The Women Who Pursue Married Men

A married man- to many of us this word may represent our fathers, husbands or the title we hope to bestow on our fiancés one day, but it comes as no surprise for some of you to learn that for some women the word “married man”, represents their main attraction.

Yes, we all want what we can’t always have, perhaps the latest Louboutins or a custom-made McQueen gown, we hope and wish that someday we’ll be able to attain these luxury aspirations, but what happens what when a women starts actively focusing her energy on another woman’s husband?

It’s not a new trend; on the contrary, women have been after other women’s husbands for years, but I’m starting to feel that this trend is on the rise- in Lebanon, and the worst part: the taboo undertone is no longer as present.

With a ratio of 6 women to every man who blames those home wreckers, correct? Wrong! This is not the story where an innocent lady in her mid-to-late twenties is fooled into a love triangle by some deceitful man sans his wedding band, with a wife and kids at home, rather this is a story of the girls that go out on the hunt-for any man-and if he happens to be married, oh well, it’s fair game and she’ll just have to work harder at luring him into leaving his wife for her. At ANY cost.

A friend of a friend of mine is dating a married man. I wouldn’t describe her as a smart girl, but her brain is functional enough to have sustained her steady job for some years now. He’s a well established man in his forties, the best part: He wears his wedding band even while he’s out with her. She’s seen him out with his wife a couple of times before she became his side-dish, and became very envious of what they had. She knew that not in a million years would she ever be able to land such a man, so she decided she may as well have a taste, and that’s exactly what she did.

He’s a scumbag, the lowest of the low, but this story isn’t about him. It’s about the women who knowingly pursue married men, hoping that one day, he won’t be able to live without them, and that they will put everything on the line, for them. That seldom happens, really, and when the wife forgives him and takes him back, the only villain left in this story, will be the one who dated a married man.

Do you know any home wreckers?

12 responses to “The Women Who Pursue Married Men

  1. I know a woman who’s been the official lover of a married man for years now. I guess she must be blinded by love. If i were in her shoes…i wouldnt wanna share my lover with anyone, let alone a WIFE.

    But here’s the thing. The woman’s called a “home wrecker” (betkharrib byout) cause shes ruinin a picture perfect family, but what about the man who’s cheating on his wife? Isn’t he also to blame for making a mockery of the “sanctity” of marriage. Walla bass hiyye homewrecker?

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  3. Apparently ,lots of women and married men are cheap enough to undergo this ,Lebanon is the exact copy of California ,poor ,uneducated ,bala savoir vivre, vulgar,cheap woman meets rich bastard ,selfish ,arrogant man who wants to get away from his boring sex life

  4. A home wrecker is a wife or husband who lack the intelligence to sustain two parallel relationships. Monogamy is difficult, but what makes it impossible to follow is the social and cultural urgency to tie the knot in a general context of “3ayb” and “7aram”. Live with the “love of your life” for two years and then tell me that you still think he/she is the most compatible person you’ll ever meet and hence should spend the rest of your life with. But the lack of “test” period is not always the result of sociocultural pressures, there are high doses of hormones to account for. But my ultimate question is this: so you stay “pure”, rightfully wear a white wedding dress and you wait for her for months, years, and finally, you two are wed and it is time to consummate the marriage…and you’re both terrible in between the sheets, your geometry just doesn’t fit, your energies are out of sync, your desires clash…could someone please tell me how the two are going to make it till death does them apart?! It may be in his kiss, but it’s also in hers, excuse the pun, and if marriage is a lifetime investment, a significantly more important one than a car, then test-drives should be obligatory. This, amongst other frowned upon “tests”, such as co-habitation, travelling together, sleeping over, holding hands, should be OBLIGATORY. Perhaps then, the man in question will have a functional enough brain to just say, “No wam bam, thank you ma’m”

    • Yes, you see people who have had that sexual ‘test-drive’ period would never cheat on their spouse simply for that reason. They would never run after a married man either.


      If there is sufficient communication between two and they are open enough to discuss and address their bed issues, then they should be able to work things out no. Thats rarley the reason for cheating.

      Im not against co-habitation but it sure aint the reason behind women chasing married men/married men engaging with younger single women/

  5. I think that it is very hard to specify the real causes of the problem. Is it the scarcity or men? is it the bad sex life within the marriage? is it men/ women talking advantage and seeking adventures? whether or not a couple was sexually active before marriage is not a definite measurement of marital success; sometimes people cheat because they can or because they feel insecure! The matter lies in an individual’s principles and those who base their lives on defining principles will never be unfaithful because they will always have absolute guidelines for their thoughts and actions.

  6. if it is so bad in lebanon how explain half the french divorce?

  7. I agree with Sleepless in Beirut. Nothing more to add.

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  9. I really enjoyed reading this post. I am an American living in Germany, and it just proves that humans are humans no matter where you live. I personally think that the problem goes much deeper than women pursuing married men, or married men cheating on their wives. I think the problem lies with the complete disregard for marriage in general. Nobody is truly committed to each other nowadays, nor are they willing to do what it takes to stay committed. It just opens the door for women like your friend’s friend rob someone else’s candy dish to get their sugar daddy. As long as marriage remains in a recession, there will always be plenty of employment opportunities for home wreckers.

  10. I love it….

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