The Indiscretions Of A Lebanese Man- Part II

Once a cheater always a cheater? This means that a man that’s strayed is never capable of true redemption, he’ll always go back to his old ways, one day. I’m not sure I support this statement 100% but what I do know is that A LOT of Lebanese men cheat on their women for reasons that are beyond me. I’ve had many conversations with male friends and acquaintances that have openly and proudly might I add, boasted about their extracurriculars. Some are married, others in long-term relationships about to get married, but that never stopped them, if anything, it gave them more of a push to cheat.

Mazen and Sandra seem like your average couple, she’s a well-educated pretty girl from  a “good” family and he’s a very good looking guy who’s just taken over his family business. Together, they look so happy and in-love. She’s given him her all and he knows it. But Mazen has a dark little secret; he spends the rest of his free time trying to hook-up with every easy target he can find at a bar for a short-lived cheap thrill. If you confront him he’ll tell you he’s head over heels about Sandra, he even plans on marrying her one day but he’s young (29) and wants to live his life to the full without the risk of losing her. He somehow tries to legitimatize his cheating by overly-proclaiming his undying love for her.

Sandra would be devastated if she found out. But eventually like many others in her shoes he would convince her that it was a onetime thing and he would NEVER go there again. She’d give him that second chance and he’d be grateful for a while, but he’ll also learn to become more careful.Yes, many cheaters are repeat offenders, but what do you think, can a cheater ever be trusted again?

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11 responses to “The Indiscretions Of A Lebanese Man- Part II

  1. Can we generalize this post to women too ?
    I know we tend to think of men as the “hunters”, but there are women out there in committed relationships who boast their love for their boyfriends/fiance/husband and yet still squeeze in a little extra action on the side here and there, and they’re not rare obscure cases.

    Also, how about the case where the person you’ve been in a relationship with for a long time confesses to you that his last relationship ended because he started cheating on his partner ? What’s worse, what if the person he was cheating with, was you ? Let’s say you didn’t know that particular detail at the time..

    Cheating is complicated and messy, but here’s one thing that particularly ticks me off: The showing off. It’s one thing to know you’re doing something wrong yet still can’t resist doing it (ever tried to stop smoking ?), but when you boast your “sexual conquests” it makes you a very small person who attaches significance to things of very little value and thinks he’s a better man/woman for it.

    In short, I’d say your friend is kind of an asshole in my book.
    Cheers !

  2. For me personally, I can never take back a cheater.

    As for Lebanese women, I think a lot of them are willing to let the cheating part slide just because their clock is ticking and no one else is available. So they settle. The cheating guy knows that. And he keeps on cheating because he knows enno “btestmanna 3leh” 2ad ma ken akhu sharmuta.

  3. It’s nice to see guys commenting here and I can’t but agree with Fadi: cheating is complicated and it’s not an exclusive trait attributed to men. Some women do it too. And Beirut boy’s point about “the clock ticking thing” is also very true.
    The sad fact is that this is how we were raised. How many times have I heard the phrase “men have needs”. Yeah right as if we don’t!
    So in my opinion, it’s a matter of unlearning the ridiculous things we grew up being fed down our throats.
    Cheers to the few good men still out there, you give us hope ;).
    (Beirut boy I read your blog on a regular basis and love it)

  4. “it’s a matter of unlearning the ridiculous things we grew up being fed down our throats”.

    100%. It might take us a lifetime…but 100%!

    ps:10x Elise! =)

  5. I agree with both elise and Beirut boy.
    The other outrageous part in the story is that, if it was Sandra cheating on Mazen, she will be treated of sharmuta, and he wouldn’t keep the relationship going because she’s just not the sweet girl that his family will accept anymore.

  6. Lebanese men think that their oh so sweet girl meyte 3a sermeyto but coz she knows he may cheat she is having some action behind his back n u knw wat?i dont blame her cz lebanese men think ma7ado 2addo.if he cheats he spends money whereas if she does she makes money…

  7. I have been with a Lebanese man for 6 years and he remarried a syrian orthodox women but still wants to have sex with me. He married her and was in my bed 2 months after. I even called her to tell her and all she could say is I am going to tell and then she calls him immediately. They have been married for over a year and I have been with him continously. I am very shamefull but this man made me think that he was going to marry me but we split for a month and that is when he pursued this women who is his sisters best friend. She doesn’t seem to care that he is cheating. I have given her many opportunities to speak with me but she chooses to believe him. He broke my heart and I am a women with no family and very insecured and wanted nothing more to be in his life and his families life. I don’t understand why she would not want to know. I wanted to know when he was pursueing her and lieing to her that he was in virginia when I called her and said he is right here not in virginia.

    Looking for a response. I don’t know how I could still care for this man and want to get over him but I have to see him on a daily basis due to certain circumstances

  8. Well Lebanese are all cheathers so the women like the men one lies to the other. I have never seen such a hipocrits like this people and they lie already when they say good morning to you

  9. I had a serious relationship with a Leb for almost a year. He lied, cheated, stole from me – you name it he did it. He maintained he loved me all the while and swore to marry me. Finally after breaking it off from him and clawing my way to freedom (he controlled the HELL out of me) half a year later I ended up dating another Lebanese from a different country. SAME THING!!! Cheater! Liar! One was Athiest, one was Muslim. I am not a Lebanese girl – I am a tall blonde successful business woman. Whats crazy is a year away from the first Lebanese guy and he STILL stalks me, obsesses about me, tries to get me back and literally will not leave me alone. Yet with some random checks I easily discover he is dating about 3 other women… I do not understand the insecurity in the Lebanese men – its very weak and spineless of them to be like this. I will NEVER go near another Leb in my life.

  10. And I agree with Robert… Lebanese people are the worst most hypocrytical people I have experienced in my life – LIARS. CHEATERS. FAKES. They lie COMPULSIVELY!

    • Dear Silvara,

      Here in Lebanon we also have tall, blond, successful ladies like yourself (for your reference) and if he controlled you Lebanese or other it’s that you allowed him to do so. If he lied, stole and cheated, you should’ve kicked his ass to the curve from the last time. People like that, Lebanese or other, need not be given a second chance. Do not generalize we have good men and women here just like in every corner of the world, be respectful when you speak of the Lebanese and Lebanon or you know what don’t speak at all. :)

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