And The Best Photoshop Award Goes To…

If you’re still racking your brains trying to figure out how this new species of plastic women have taken Lebanon as it’s Headquarters look no further, it is our very own idols the have paved the way to these ultimate transformations, undoubtedly  sending out a healthy message to women everywhere, if you don’t like the face you have:  get a new one silly! Have we gone too far? You be the judge… Bisoux

Exhibit A

Nawal Al Zoghbi

Exhibit B


Exhibit C

Najwa Karam

Exhibit D

Nancy Ajram

Exhibit E

Diana Haddad

15 responses to “And The Best Photoshop Award Goes To…

  1. I personally think that Najwa Karam really needed that surgery, like she looked sort of creepy! She could at least have done her brows properly(referring to the first photo) However, the other stars, especially Elissa, Nawal and Diana did not need it! Moreover, Diana looked 10000 times better before the surgery. Now she looks like just another singer from silicon valley…

  2. Nancy Ajram???????!!!!!!!! What the hell? It’s 2 different people! How can someone except to ERASE themselves like that?

    I can just imagine the conversation with her agent…”your voice is good, but you are not, I want to change your face.” …. Nancy: “OK”..


  3. Is that really Diana Haddad? That seriously looks like another person.
    Award to the Most Improved Plastic Self goes to Najwa Karam..

  4. Hilarious! simply astounding!

  5. compare 10 years old pictures of yourself with current ones, the difference might scare you as well. (i’m not saying that they did not have plastics surgeries or whatever but it’s a fact)

  6. that’s an awesome list
    Najwa is the best improvement or constructive surgery.
    You seem to like haifa since u didnt include her to the list :p
    Aslan if u want to make a list, the list goes on endless nowadays.

  7. Actually if one looks carefully at Najwa Karam she’s had the least plastic surgery, if any. Najwa just got skinnier and takes a lot more care of herself now.
    And as mentioned before Nawal, Elissa, Diana didn’t even need the surgeries. As for Nancy, I think its sad she resorted to plastic surgery- she was 18 when she got them- she could’ve just lost a little weight maybe and really its all thats needed- she didn’t even wait for her body to take its natural course and fix itself- she was young.

  8. I think nawal al zoghbi wants to be our very own michael jackson when it comes to plastic surgery, she’s borderline scary! The post is extremely funny, well, sad..

  9. I’m still stuck on Nancy because I cannot believe that anyone can find this woman attractive. She simply does not look human anymore. As a foreigner in Lebanon, I see so many beautiful Lebanese girls every day and then you have Nancy’s face advertising beauty salons…?! I don’t get it.

  10. Nancy Ajram, I thought her eye color was fake too…
    Every picture: YA MAMI!!! *runs and hides*

  11. I really would like to read some research on how and why this obsession with plastic surgery has taken root in Arab society. Seriously? On what planet is this attractive? It’s such a damn shame.

  12. The other day I was driving in my car and I saw this amazing new porcha, driving by it I couldn’t help but shriek I mean the woman driving the car looked exactly like Michael Jackson after all his surgeries she just freaked me out she was soooo ugly!!! it’s really an obsession

  13. Najwa Karam has not had much surgery done, as improvements with Botox, tanning, and eyebrows don’t count as Plastic surgery. In the Late 80s and early 90s Najwa was not tanned and she left her eyebrows natural, further she used to wear very large and (at one point) very classy dresses. Since the late 90s and through the 2000s Najwa has developed her new style and look without altering her face and undergoing extensive plastic surgery.

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