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Mon Obsession Du Jour

A Good Enough Reason To Break Up With Him

Not all Lebanese girls are looking to marry the first guy they hook up with. But guys these days truly believe that behind that cool exterior, every girl in the bar is on the hunt for a solitaire. Of course eventually we are all looking to settle, the key word here is eventually, surely that is not the first thing that comes to our minds when a good looking guy offers to buy us a drink. I say this because lately I’ve noticed that men are really flattering themselves. Some guys claim all girls have a  marital hidden agenda.

Sally has dated many guys but not in a town bicycle kind of way, she has a great reputation, she’s a hard worker and a genuinely nice person. She thinks perhaps she’s too picky, I think she’s just setting good standards for herself- she knows what she wants. Most of her boyfriends have met her parents. Her parents don’t necessarily view them as boyfriends, but rather as friends of Sally, so really it’s not a big deal at all for her to bring them home.

She’s been dating Mark for a couple of months now. Her parents were throwing a Sunday get together in their Zgharta mountain house for some of their close friends and family. Sally invited Mark to come along. As soon as the words left her mouth his face began to change into all sorts of colors. He then blurted out the words that any girl dreads to hear

“Don’t you think it’s a little too soon for me to meet your parents?”

“It’s just a Sunday lunch.”

“ Ya, Sally I know, but I don’t want you or your parents to get the wrong idea

“And what idea could that be?”

“You know, that this is serious or something”

She broke up with him right there and then. Here’s the thing, Sally really didn’t know where her relationship with Mark was going and she wasn’t even trying to find out. But the fact he bluntly said there was no future for them made her feel like she was just wasting her time. Making plans to wed a man after a couple of months is surely hasty, but knowing that a man you’re dating doesn’t even consider you in his future is a big slap to any girls ego. Maybe I’m biased but I think Mark had it coming. Do you agree?

I’m So Baked

Will You Be My Second Wife?

My former colleague Diana met her boyfriend Hadi on the street. No really, she did.  He then chased her down in his car and begged her for her number. Her first impulse was to run away from this stalker but she took one look at his face and was smitten. She stopped at the side of the road and they exchanged numbers. One date led to another and before you know it they’ve been dating for 6 months. They have no mutual friends, both lived on different sides of the country, and although she felt it was right when they were together- something was seriously off.

Hadi was only available during the day. Come afternoon, his cell turns off; he never even calls her for an evening chat. He says it’s because he lives with his parents and doesn’t have much privacy. Did I mention he’s 30!  Each time she tried to question him, he managed  to charm his way out.  Hadi clearly had a secret.

He did indeed. My friend Lara and I were walking about in ABC Ashrafieh  last month when we spotted Hadi with a lady, pushing around a baby in a stroller. We couldn’t believe our eyes. I bb’ed Diana, she tried calling him but he didn’t pick up. Hadi was married!

She confronted him with the news, and he confessed. But he also said that they’re on the “verge” of divorce and are trying to keep things civil for the baby’s sake. Worst part of it all, Diana bought into it again. She says she “loves” him and is willing to stick it out.  He even convinced her to stop seeing us since we’re just “jealous” of what they have.

Little birdie told me this morning that Diana’s been shopping around for a Chanel-esque white suit for her Katb IKtab. Hadi may not be getting divorced but that didn’t stop him from making an honest woman out of Diana. Diana doesn’t know this, yet but one day Hadi will let yet another woman pass that intersection…

6 Ways To Avoid Lebanese Wedding Drama

Planning a wedding is hard anywhere in the world. But in Lebanon, it’s no laughing matter. Drama is usually an essential element in most soon-to-be-wed couples’ lives but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some tips on how you can avoid drama if you’re planning for your nuptials:

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