Ivy Says Turns 3 and The New Year is Here

I’ve been too busy to even post an anniversary post for my blog; which turned 3 this month. Starting this blog has been one of the most entertaining and eye-opening experiences for me. I have met so many fabulous people, formed some great relationships (some in person, others through cyber space) and have been invited to some of the hottest places in town.

Most of all I’ve learned that if you put your mind to something- no matter what it is and dedicate enough time and effort to making it a success, it will happen.

This blog has opened some great doors for me and continues to do so every day, all of which could not have been possible without my readership base, fellow bloggers, Tweeps and the brands who are actually interested in what I have to say.

I promise to bring you better things in 2013 and I think it will be the year where I may even stop hiding behind an avatar. Or not. But really who cares.

Happy 2013!

new years cupcake

Ivysays Bisoux




3 responses to “Ivy Says Turns 3 and The New Year is Here

  1. Happy Third Anniversary & wishing you all the best for 2013!
    Mine has turned one a few days ago by the way! ;)


  2. happy three years! you have an amazing blog and i love your posts (:
    success, xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday IVY! :)

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