A Message to Skinny Girls

8 responses to “A Message to Skinny Girls

  1. she still needs to slim down. its healthier. its not always about the looks

    • Well, she did look REEEEAALLLYYYY slimmer at the Grammys.
      I’m all for he healthy lifestyle, but believe me, i’m big (meaning fat, but big is a prettier word) and I eat healthy low-fat low-sugar food and my blood tests are always excellent. So she didn’t NEED to lose weight to be healthier.

      But like Hadia said below, she was referring to those who care too much about looks. And she’s right. I just wished she lived up to it.

  2. And then she’ll lose weight in a years time. It always happens- they claim to be proud and then lose weight bc they had to.

  3. she says that, but then she will lose weight and try to convince us of it, check Jennifer Hudson, i liked her when she was a full woman with CURVES
    having a normal weight is healthy, for the person

  4. Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t the issue. I think shes referring to people who care too much about their weight issues to focus on the real goals, Which ends up causing health issues. Adele is remarkable! :)

  5. why does everyone judge slender girls as saying we’re trend-setters or that we want to be on the covers of vogue? it’s not our faults you over-ate and it’s not our fault you didn’t have anyone to guide you when it came to healthy and unhealthy and when and where is an appropriate time to have it. idk i’m just sick of being judged as a “barbie” because i don’t want to have to deal with the hardships of being overweight when i get older.

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