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My Top 12 Favorite Things This Summer

1. Lazy B 11 lazy b If you like to go to the beach to actually tan and chill rather than see and be seen, then you need to be in Lazy B in Jîyé this summer. It’s quiet, it’s hippy it’s earthy and super colorful. Every little inch is an Instagram photo opp and it also has one of the cleanest freshest coldest natural salt water lagoons you will see in Lebanon. But be warned service is also lazy.

2. Deek Duke Chicken Press Burger 8 press burger by deek duke

You have to allow yourself Deek Duke’s orgasmic Chicken Press Burger at least once ( though I doubt it will end there) A beautiful golden breaded three-cheese mix patty sits atop a juicy chunky grilled chicken breast and together they make little bites of love. And if that makes you feel guilty just do what I did, order it with a diet coke and a baked potato.(it’s all in the head) Deek Duke is now also open at City Mall Dora.

3. Adidas Originals X Farm

adidas FIFA FARM sneakers brazil

The 2014 FIFA World Cup may be over, but these babies are here to stay. For the second time around, Adidas has collaborated with the iconic Brazilian label The FARM Company to bring us this colorful carnival of vibrant and exotic colors. Adidas sent them over just in time for the finale and although Brazil lost miserably these sneakers definitely won!

4. Helado Ice Cream9 Helado ice cream in sahel alma

Literally a hidden gem in the crooked and curvy streets of Sahel Alma. Anthony from No Garlic No Onions was the first to discover this homemade ice cream parlor that’s been around for more than 15 years. It’s always swarmed with people and the average wait can last up to 30 minutes but it’s totally worth it. Helado is the only spot in Lebanon to serve real flavors like Lotus Biscuit, Lebanese Wine, Knefe, and my personal favorite Framboise. This is not your average stretchy gooey Lebanese Ice Cream, this local spot gives Ben and Jerry’s a run for their money. Totally worth the ride.

5. Maybelline New York Brazen Beige 732 Lipstick

3 maybelline new york beige brazen lipstick

Although most of us may shy away from heavy lipsticks and opt for light lip glosses when the temperatures are rising, you’ll be surprised how barely-there this Maybelline NY lipstick feels. It’s my go-to shade with my tan and has a versatile shade that works both day and night.

6. Iftars

iftars 1

Having been born and raised in the UAE, Iftars were never just for adamant fasters, they were a part of the diverse culture, and became a wonderful social tradition that brought family friends together every day during Ramadan. So to keep the tradition alive I make sure they begin with my favorite two things, a hearty bowl of Lentil Soup and an amazing chilled glass of Ayran ( Laban Yogurt Drink) and then I go on to massacre the buffet.( Thank you Le Ciel at Habtoor for the amazing Iftar yesterday)

7. Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf7 bonbon by victor and rolf

Sweet, delicious, decadent and feminine are just a few words to describe this newly launched fragrance by Viktor and Rolf. This light caramel-based scent is one of those perfumes that smells even better after an hour or two making it ideal for summer. If you like candy then I have no doubt you would enjoy Bonbon.

8. Louboutin Iriza Pumps

louboutin so kate

The So Kates and Pigalles are wonderful classics but in my quest for the perfect classic Louboutin black pumps this summer I loved the sultry and open-sided design of the Iriza because they allow your foot to breath in this super hot weather. If you’re having trouble finding your size ( both Beirut and Paris are usually sold out) then you will be surprised to find a surplus of sizes at Dubai Mall.

9. Crop Tops

12 crop tops

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The beauty of crop tops is that you don’t have to have a Bündchen belly to be able to wear one. You can minimize/control mid-riff exposure by simply wearing a high waist skirt or shorts and it will keep you cool and refreshed in the scorching heat.

10. Abd El Wahab

abdel wahab

I used to order their Plat Du Jour almost every day for 4 years when I was working full-time. Having earned it’s rank as one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Lebanon, Abd El Wahab never fails with its classic oriental decor and heavenly mezza. I was very proud to celebrate their 15 anniversary with them last month on their gorgeous terrace and will be back for an Iftar or two this summer.

11. Bonita Bay6 tanning

Bonita Bay is one of Batroun’s landmarks and one of those places that never fails to attract sunshine even when Jounieh is looking bleak and grey. I’ve been adamant about getting a tan this summer and there was something about the way the sun hit Bonita Bay that made it ideal for tanning. The only downside is that it’s not a sandy beach but rather a pebbled one, so be prepared to see a lot of people trip and fall as well as some embarrassing moments of your own.

12. Passion Fruit Body Butter by The Body Shop

2 body shop body butter passion fruit

My friends and I used to drench our skin in this rich good stuff after hours of soaking up the harsh UAE sun. It’s actually one of the all-time favorites from The Body Shop because no matter what those after-sun products say, nothing can help sooth a sun burn like this intensive shea butter tub. It will last for months on end and will leave your skin looking moisturized for hours and hours after use. I’ve tried it in coconut, mango, olive, papaya and strawberry but my favorite hands down is the purple Passion Fruit one.


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How To Find Your Soul Mate

soul mate search

Although my Facebook timeline has been flooded with puffy white wedding gowns and cute chubby newborns lately, a portion of my dearest friends (both ladies and gents) are a long way from settling down anytime soon. I say this with confidence because they’re either single and really fed up with mingling or they’re dating someone casually who they would never dream of introducing to the parents.

So you see they’ve settled too, in their own way, either by convincing themselves that they should not bother searching for their Soul Mate anymore, that cuddling is totally overrated and they’re saving their energy for their careers or by pursuing a relationship with a guy/girl who blurts cryptic things like “Marriage is just something society created to organize people”

I’m not going to give you a speech on why you shouldn’t give up ( although you shouldn’t) or reassure you that there is that right person for you out there (I’m a hopeless romantic) I’m just going to share with you a brief list of how you could be enabling yourself from failing to find the right person for you.

1)      You’re not going to find your soul mate by being a bitter pissed off person all the time, going on unwarranted rants online and being generally unkind and rude to others just because you want to come off as strong and invincible. It’s just not attractive.

2)      You’re not going to find your soul mate by carrying excessive baggage from your past breakups and being paranoid and suspicious because you never want to get hurt again so you go on labeling the opposite sex as “cheaters” or “opportunists” and make wild declarations like “I don’t believe in love” to every guy/girl you meet.

3)      You’re not going to find your soul mate by staying in your comfort zone through randomly hooking up with every single guy/girl who’s emotionally unavailable too or by agreeing to an open relationship because you’re scared he/she might leave you otherwise.

4)      You’re not going to find your soul mate by creating all these preposterous credentials you require in a partner before you would even consider dating them like, religion, social status, bank account, height.

5)      You’re not going to find your soul mate by seeking your parent’s approval because no one is truly good enough for you. Or by purposely pursuing someone who lives abroad because you know they’re going to leave eventually.

6)     Speaking of no one is truly good enough for you, I hope you don’t really believe those prep talks. Sure you’re great- in some ways- but you probably have a long list of vices that your better half will have to put up with as well. So take it easy with the whole “no one deserves me” attitude.

6)      You’re not going to find your soul mate because you can’t afford to throw a wedding extravaganza and don’t think anyone will settle for anything less.

7)      And you most definitely will not find your soul mate if you keep posting silly quotes like “I’m single and free and it’s just me ”

All this is not to say that being single isn’t one of the most amazing crucial independent phases in a person’s life, a time where you can create some of the strongest bonds and make the most amazing memories with friends. But just like staying in college for too long, the fun eventually fades. And I am fully aware that not all of us want the same things out of life; like a beautiful house and bouncy babies. I’m just trying to say that maybe you haven’t found your soul mate because maybe just maybe you’ve inadvertently done everything not to be found.


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Profiling Lebanon’s Next First Lady: Marianne Henry Helou

Meet Marianne Helou, wife of Lebanese presidential candidate Henry Helou who’s name is currently being deliberated as a possible consensus candidate by the Progressive Socialist party. But it’s not Henry nor his political aspirations we’re interested in rather it’s Mrs. Helou, his French wife.

She’s a top tier socialite and a regular front rower at Paris Couture Week with her “glossy fur coat, her blonde hair perfectly coiffed.” 

She’s been spotted and interviewed at the likes of Elie Saab, Georges Shakra, Zuhair Murad and Dany Atrache fashion shows in Paris just to name a few. She’s also a favorite face at Mondanite where you can find the blonde beauty repeatedly posing with friends as she makes her rounds on the Lebanese social scene. Marianne and her husband also seem to enjoy an active lifestyle sailing the Greek Islands on vacation and regularly spotted out and about.

I think Marianne Helou definitely has the poise and fashion sense required for First Lady material and would definitely be a subject of intrigue for international media if her husband where to be elected as Lebanon’s president. She would be the first French native to hold such a position and I think she would excel in the fashion department with her signature statement pieces styled with simple mostly black attire.

There’s no doubt Marianne Helou is an elegant woman who may just bring a new sort of charm and sophistication to the table.

marianna helou henry helou


Marianna and Henry Heloumarianna helou elie saabmarianne heloumarianna helou mondanitemarianne henry helou 8marianna henry heloumarianne henry helou 2marianna henry helou 3

You can also watch Marianne Helou interviewed by Fashiontv at Dany Atrache’s Fashion Show in Paris at the 1:23 min mark


Image source


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20 Problems Every Girl Will Face This Summer

1)      When you’re invited to 6 weddings, 4 of which have groups of mutual friends. Which means you actually have to go out and buy 4 new gowns.


2)      When it’s sunny and nice all week but cloudy on the weekends. Bye bye tan.


3)      How exactly are you supposed to wear your new designer sunglasses when it’s really cloudy?


4)      Now you can’t get those low-lights you wanted.


5)      When you  give up on that tan and decide to use a spray tan instead. It ruins all your white dresses.

white dress


6)      Mykonos or Marbella?


7)      When your manicure lady is fully booked and now the color on your fingers don’t match your toes.


8)      Your wax lady won’t see you for the next two month because she’s having a baby.

n no no

9)      The monokini will give you major tan lines but it’s this season’s must have.

cant take it

10)   You did your summer shopping and still have nothing to wear.


11)   When you just found out those over-priced heels you bought last week are now on sale.


12)  When you realize the dress you ordered online is a size too small.


13)   When you’re supposed to be on a bikini diet but everyone in the office is ordering fries with their meal.


14)   You’re always so grumpy because that stupid diet is making you hungry


15)   You’re not supposed to eat after 8pm but suddenly everyone you know is throwing a summer night barbeque.


16)  When you can’t decide between rosé or champagne and mixing both makes you dizzy.

dizzy wine

17)   When you remember you have an outdoor yoga class but you just got your hair blown-out the evening before.


18)   Your boss better not schedule his annual summer dinner on SKYBAR’s opening night.

ita not funny

19)   When your friend who usually has a seasonal table at SKYBAR decides he’s moving to Dubai.


20)    When the bouncer says you’re not on the list for opening night

excuse me

Have I missed any?


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Profiling Lebanon’s Next First Lady: Rima Karkafi Frangieh

Despite Lebanon’s current presidential void, we’re still hoping for a fashion forward first lady. Last week we took a closer look at Sethrida Geagea, wife of presidential candidate Samir Geagea. This week, Rima Karkafi Frangieh is on our fashion radar, wife of presidential hopeful and Marada party leader Sleiman Frangieh.

Rima is Sleiman’s second wife and mother of his youngest child Vera. Before wedding Frangieh in 2003, Rima worked as a TV presenter at the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) for seven years. Prior to that Rima who hails from an Iraqi mother and Lebanese father lived and attended university in Sydney after fleeing the war in Lebanon. Rima is most known for her social activism most notably in the North where she resides and volunteers her time to various charity causes and is the President of Ehdeniyat International Festival as well as the North Autism center.

In spite of her husband’s somewhat bleak chances of becoming president, there’s no denying Rima’s first lady material. With her feminine style and signature hair Rima will add a dainty allure to the presidential palace. We have no doubt she’ll be able to hold her ground amongst the world’s most fashionable first ladies.

Take a look at Rima Frangieh’s most fashionable moments.

rima franjieh 7rima franjieh 11rima franjieh 12rima franjieh 6rima franjieh 8rima franjieh 9rima franjieh 1rima franjieh 5rima franjieh 3rima franjieh 10rima franjieh 4rima franjieh 14

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6 Reasons Why He Didn’t Call You Back

So you met this “amazing” guy and thought you hit it off. But you’ve been staring at your phone for 6 days now wondering why he has yet to call. You’ve gone through every moment of your encounter over and over again in your head wondering where it went wrong.

You can stop obsessing now, Here’s why you haven’t heard from him…

ring finger

1)      He has a girlfriend/wife. And she doesn’t usually let him out of her sight. So when he does manage to get away he’s on the prowl. He didn’t really go to the washroom every time he excused himself; he was in the bathroom texting her or putting his kids to bed. You’ve been played.


too easy

2)      You put out right away. He’s now categorized you as a “fun-loving” kind of girl aka easy. And your keenness on reminding him that you “never do this” every five minutes only tells him how much you actually do this, even if you really don’t. Men like the chase. And sure, he pursued you all night, but now he has no reason to come back from more. Play your cards right and you’ve got yourself a second date.

didnt put out


3)      You didn’t put out. I know, weird. Some men may only be on the hunt for a fast hookup. So when he knows you’re a lady, suddenly he’s lost interest because he’s not ready for potential girlfriend material in his life, didn’t want to work hard for it and just wanted something quick and easy. Consider his disappearance a blessing.

Lindsay Lohan

4)      You scared him off. You didn’t have to tell him how all your girlfriends are married and you’re the only one left. You didn’t have to tell him how your ex broke your heart and most men are jerks. And you really didn’t have to tell him how happy your sister’s kids make you. What did you expect, really!

the chase

5)      There’s hard to get and then there’s too hard to get. Your aloof and standoffish attitude gave him the impression that you’re not that into him, even if you gave him your number. Flirting with the bartender didn’t help either. Loosen up and put you’re guards down even if you’re worried about getting your heart broken.


6)      You’re high maintenance. He was willing to overlook the full makeup look and sky-high stilettos if it weren’t for  your minute-by-minute Instagram updates, excessive texting and the 7 selfies you took and posted in less than an hour. If that wasn’t superficial enough, looking the other way when the bill arrived only made matters worse.

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Profiling Lebanon’s Next First Lady: Sethrida Geagea

Her husband’s presidential candidacy may be the most contested issue of the moment, but there’s no denying his Ghanaian-born wife and Lebanese American University (LAU) graduate Sethrida Geagea’s (47), high-key approach and mark on the political scene. She’s one of 4 women who currently occupy a seat in Lebanon’s male-dominated 128 seat parliament and she’s not afraid to speak her mind, advocating for a number of issues most notably electoral quota for women and domestic violence.

She’s a topic of intrigue in the media, with her stand-offish attitude, and demure yet outspoken demeanor. Her indisputable good looks have also made Sethrida Geagea somewhat of a local tabloid obsession, known for her bold fashion choices and at times controversial ones.

Love her or hate her Sethrida Geagea may be Lebanon’s next first lady and there’s no denying how well she would handle that role from a fashion perspective. If there’s one thing we look forward to is watching her style evolve at the presidential palace as it has done throughout the years. Here is a compilation of Sethrida Geagea’s most memorable fashion moments.

sethrida 8sethrida 6sethrida 2sthrida 15sethrida 5Setrida Geageasethrida 9sthrida 14sethrida geagea 20sethrida 4LEBANON-POLITICS-VOTE-PRESIDENT-SETHRIDAsethrida 13sethrida 1sethrida 12sethrida 10sthrida 16

And finally the iconic

strida geagea MP

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7 Things Not To Do At Weddings This Summer


1) Everybody knows that wearing a white dress to another girl’s wedding is an act of hostility. Refrain. And you’re right, a simple white dress should not upstage a mammoth gown, but those are the rules. You will get stared down by bride’s besties and their mother’s mothers. If your white dress has a train you will probably be unfriended on Facebook the next day and labelled the attention thief.( to put it nicely)

Zorba The Greek 1

2) The great thing about weddings is the open bar. The downside is the video cameras. We tend to forget that almost every moment is documented. So if you’re going to pull out all the stops on the dance floor make sure you understand that for the next 30 years the newlyweds and their families on both sides will watch your sad attempt at the Zorba with a glass of gin tonic in one hand. After all it’s their wedding video. Your swollen ankle may heal after a couple of days but your pride will hurt forever.

wedding hookup

3) Weddings are no place for one night stands, or random hook-ups especially with the bride/groom’s close friends or relatives. The only making out people are interested in watching are the bride and the groom. And chances are you’ll run into that guy/girl again in every baptism, communion, and birthday to come. Spare yourself the awkwardness.


4)  Photobomb. If you see the newlyweds entangled in a champagne embrace, don’t try to get in the middle. Again wedding album. Coffee table. Forever.

bride wars 181208

5) Kiss the bride right on her cheeks. Here’s the thing, bridal makeup is just as important ( and expensive) as say, center pieces and after getting kissed by all 500 guests (three times each) her makeup is gonna streak. So do her a favor, make it one of those air “mwah” air kisses. She will love you for it!

kids wedding

6) Don’t bring your kids along. Especially if they’re not invited. Something happens to kids at weddings. They become obnoxious and easily excitable. We both know it I just said it.


7) Catching the bouquet is not a game of rugby. Anyhow pushing and tugging tend to scare suitors away. It’s just for fun I promise it doesn’t really work.


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Four Seaons Beirut Spa, The Ultimate Sanctuary

There’s something about the unfussy glamorous ambiance of the Four Seasons Beirut Spa that instinctively makes you want to throw off your shoes as soon as you walk into the door, splatter yourself on a flat surface somewhere and announce “take me away.”

Despite its luxurious five star status, the place exudes an ultra-chic effortless zen flair without coming off as too lavish for comfort, a place where you’re more than happy to turn your phone on airplane mode, put on a fluffy white Egyptian cotton robe and surrender. And that’s precisely what I did.

Ivy says four seasons spa beirut 1

After detailing my preferences on a straight forward questionnaire the super friendly spa attendant led me to the marble clad locker rooms. It felt more like a changing room fit for a star. A dressing table sat in the center complete with an ample range of complimentary personal hygiene and essential products with every possible thing you would require post-treatment, from my favorite brand of hairspray to deodorant. Each detail had been carefully thought out. I slipped into my robe and a comfy pair of green slippers as I made my way to the steam room.

Ivy says four seasons spa beirut 3

Ivy says four seasons spa beirut 2

I was advised to give my skin a good five minute sit-in, namely to relax but also to get the steam to open my pores and sweat out toxins before my treatment began.

Five minutes was more than adequate to get me flustered and as soon as I exited the steam room, a cold bottle of water had discreetly appeared with my belongings. It doesn’t get more thoughtful than that.

My massage therapist was waiting right outside as she walked me to a large private massage room, one of seven the Spa boasts. As part of the relaxation treatment I was invited to soak my feet in a basin as she began an aromatic cedar-wood infused bath. Perfect.

Ivy says four seasons spa beirut 5

I had opted for the Mediterranean Experience; it included a full body massage and an Arabian Exotic Purity facial treatment with Cedar wood essential oils and my personal favorite, extra virgin olive oil.

Ivy says four seasons spa beirut 6

The full body massage was exceptional and delivered exactly what it had promised from foot to neck; balance and relaxation. The combination of that with the soothing music that played in the background put me on a natural high. To top it off, she concluded by massaging my feet with olive oil and wrapping them with more fluffy warm towels. I felt like a pampered baby.

Next came the facial, my skin was gently cleansed with a chamomile and lime, exfoliated and toned and hydrated with Rose Face Mist. Then came the eye lifting gel and a revitalizing face mask followed by a lovely massage and hot towel wrap and a velvety nourishing moisturizer. It was revitalizing to say the least. The entire treatment was performed exclusively with Sodashi products, a high-end chemical free Australian brand specialized in skin care and spa therapy, available at the Four Seasons Spa.

Ivy says four seasons spa beirut 4

Getting up from that massage table was the hardest part after 120 minutes of pure bliss I didn’t think I was ready to face the world again. But I guess that’s why most respectable spas seat you in what I like to think of as the transitional room, a private lounge area where you can continue to experience the tranquility while nibbling and sipping on some tea and nuts and one of the best granola bars I have ever had, prepared at the hotel’s kitchen.

Ivy says four seasons spa beirut 9

I couldn’t get myself to dab on makeup after that facial, my face was supple and firm, way too clean to be polluted, so I conjured up the courage to walk out makeup-free and happy.

The spa also offers an extensive list of massages from Traditional Thai to Swedish Massages in addition to a fabulous VIP couple’s suite with its very own private Jacuzzi , a perfect treat if you have something to celebrate.

Ivy says four seasons spa beirut 8

I’m officially hooked, and I’ll be back for some more pampering soon.

To learn more about their spa packages you can visit Four Seasons Beirut here

Follow Four Seasons on Twitter and Instagram

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Ivy Says in ELLE Arab World

I’m very proud to have been chosen as one of the guest bloggers in the May issue of Elle Arab World available in the UAE, Oman, KSA and Qatar. From what I would never leave the house without to this season’s hottest trends, check out the full feature here and don’t forget to grab your copy!

Photographed by Mokhtar Beirut

ELLE Ivy Says feature Dana Khairallah elle arab world ivy says cover

Follow Elle Arab World on Facebook and Twitter