Miss Lebanon Living It Up In Vegas

At the risk of turning into a pageant blog I couldn’t help but share with you recently released shots of our very own twin Miss Lebanon Rina Chibani doing her thing in Vegas. Sure, she’s pretty and tall and everyone’s rooting for her but come on, has anyone seen the competition? It is fierce. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again we have come a long way from Miss Lebanon 2011 but I don’t think we’re quite there yet.

Check out these shots of Rina and please take the time to watch her speak in the video below. Girl brings out the cringe with her awkwardness and sporadic hand gestures. (Awaiting Team Rina attack in 3,,2…

Miss Lebanon Rina in Vegas

(Don’t you just love how subtle everyone behaves in Lebanon, from Miss Lebanon’s outfit and sunglasses at the airport to the two guys who stopped dead in their tracks just to stare and photo-bomb her.)

miss Lebanon rinachibany in vegas

miss Lebanon rinachibany in vegas 2

8 responses to “Miss Lebanon Living It Up In Vegas

  1. I fail to see the value in beauty pageants. Silly questions, silly answers; bodies paraded on stage like cattle. They’re not even funny or entertaining! Maybe I’m missing something.

  2. OMG!!! she sounds ridiculous its so embarrassing!!!!!!!

  3. No Taline she doesn’t soud ridiculous she’s answering a silly question as Habib already pointed out what is she suppose to say. But yeah her awkwardness cannot be missed, she’s very young coming fro a country who has slim to no chances let us not forget that. I feel bad for not voting yet.

  4. she didn’t come off as awkward at all, I thought she was very classy, the questions were a little on the stupid side, but still she gave decent answers.
    As for the hand gestures – do you prefer a drone like person who doesn’t move at all, and has no facial expressions at all?

  5. I agree, the questions were stupid that doesn’t mean the way she answered wasn’t.

  6. Stop hating, Ivy.

  7. she wasnt awkward, she just has a heavy accent and she’s not very fluid in communicating her throughts

  8. Im sorry guys, she is beautiful, classy and everything.. but it sounded very awkward.

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