Sexism In Advertising- The Mazda Example

Just when we thought sexist ads were vintage, over, a thing-of the-past, to learn from but never repeat, the creative brains over at renowned car company Mazda have decided to go down that road again and use the cheapest and oldest tactic in the book to sell- SEX!

Yup, Mazda Lebanon wants you to “GET EXCITED” this weekend and in case their car or offer  didn’t do the trick for you then they’ve thrown in picture of a naked woman covering up her private parts with signs insinuating that she comes with free registration, unlimited warranty on mileage and free maintenance.Way to go Mazda, your high values speak loud and clear to us, clearly you’ve decided to ditch ethics in your branding by reducing women to mere sexually tradeable objects, a slap in the face to 51% of Lebanon’s  female population! The genius who obviously worked so hard on this ad should be the poster child for “how to destroy your brand with a single campaign.” Mabrouk!

Check out more shocking examples from more international brands at

Sexism In Advertising: A Notorious Compilation

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2 responses to “Sexism In Advertising- The Mazda Example

  1. It is called free speech….Just don’t buy Mazda….maybe the used car dealership that most of you people buy your imported used BMW and Mercedes is more gentle

    if you like the Ad you call it provocative……and if you dont like it you call it insulting

    Xo Xo Gossip Guy …….. (you are a fan of such an elitist superficial series… and u think u’ll taken as a serious activist blog)

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