combed back hair do which I’m going to print out and show my hairdresser this weekend.


No to matching your shoes and dress. And how does a floral print gown from head-to-toe have anything to do with the punk theme? Pregnant  Kim Kardashian managed to find yet another super unflattering look for herself in this form-fitting Givenchy gown by Riccardo Tisci.  Besides the fact that she looks like wallpaper the worst part of the dress is that it comes with attached gloves in the same pattern. JUST AWFUL!

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Rooney Mara was one my of best dressed of the night with this stunning crème laced Givenchy gown (finally something decent from the fashion house) she went super light on the foundation, minimal on the haired and finished her look with oxblood bold lips. Perfection

sarah jessica parker

Sarah Jessica Parker revived her Sex and The City Character in this crazy head piece by Philip Treacy and Giles Deacon gown and paired them with Louis Vuitton plaid boots. Do not attempt to try this look unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw.


An unexpected and very pleasant fashion risk from Kirsten Dunst who wore this ravishing gown by Louis Vuitton, I love every bit of it from the plunging neck line to the patterned halter to the olive green feathered bottom. One of my best dressed of the night!


Always a winner, Kate Beckinsale looked beautiful in this Alberta Ferretti dress with an asymmetrical hem that she paired with the perfect earrings and the perfect heels. A little too safe perhaps?

Oscars 2013 Red Carpet: The Best And Worst Dressed

Every year I keep my eye close to the red carpet arrivals at the Oscars anticipating some of the most beautiful gowns and looks in the world. This year was no exception. Pale shades reigned as did the gold and black combos. Here’s Part 1 of my list of the fabulous and not-so appealing looks for the night.

Jessica Chastain

She was one of the first to arrive and she sure did not disappoint already having topped many’s best dressed list. Best actress nominee Jessica Chastain looked Oscar-worthy in this strapless champagne Armani Privé dress matching the color of her hair and fire red lips and side swept hair. Safe and sober but glamorous nevertheless. She also got to wear 1960 Harry Winston jewels.

Naomi watts

Naomi Watts wore one of my favorite dresses of the night, a shimmering metallic sequin, one-shouldered cap-sleeve Armani Privé gown and Neil Lane jewels. Her hair was just the right combo of made-up and messy. best dressed, hands down.

Rene Zel

Sizzling! Someone has been putting some extra extra hours at the gym. Renee Zellweger channeled her inner Oscar in this body-sculpting gold  Carolina Herrera. The dress fit her like a glove although not many pale actresses can pull of this look, she stunned!

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron looked flawless this bleach white peplum Christian Dior Haute Couture dress that managed to look fabulous with her new pixie haircut. Red carpet glamor at it finest hour and one of my favorite looks for the night!

Halle Berry

She been disappointing as of lately but Halle Berry makes up for all her recent fashion faux pas in this edgy custom-made long sleeved and striped Versace gown. The only thing I don’t approve of  his that hair that looks like she slept on one side of her head.

Jennifer lawrence

Who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence? First she announces she’s “starving” and then she trips as she accept her Oscar. But she looked graceful and feminine in Dior Haute Couture dress with a voluminous skirt and Chopard jewels. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not into these multi-shaped gowns and I’m not sure going strapless is the best look for her but the entire world seems to have fallen in love with her nevertheless.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway may have taken the Oscar home for best supporting actress but her choice of this backless pink satin dress by Prada wasn’t a good one at all. First of all it didn’t do any justice for her nipples which seemed to be the most buzzed body part after Angelina Jolie’s leg took center stage last year.  It also looked like she was wearing an apron from behind. And her Liza Minelli hairdo just didn’t do it for me though her floral necklace from Tiffany & Co. was fabulous! But doesn’t her dress look like it needs a good iron? I still love her though!

Cathrine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones donned this fabulous looking gold metallic swirl detail Zuhair Murad strapless gown. The earrings were a total over-kill, way too much going on there and the fact that her retro hair was split in the middle and not on the side, did not do her any justice at all!

amy adamsEach year an A-lister puts on an big frilly show-stopping Oscar de la Renta  and this year it was the beautiful Amy Adams in this lavender beaded bust dress with asymmetric raw edge ruffles. One of my favorite classic red carpet looks for the night.


I can’t begin to tell you how much I dislike this look on Reese Witherspoon who opted for a royal blue strapless gown by  Louis Vuitton. I know, I know, she just had a baby I have to be nice but this is not about her weight, this is about styling the right kind of dress on the right body and this look does not work for her one bit.  She’s too short for such a long dress, she needs major support in the bodice and you know what royal blue is just not her color. Let alone that cliche hairdo.. One of my worst looks of the night


Look at that gorgeous off-white number by Reem Acra. Isn’t it beautiful? You can’t really tell can you? You know why? Because Kristen Stewart wore it with that face on. The girl is beautiful but she’s has to stop being such a slouch. Don’t tell me she was on crutches, that didn’t stop her from walking the red carpet but it sure stopped her from brushing her hair. You know how many women would kill to be in her shoes( Jimmy Choo) homegirl needs to practice some posture and smile!

Jennifer Aniston

Doesn’t she seem so uncomfortable? I know Jennifer Aniston changed things up this time around and I appreciate the effort but she’s not wearing this crimson ball-gownish  Valentino, it’s totally wearing her. She further disappointing with that every-day hairstyle. If she was gonna give us something different why not go all the way. Maybe a little less fabric and a little more waist but sadly she lands on my worst dressed list.


I just saw her in that movie The Savages being all vicious but Salma Hayek looked every inch the Hollywood diva in this dress with   showstopping heavily embroidered neckline by Alexander McQueen. Not to mention how flawless and original her hair was. Time to give her stylist that raise she deserves!

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Maya Diab Is Very Serious About Valentine’s Day

Don’t you miss Maya Diab? No matter how you feel about her, girl is one hell of an entertainer. You gotta give her that. She also doesn’t take Valentine’s day lightly- as do many other women. You know… the ones you spot decked out in red clothes on Valentine’s day.

Well, Maya puts all those girls to shame, because well, she went ahead and dyed her hair a fiery red for the occasion. Yes sir she did. And she threw on a mini-dress with a heart-shaped décolleté perfectly framing her cleavage area. I’m telling you she’s NOT kidding around.

Check out the recent shots. Are you feeling the love?

Maya Diab Valentine

maya diab Valentine 2



Fashion Face-Off: Who Wore It Best?

Nancy and Elissa at Elie Saab

Lebanese songstresses Nancy Ajram and Elissa ran into each other at Elie Saab’s magnificent Spring/Summer 2013 Haute-Couture show as part of Paris Fashion Week at Pavillon Cambon Capucines yesterday. Much to their dismay the two seemed to be wearing almost the same Elie Saab peplum outfit from his Prêt-à-Porter Fall/Winter 2012 Collection.  Not to mention their practically identical hairstyles.

What do you say, who wore it best?

Fashion Crime Scenes

I was too distracted by the red carpet at the Golden Globes last week to realize the heinous crime scene committed by Carla Haddad who hosts the Lebanese version of Dancing With The Stars. It seems Nicolas Gebran is Mtv Lebanon’s go-to designer, (think Maya Diab and all her fashion statements), but this time he got it all wrong in a burgundy tulle bodice with a plunging neckline and a floor-sweeping train. If that wasn’t dramatic enough she went ahead and paired it with bold printed leggings that strangely never ended, in fact they wore like a full body suit complete with built-in heels. Carla looked like a toddler in her mom’s dress and she sure got a lot of flak for it.

Carla has a rocking body and she’s probably one of the few that hasn’t resorted to plastic surgery so instead of looking like she’s a contestant at Miss Mermaid Lebanon  I suggest she eases up on the over-the-top, unnecessary fashion statements. What do you think of her outfit?

carla hadad dancing with the stars

carla dancing with the stars 2