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The Ivy Says Radio Show on NRJ Lebanon 99.1

Ivy Says on NRJ Lebanon Dana

It’s official. I’m proud to announce that this Wednesday the 12th of November marks the first episode of my new radio show IVY SAYS on NRJ 99.1

This has been under wraps for a couple of months now and I’m absolutely delighted to join their amazing team and be a part of this leading station in Lebanon and internationally.

I have a super fun show prepared for you and we’ll be tackling some topics that you’ve come to love on this blog, from celebrity gossip and fashion disasters, satirical listings about anything and everything Lebanon, dating advice, hit music and much more. I’ll also be featuring a super interesting round up of Instafamous guests from Instagram and the social media sphere.

So whether you’re stuck in traffic or at home don’t forget to tune in at 7pm every Wednesday.

For sponsorships, giveaways or to be featured as a guest you can email me at

I also wanted to thank a very close friend and top Lebanese blogger Najib from Blog Baladi for surprising me with an amazing post titled 10 Reasons Why I Love Reading Ivy Says. He’s a leading example how us bloggers should embrace and support one another. Check it out HERE

top reasons why I love reading ivy says by blog baladi

Next week I’ll be posting the full shoot I did for the show’s promo with the talented up and coming fashion photographer Patrick Sawaya with makeup by the Yves Saint Laurent beauty team.

Ivy Says on NRJ Lebanon Dana

One Year After #IVYsBigReveal and A New Ambassadorship











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One Year After #IVYsBigReveal and A New Ambassadorship

ivys bid reveAL It’s been one hell of a year for me.

On August 13, 2013, and after more than three years of blogging anonymously, I started toying around with the idea of revealing my identity. The thought seemed far-fetched. I was safe behind my computer, almost untouchable, but I knew it was a false sense of security I was latching on to, and eventually if I wanted my blog to grow and expand my collaboration portfolio I need to come out of my comfort zone.

I remember having a drink with Fida Chaaban RAGMAG’s Editor in Chief at the time. I told her about my idea of staging an event behind the reveal. Her eyes lit up. She disappeared for a couple of weeks. I thought she had forgotten about it. Silly me, thinking people would care. She called me a couple of days later asking me for a guest list. For what? I asked. For #IVYsBigReveal she exclaimed.

Fida ran the idea by Roula Nahas, BestSeller Regional Marketing Manager and PR Queen. Roula immediately threw her weight behind it. VERO MODA and RAGMAG would stage it. Next, Beirut’s finest luxury boutique hotel Le Gray jumped on board, they presented us with their entire Rooftop and one of their opulent executive suites. And an amazing list of sponsors followed, Chopin Vodka, Pommery Champagne, Label 5 Whiskey, Bourjois and Beirut Nightlife.

150 of the city’s finest gathered to participate in one of the most-buzzed about fashion events of the year. I could feel the energy as both Roula and Fida accompanied me to the rooftop. And just like that I took a deep breath and stepped on stage. I spotted some familiar faces in the crowd smiling at me, faces I had known online for years but never met. The rest of the night was a big beautiful time lapse, selfies and cocktails and fast chats and dancing. #IvysBigReveal trended for 3 days. I did the right thing.

You can watch the #IVYsBigReveal  short video by BeirutNightLife right here

vero modaVero Moda (2)ivysbigreveal

A little over a year later and here I am. I’ve collaborated with many amazing brands including GAP, Adidas,, Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics, Maggi Arabia and was even invited to have my own segment Talk of the World on MTV Season 6 of Talk of the Town.

dana khairallah gap ivy says styldbyGAPMaggi Arabiamaggie arabia dana khairallahDana Khairallah for Bassam FattouhELLE Ivy Says feature Dana Khairallah

Today I’m also happy to announce my new title as Brand Ambassador for Dunes Verdun, one of Lebanon’s first and most iconic malls that today serves as a landmark. Follow me as I bring to you my experiences and shopping adventures in this diverse yet cozy mall and share with you all my amazing finds from dining,to beauty, fashion and entertainment.

I also have one more exciting piece of news to share with you very soon!





20 Signs You’re Dating An Arab Girl


1. She’s the jealous type. The last time a hostess smiled and greeted you at a bar she threatened to “cut her”

shut up

2. The first thing she’ll ask you when she’s sees a pretty girl is “do you think she’s pretty?”


3. Yet  she’s self-obsessed. You never knew someone could love themselves so much.


4. She’s constantly complaining. About anything and every little thing. Her life is a series of endless rants.

eye roll

5. You’re constantly reminded that she’s better than you and that you  should be grateful she chose you.

get a life

6. Calling her “not nice” would be the understatement of the year. The girl makes Cruela de Vil deserve a halo.

not dealing with your bullshit

7. According to her and her mother, everyone is jealous… of her.


8. She’s more judgmental than your 80 year old aunt.


9. Yet she’s a major hypocrite. Apparently nothing applies to her.


10. She hates all her friends. But they have no idea.

stabbing you

11. She hates all your friends. They noticed.

dont care really

12. According to her, if  you really loved her like you said you did, then you would give her all your passwords.


13. Tantrums are like second nature to her. She has no problem throwing them anywhere.

flip out

14. And just when you’re about to win a point, she wins by crying.

cry baby

15. She’s constantly bragging about how all the guys want her hand in marriage.


16. But the minute you threaten to leave her she’ll blackmail you with suicide.


17. Part of loving her, means that you get to spend your entire income on her. Every month.


 18. She’s always at war with someone.


19. She basks in other people’s misfortunes. You’ve never seen her happier.

happy happy

20. Yet, somehow she’s managed to convince you to make her your wife.


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My Top 7 Favorite Things This October

shiseido perfect cleansing oil

This is the first makeup remover I try that doesn’t need tissue or cotton to use. Shiseido’s Perfect Cleansing oil is my latest discovery. It’s clear, super light and gentle but don’t be fooled by its subtle-ness, it will quickly dissolve your makeup (even the most waterproof) with a quick massage and will also give your face a really good thorough cleanse in itself. I really like how it instantly wears off after a rinse and won’t leave your face looking greasy.

Lindt Chocolate Praline bars

On my last trip to Switzerland I went a little overboard on my chocolate consumption. And though I was keen on trying some high quality local chocolatiers I was also on the prowl for some Lindt varieties we don’t usually find in Lebanon. 128,203,837 calories later I found CREATION pralines and I’ve never been the same since. This large chocolate bar contains a soft pocket of almond and hazelnut praline center that leave you in a dreamy haze. Perfect with a latte I’ve been munching on my small stock of these all week.

Superga Versus Sneakers

What happens with iconic Italian fashion house Versace joins forces with Italian sneaker superstar Superga? These haute stuff. The design features Versace’s signature baroque detailing, a pop of colors and their signature Versus logo on the back. Fun Fact: no pair is identical as they are all made out of one long roll of cotton canvas.

Lock and stock burger

One of my favorite bars/coffee shops in Mar Mikhael, Lock Stock serves one of the most outstanding cheese infused mini-burgers in town, hands down. Four little monster patties are served with a generous crisp golden portion of fries. Wash it down with their signature drink Lack of a Better Man.

Zara Home

Confession: Almost all the frames, dishes, bed sheets, coffee tables and glasses in my house are from Zara Home. Another confession: I have almost fifty frames in my linen cupboard still packed in boxes. But that hasn’t kept me from buying more. At my recent visit to Zara Home I picked up all these items on sale. It was a glorious moment in home décor for me.

Prune pain perdu retrouve

At Prune the Pain Perdu is not lost but found, Le Pain Retrouvé. After Blathzar’s this is one of the most celebrated sweet loafs of bread in town. Because the folks at Prune give it a shot of caramel and a heavenly scoop of vanilla ice cream. You can read my full review of Prune here

top shop necklace

Statement necklaces are here to stay for fall (thank goodness) and I’ve seriously worn out this beaded ethnic one from Topshop all summer. I especially love this because it almost works on all colors, from light pastels to blacks. In fact I loved it so much I bought my friend one too, though I maintain all shotgun privileges.

Indian night at le royal

Anybody who knows me well knows I’m a huge fan of Indian food. And although Butter Chicken makes me weak in the knees I also love variety and so when I found out Le Royal Hotel Beirut has been organizing an Indian night under the patronage of the Indian Embassy in Lebanon I just knew I had to join. The colorful themed night took place at Le Jardin with professional dancers flown to preform stunning shows while guests dine on an extravagant buffet and numerous live cooking stations from Biryani to barbequed tandoori and more. Just make sure you wear a sari and book in advance as places are usually limited.

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Miss Lebanon 2014 is Sally Greige and A Fall On Stage

sally griegeSally Greige Miss Lebanon 2014 7Sally Greige Miss Lebanon 2014Sally Greige and karen Ghrawi

Hours ago, Sally Greige, 24,  was crowned as Miss Lebanon 2014. She was actually one of the strong contenders who spoke about women’s rights. She is also majoring in Civil Engineering

Sally goes home as the lucky winner of more than $500,000 in prizes including an apartment and a car.

Miss Lebanon Sally Greige 2014

Sally, along with the 13 other contenders was dressed exclusively by Lebanese and International designer Zuhair Murad. The event was hosted by TV Journalist Dima Sadek who also donned a monochrome number by the designer.

dima sadek miss lebanon 2014

Superstar Nancy Ajram  preformed two songs on stage in two different looks, the first in Dolce and Gabbana and for the second one she wore a low cut Elie Saab number

nanvy ajram miss lebanon 2014 2nancy ajram miss lebanon 2014.

But Twitter really exploded when former Miss Lebanon 2013 Karen Ghrawi made her final appearance on stage with the crown and then took and terrible slip and fall on stage. It must have been horrifying as she seemed visibly distraught with the ordeal and she struggled to overcome it.The video has gone viral since, you can watch it by clicking here

miss lebanon 2013 falls on stage

As for the contestant levels this year and since this IS a beauty pageant where we can openly judge women based on their looks, I have to say it was definitely a big improvement from last year but still managed to maintain a very average level of contestants (both aesthetically and intellectually) that will not allow Lebanon to compete or stand a real chance at Miss Universe,  though I thought that out of the bunch Sally Greige deserved the win.

But what do you think will Sally Greige become just another forgettable beauty queen or will she join the ranks of Joelle Behlok, Georgina Rizk, Dina Azar, Nadine Njeim and other beauties who have left their marks on the scene?

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Profiling New Global Fashion Icon: Lebanon’s Amal Alamuddin

amal george clooney

The world is smitten by its latest fashion icon, Amal Alamuddin or the new Mrs. Clooney. She’s managed to not only snag one of the most-coveted bachelors in the world but she’s also landed herself in the same ranks as some of the world’s fashion royalty and to get the nod from just about every usually unimpressed fashion editor out there.

Yes, Amal Alamuddin has given The Duchess of Cambridge a run for her money this weekend with the understated yet perfectly chosen elegant outfits she donned to her star-studded wedding week celebration in Venice. Thanks to her, Lebanon is back in the headlines for all the right reasons again and just about every Lebanese is trying to prove they are related to her.

But before we take a look at her flawless style here’s a little profile on her.

She’s 36, and although she is indeed born in Beirut from Lebanese parents she actually moved to London at the tender age of 2. Her father is a retired American University of Beirut Professor and her mother is a journalist. She’s an Oxford and New York University law school graduate and worked as a Barrister some controversial cases high profile such as the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon and the Julian Assange extradition case.

Almost every paparazzo camped out in Venice as word broke out of her wedding to George Clooney. The tasteful celebrations were attended by some major A-listers but it’s safe to say that Amal stole the show with her refined fashion sense. The theme was chic romantic Italian elegance. She broke stereotypes and proved to many Lebanese women that you don’t have to wear the flashiest biggest shiniest revealing dress to look magnificent.

Here’s a closer look at the full series of high fashion outfits looks she wore to the entire wedding week

First Pre-Wedding Sighting

Amal channeled her inner Jackie Kennedy in monochrome striped Dolce and Gabbana dress, thick framed Prada Glasses and a vintage style hat box which actually served as a lovely purse.

amal in dolceamal in dolce and gabanna

First Post-Wedding Sighting

This was one of my favorite dresses she chose from Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Amal gave the world the first glimpse of her supper skinny long legs in this long- stiff hem-lined sleeved lace number with embroidered colorful flowers. She also chose the perfect shades to go with her outfit, these cat eye stunners by Heidi London.

Amal in Giambattista Valli Haute 2Amal in Giambattista Valli Haute

The wedding rehearsal dinner

Amal wore an Alexander McQueen scarlet waterfall dress with a black pattern from the design house’s Resort 2011 collection. Her signature big hair also made an appearance and she completed the look with simple pointy black pumps and a bold red lip.

amal in mcqueenEXC - GEORGE CLOONEY AND AMAL ALAMUDDIN IN VENICE!amal in mcqueen 3


Civil Marriage Ceremony

This sophisticated look Amal chose left me in complete awe. Most women would usually want to wear dresses for this occasion but not Amal, she chose this cream Stella McCartney trouser suit with a nautical strip and a matching hat. She kept her makeup soft and day-time appropriate and her coiffed hair looked gorgeous. This was one of my favorite looks by far.

 amalamal in suit


The Wedding Gown

amal with oscar de la renta fitting

And finally the wedding gown. Amal Alamuddin Clooney chose a dress by Oscar de la Renta from his fall 2014 collection. The ethereal and timeless  cream off-the-shoulder hand stitched creation came with fourteen yards of Chantilly Lace, an embroidered bodice and featured a classic circular train and a floor-length veil. She was reported to have worn pearl earrings with square-cut diamond accents from her parents by Lebanese jeweler Chatila. Amal’s hair? Again simple, as it fell on her shoulders. It did not in any way attempt to compete with the rest of her look, none of that chignon madness or diamond tiara’s you see at most Lebanese weddings. The makeup? As natural as can be, there was no dramatic fierce eyes or extra layers of foundation. As for George Clooney he looked dapper in a Giorgio Armani tuxedo and cufflinks gifted to him by Amal, which read “George” in Arabic.

amal and george clooney wedding photoamal and geroge wedding photo

think we are all looking forward to watch what Amal will be wearing next as the world awaits her honeymoon sightings and how she will fashionably evolve to embrace her new role as Clooney’s wife.


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A Night at O Monot Boutique Hotel

o monot

When it comes to hotels in Beirut, surprisingly your options are not as vast as one would expect from a country that relies so heavily on hospitality. You’d either have to check yourself into one of the usual larger five star suspects or take a gamble at one of the smaller less established “city” hotels with random, less comforting names that may leave you with a very bitter taste in your mouth, perhaps even literally.

Anyone who also travels to Europe frequently will truly appreciate the combination of location and trendy luxury. When you find a centered hotel that can actually offer both, you know you’re going to hang on it to it dearly. O Monot Luxury Boutique Hotel may have finally filled that gap in Beirut. It’s a true city hotel located on one of the most prime and convenient locations in the city, as the name suggests, Monot Street, especially for guests with limited time who don’t want to miss out on a thing. But it’s also a five star luxury boutique hotel, so there will be no need to compromise on service for location, whatsoever.

O monot hotel 2

The place looks like it has taken a page out of Architectural Digest, the optimization of space and design will have you appreciating it as soon as you walk in. Don’t expect any of that over-the-top middle eastern decadent glamor and crystal chandeliers O Monot’s lobby is all about the understated minimalistic modern elegance, decorated with rich natural materials earthy tones, and with meticulous attention paid to every detail.

O Monot 1

We were greeted by a courteous and well-spoken front desk clerk who gave us a quick tour of the hotel and showed us to our rooms. O Monot boasts 41 suites and we stayed at the very spacious and contemporary Deluxe Suite which came fully equipped with its very own Jacuzzi separated only by a glass wall with electronic blinds. The room was all-white and modern yet cozy and comforting.

O monot hotel beirut 4

o monot hotel 6

The string of LED lights under the bed gave it a floating illusion and its upholstered taupe leather back provided the perfect rest for some last minute-blogging before we headed up to the rooftop for dinner.

o monot hotel 7

O Monot’s Rooftop on 11th floor captivates. For starters the panoramic view is awe-inspiring, there’s no taking your eyes off the stellar chaotic urban vista that is so classically Beirut. But it’s the rooftop’s gorgeous setting that frames this scene so ideally. The zen furniture in light wood accents along with the purple and grey color combinations work so well with the background.  The laid back 5-seater bar facing the miniature turquoise pool help make this setting so earthy and intimate, almost as though you’re in your own private patio.

o monot hotel 15

A host of unfussy signature cocktails make their way to our table before dinner; with the Mojito and Margarita making lasting impressions. If you’re looking to enjoy a post-work sunset I definitely suggest you head there immediately.

The rooftop menu is mostly fusion food, with a creative variety of international favorites such as the marinated salmon with a side of greens, avocado and citron, the busy Thai Shrimp salad, the Filet de Boeuf with fries and a grilled seafood dish.

o monot hotel 11o monot hotel 10o monot hotel 9

The following morning we had breakfast at the serene restaurant on the 10th floor, which also boasted its fair share of the city’s views. After some sunny side ups, scrambled eggs and jam and toast we headed up to the rooftop again for some sun soaking.The pool was cool and crisp just perfect for a quick dip while we sipped on our morning orange juice.

o monot hotel 14o monot hotel 13. JPGo monot hotel 8o monot hotel 12

So whether you’re in Beirut for the weekend or got something special to celebrate or simply looking to kick back with friends over some sunset cocktails I highly recommend you head over to O Monot Luxury Boutique Hotel.

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