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IVY’s New Year’s Eve Celebration Outfit

1. Bracelet DANNIJO

2. Dress David Lerner

3. Clutch Diane von Furstenberg

4. Evil Eye Charm Helen Ficalora

5. Pumps L.A.M.B.

Do You Really Want Her ‘Meow’?

Her name is Nancy Afiouny and she’s pretty confident that you want her meow. In case you were still feeling doubtful about going for it she made this video to seal the deal.

Nancy ran for the Miss Lebanon crown but lost in 2003 and her hometown is Tripoli. It  seems that this once simple student majoring in Economics at the Lebanese University woke up one day and said to herself “to hell with this Econ101 demand vs. supply crap! I’ll tell you what sells, MY MEOW sells!”
So she transformed from this

To this full out Purring MEOWW,  Move Over Lady Gaga,  Afiouny’s In Da House Now!

Check It Out…

YES, you DID hear correctly some of her classy lyrics include:

“You wanna rip him of me, got plans for my body, you wanna turn me over, right here on this frying pan, we’re up against the wall, and then we said hello. Baby I got you all excited just thinking about, the way I let your fire go on and put it out, if I was down I bet you’d take it right here right now (AWW) you want MY MEOW MEOW, GET DOWN GET DOWN”

Have Yourself A Merry Little Cupcake

Lebanon Is Not Ibiza

Lebanon’s reputation as the party hotspot preceeds it. But that status can quickly shift into an uncivilised not-so-hot mess in mere moments. I say this because almost twice a year (summers and winters) a bunch of friends,  acquaintances and tourists visit Beirut and when they do they bring along the most vibrant colourful skimpy borderline burlesque-ish outfits you may ever see in downtown Beirut at midday. I don’t even want to try to explain to you what wardrobe misdemeanours go down come night time. I may come off as quite the conservative here. Trust me, I’m not. But at times my lovely gal pals have made Lady GaGa look shy ( alright maybe Britney), you get the picture.

Of course I end up taking them to all my regular spots, restaurants and nightclubs. Since they’re on vacation mode, they drink twice as much, flirt with all the waiters (who have now become my buddies) and end up committing crimes on that dance floor. Yup, they get to do all that and perhaps even yell-out something snarky at one of the regulars (whom I just can’t stand and  to which I’ve resorted to simple death looks throughout the years) and guess what, a couple of days later, they get to hop on a plane and leave. No one will remember them or what they did, oh no, it’s me that will have to bear the shame when I once again have to face the bartender who got harassed for “heavier” drinks. I could swear my concierge almost winked at me the other day, and who blames him he’s seen my girlfriends come back every night in the wee hours of the morning all last week.

I’m not complaining I say this with much love, but this isn’t Cancun or Vegas, although it may come off as the alternative for those living in less “loose” societies in the Middle East, I’m not sure I want my favourite city in the world to be recognized for simply the chaos it entails. Or am I getting too old for this shiz?


Sexism In Advertising: An Even More Notorious Compilation

Not far from the sexist ads you’re exposed in most Lebanese public spaces today here are a couple of more offensive ads from back in the day, since the last one was such a hit.  And no matter how much you wanna blame the brand who approved such heinous images and messages, the fact of the matter is that the advertising world reacts to client demands and consumer activity, which says ALOT about the society we live in. Take a look…

IVY’s Christmas Wish List

Christmas is about giving. It’s also about getting, there’s no denying that. I’ve come up with a wish list (yes, already) and although blings and embellishments aren’t usually my style- I’m feeling a little different this time around. So I present to you a naughty list of everything I’d like to see under my tree.

1 Kenneth Jay Lane Earrings

2 Badgley Mischka Pumps

3 Diane von Furstenberg Cluth

4 La Mer Collections Watch

5 Jagger Edge iPhone Cover

The Crazy Girlfriend- A Series of Disturbing Events

You don’t always get to pick who you  hang out with. Sometimes the people who get regular starring roles in your life, are imposed on you. Introducing

It’s a gamble, you can hit the jackpot and get a sister-from- another-mister or you can go home a big loser and end up with the craziest coconut on the tree.

The Die Harder

The girl will do anything to impress, even if it requires a 180 degree personality swap, but hey her eye’s on the prize. Somehow she’s also decided to make her life an open book to you, in her head you are now counterparts and naturally  must tell each other EVERYTHING. Then comes the excessive emotional baggage, when all you really wanted to do is have a drink. When she’s had one too many shots, premature love declarations and tears follow, usually leading up to a forced hug and hek if you drown yourself in enough booze to get you through the session you may even throw in a motivational speech. She’s set on forcing you to participate in her public affection displays and she’s permanently changed your name to “habibeh or hayeteh.”

 When she’s gotten slightly more comfortable with her man, you’ll begin to notice creepy behavioural switches, she’s suddenly subscribed to your favourite clothing brand, her hair is beginning to resemble yours and she’s even picked up some of your jokes, songs and dance moves. You’re flattered naturally, slightly annoyed but namely flattered. She guilts you into spending one-on-one time with her and just when you start putting your guard down, the bad mouthing follows, always taken out of context, always coming back to bite you right in the ass. This sick puppy has put you on a pedestal so high the only way for her to ever feel better about herself now would be to take you down.

And so it begins… stay tuned