Lebanon’s Hottest MP

Just in case you were uncertain about Lebanon’s hottest Member of Parliament, Strida Geagea, 45, is adamant on reminding you it’s her. The Lebanese Forces MP poses this month on the cover of Gala Magazine in a revealing asymmetrical white dress. The hair and makeup work for her but her choice of outfit is not fitting for an MP.

Check out the billboard plastered on the highway-again, I’m not sure what’s going on with the layout of her in the black dress but this is definitely not the best pose for her or any MP for that matter.

But since we’re on the topic of Lebanon’s hottest MPs let’s check the competition out by taking a look at some of Lebanon’s current and previous women MPs.

Gilbert Zwein, 73, Current MP

Nayla Tueni Maktabi, 30, Current MP

Solange Gemayel, 65, previous MP

Bahia Hariri, 60, current MP

Ghinwa Jalloul, 50, previous MP

Nayla Moawad, 72, previous MP

So who’s it gonna be? Who is Lebanon’s hottest MP ;)

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2 responses to “Lebanon’s Hottest MP

  1. Can we start a caption contest for that billboard ? I’ll start with..
    “Bend over I wanna do stuff to your country”

  2. and this is what Lebanon needed, a hot MP :p

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