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My real name is Dana Khairallah but I’ve been anonymously blogging as Ivy since 2009.

I finally revealed my identity at #IvysBigReveal event last August. Read about the full story behind this blog here or view the images below.

Ivy Says is the first lifestyle blog in Lebanon. I first burst onto the scene with my dating adventures and satirical pieces on social dynamics in Lebanon that everyone related to but a very few talked about.

Like most girls I’m also very big on fashion, beauty/makeup reviews and all things pretty. Food is a hobby and burgers are a vice. I’ve also appointed myself this city’s fashion crime scene reporter, if a celeb somewhere has committed a heinous fashion violation most likely they’ll end up here.

I have a lot to say about anything and everything in town so be prepared because I like to share the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Thanks to the big success of this blog, I quit my full-time job as a Political Consultant to work as a freelance Reputation Manager and SM Strategist, I now work with celebrities and brands on shaping and monitoring both their online and offline images. I’m also a copywriter.

In 2013 I  landed my own segment on season 6 of MTV Lebanon hit late night show Talk of the Town called Talk of The World! Click here for more

From November 2014 until January 2015  I was Dunes Verdun Brand Ambassador read more about it here

I’m proud to announce that 12th of November marked the first episode of my  radio show IVY SAYS on NRJ 99.1 more here

Ivy Says on NRJ Lebanon Dana

For advertising inquiries, sponsored posts on this blog, brand features and invitations shoot me an email at


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33 responses to “About Ivy

  1. Hi Ivy,
    can i have your phone number please?
    i saw ur poster about Valentine’s while i was walking in hamra. i wanna contact you abt smthg.

  2. Hi Ivy,
    can i have your phone number please?
    i saw ur poster about Valentine’s . i wanna contact you about something. i am samir youssef from MTV my phone number is 03/930031

  3. I love Your intro, and your style. I totaaly agree with what you said.

  4. Amen to that!!!;)

  5. You rock, all girls should be daring like you :)
    Im so tired of hitting on all the girls lol

  6. You have a *VERY* interesting blog. :)
    Keep writing.

  7. Well to be honest i got here by mistake :) but to my surprice it was nice to see that we have our own carry bradshaw in Beirut :)

  8. nice work champion, good to see people in Lebanon blogging on things that aren’t so political..

    Peace from Sydney Australia

  9. Dating, shopping and talking about it! There’s gotta be more to life than just that…

  10. Very happy to come across your blog. If we gather two more girls, we could start a virtual “Sex and the Madina” show

  11. aboud big boss

    Now that’s what I’m talking about we need to start expressing ourselves freely that’s how canada is and that’s how 90 percent of the world is. So bring it on babyyyyyyy!!!

  12. Just came across your blog and have read only a few posts…but so far I love you style of writing and find your topics quite interesting =).. what’s your background? how long have you been living in Lebanon?

  13. Dear Ivy,
    I am a Portuguese woman, with 42 years old going on my 1st business trip to Beirut next week. I was looking for Lebanon dress code and I run into your article.
    I enjoyed your writings and style very much, and you showed me a Lebanon I didn’t knew existed. Clever independent Women!
    I hope you don’t take my request as a liberty, but since you leave in Beirut, could you recommend me some fashionable restaurants and interesting places to visit? Could you advise me on the dress code for business meetings as well as dinning out?
    Thank you very much

  14. I just LOVE your sense of humour and the way you end each post with BISOUX^^

  15. first time at ur blog…love it!!

  16. I’ve been checking your blog for a few months now and I always pop back every once in a while to check-out the updates! I absolutely love it_ you go girl!! bisoux

  17. is Serial Dater PC for player?

  18. Ivy,
    I just came across your blog and I love it. So cute, honest and fun; I’m sure it is a reflection of you:)


  19. So daring and exiting!!
    Absolutely love your blog !! You rock girl !!

  20. Another Single Lady In Beirut

    I’m hoping to start a blog with a similar concept , any advice?

  21. been a while since i checked the blog.. are you sill blogging out of Beirut sunshine?

  22. its weird that i cant send u message or something anyway i read your article about miss lebanon and i want u to check something in facebook ..it is a page that will show u how many people likes yara..check it out:
    الشعب يريد ملكة جمال حلوة شوي

    mohamad mouazzen

  23. Love the concept of your blog :)))

  24. Great Blog! Love your entries! :)

  25. Ivy this is an awesome blog, I love your style of writing and your daring personality! It’s about time someone opened up about taboo subjects in Lebanon!

    cheers! Keep up the good work!

  26. Great stuff Ivy :) Congratulations on your blog and when I finally get round to visiting Beirut I know who to call
    Adina x

  27. Hi! I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!
    I enjoy reading your blog so much that I thought it deserved to have this award. You can find out more in here: http://experiencelifeinfrance.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/friday-june-15th-2012/

  28. Beirut stole my heart!

  29. Hello, I just found your blog because I’m looking for a unique domain name and I put in Iveysays and you came up. I love what I see so I had to follow you. I can’t wait to catch up on all your post. Take care:)

  30. Hello Ivy, can’t wait to read what you are gonna post about the 2013 Miss Lebanon beauty pageant!

  31. I just discovered you blog yesterday! apparently too late! but i cannot stop reading!!I love it! keep writing!

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