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No Rights No Women Goes High-Fashion With

So just in case you weren’t able to imagine a Lebanon, without women, has produced an epic photo-shoot that may just help you visualize. The collaboration between NO Rights NO Women campaign seems unlikely but if you take a look at these shots, everything will start making sense. And guess what? This is a 100% Lebanese production, with a Lebanese creative director, Lebanese photographers and even Lebanese models! Bisoux

This one is my personal favorite, the woman turned “construction worker.” Click here to see the rest of these fabulous high-fashion shots.

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Imagine A Lebanon- Without Its Women

Unimaginable right?  Even if you’re not into women, you know  this place would loose its identity without its better other sex.

That’s what the ladies behind the campaign No Rights No Women are threatening to do – turn into men in exchange for their rights!

Controversial. And it seems to be getting everyone’s attention. But the logic behind it is so simple. It’s Genius!!!

Here goes it:

Full Woman, Full Citizen..or no women at all.

“For years, women (and men) in Lebanon have asked, campaigned and fought for women’s rights for complete citizenship. And yet, nothing. Cultural, social, political and even religious excuses have been given, and the only ones to pay the price are the women.

So, we, a group of Lebanese young women, have decided to make a move, non-violent, original yet one we hope that will make the Le…banese community and law makers understand how it feels to be a “half-citizen”.

On March 8, International Women’s Day, we will let go of our “womanship” to request our “citizenship”. We will dress as men, act as them, talk like them, be them… Join us in your universities, offices, in coffee shops, on the streets, in your homes, wearing “men”, acting “men”..because if we don’t have all of our rights, what’s the point?”

And there you have it folks!

Join them on Tuesday March 8th at 5:30 pm in Downtown’s Samir Kassir Square by the Annahar building. Sign the petition that will be  submitted to the Lebanese Parliament on March 9.

Join their Facebook group. Scream it from the rooftops. Sing it loud and proud.

Now Imagine your world without women.


Check out some of  these medieval  facts you prolly didn’t know about the terrifying laws that treat  Lebanese women as second-class citizens in their own country. They just sent some serious chills down my spine.

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IVY’s Outfits Of The Week

As promised, I will now regularly feature outfits for my male readers! Let me know if you like what you see! Bisoux



And finally a similar outfit that won’t burn a hole in your pockets!


Lebanese Summer Countdown- 9 Tips To Get Fit

So your New Year resolutions are a distant dream by now. You were supposed to quit smoking (even socially), become a regular at the gym ( a 15 min sprint on the treadmill doesn’t count )and most importantly eat healthy ( even during work hours)

It’s March and you’re still hung-over from the weekend. Your mind kept telling you to get that salad for lunch but every cell in your stomach was screaming for grease, so you ordered Fern Tony’s  Deluxe Burger . Your co-workers watched you gobble that beast down as they fiddled with their rice and spinach. But you’re back at your desk now, about to participate in some serious self-loathing wondering how you got here.  Knowing that within mere months, the hot and sexy gym busy-bees of this country will be ready to flaunt their combos of six packs, pectorals, biceps and what not while you’ll be struggling to stop yourself from ordering a bottle of extra-chilled rose by the beach.

Snap out of it; get a hold of yourself and enough with the procrastination.  I’ve come up with a couple of pointers to keep you satisfied but slick this season.

1)      Eat breakfast and get full, it’s the oldest trick in the book but it actually works wonders.  And no, that doesn’t mean indulging in some fried eggs and bacon, but a healthy whole wheat pita bread with some labneh, cucumber and olives , or turkey and cheese with some lettuce. Wash it down with a sweet fruit-but bar or perhaps a handful or almonds and raisins.

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