The Lebanese Celebrities Wedding Album

Nothing says happily ever after like an over-the-top-wedding dress and ceremony extravaganza. And that’s exactly what these celebrities did on their big days. Some look like puff-pastries others look like little girls playing dress up at second hand bridal stores. One can’t help what wonder what the hell were they thinking but hey, if the Lebanese Politicians get to do it, why can’t these divas give it a go?

Nicole Saba, 38

Nancy Ajram, 28

Haifa Wehbe, 36

Annabella Hilal, 26

Cyrine Abdelnour, 40

Maya Nasri

Dana Halabi, 25

Christina Sawaya, 31

9 responses to “The Lebanese Celebrities Wedding Album

  1. EWW!!! The only permissible one is Nancy Ajram’s! Cringe.

  2. i’m assuming the numbers refer to their age, so cyrine abdelnour is 40? nicole saba is 38? where did u get this juicy info from? *wicked grin*

  3. Very beautiful gowns!…I love wedding fashions and these look so lovely.

  4. Fashion wise, Nicole Saba in Rami Kadi, Nancy Ajram in Valentino, Cyrine Abdel Nour in Basil Soda, Anabella in Zuhair Murad, Haifa Wehbi in Dolce&Gabbana couture, thank you for the pictures !!!

  5. oh do u honestly think that Haifa is 36? she has a 23 years old girl who already got married and has a baby girl. she is at least 45!

  6. I like Nancy Ajram’s :) but the rest. ew. ew. ew. did i mention EWWWWW???

  7. I hate Haifa’s and Dana’s. Anabella is barely making it. Maya Nasri I’m not sure how I feel about it. I love Nancy’s.. a lot of people hated on it but I like it. She looks elegant. Nicole is just extra herself so sho ma libsit she doesn’t look great. I think Cyrine looked good. But how the hell is Cyrine older than Haifa? Haifa is so khityara now.

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