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Mon Obsession Du Jour

Are You Too Pretty For Work?

Maysa is infatuated  with herself. Her life, is an ongoing process of looking good.

Maysa doesn’t tire. She also doesn’t have a job; she “works” with her dad. Manicure Mondays. Tanning Tuesdays. Work-out Wednesdays. Shopping Saturdays.  She constantly looks like she’s about to walk the runway.


I ran out of coffee last week, so I quickly slipped into some sweats, tied my hair in a bun and ran down to the local grocery store. And there was glamorous Maysa, in her skin tight jeans, long curled extensions, full make up and stilettos doing some grocery shopping. I felt like a bum. Yes, I get my nails done weekly and my hair is well, tamed, but  Maysa has a PHD in Primp.

So last week I decided what the hell, even with a full-time job, I’m going to do what it takes to look glamorous at all times.

I spent most if not all my time at beauty centers. Changed nail polish colors to suit different outfits, made three stops at the salon in one week, booked a full body message and a body scrub. By the end of it I was exhausted. I was late to almost all the outings, been harassed way more than usual on the street, I ditched most of my friends and my man told he hated all the make-up I had on. My friend even told me I looked “typical Lebanese.”

And then it hit me. We have a type. And not a very comfortable one mind you.  And here I was falling into the trap, about to get into an accident because my sky-high stilettos were to difficult to brake with.  Here I was going through all this trouble to look good, but I wasn’t feeling so good.

I saw a mother this morning, holding one kid in her arm and struggling to push the other in a stroller, yet she was wearing the skimpiest little mini dress with fishnets stocking and knee-high boots. I didn’t understand what would possess her to dress this way at 9am. And then it hit me, she must be looking at me in my appropriate-for -work  pants and blazer thinking-what the hell possessed me to dress this way. Bisoux

Royal Wedding Fever

My mother cried on two occasions. The first is when Princess Diana of Wales got married on July 29, 1981 and the second was when she died in a tragic car crash in Paris on August 0f 1997. And so this mild obsession has been passed down from mother to daughter.

I’m giddy just thinking about the upcoming Royal Wedding. I’m very well aware that this may be the Disney culture that’s been intrinsically instilled in me, but I know I’m not the only one. The world waits eagerly as Kate Middleton, the average girl from next door will wed her Prince William Charming in a month’s time, on April 29. **sigh**

The Royal Wedding!


While most bride-to-be’s here choose between the classic vintage Mercedes or simply a convertible, no royal wedding is complete without a horse and carriage . It’s being reported that Kate will be  traveling to and from the wedding in the same ornate carriage that Charles and Diana used for their wedding.

The Church

The religious ceremony will take place at the Westminster Abbey at 11am. A total of 1900 invitations have been distributed to world leaders, distinguished personalities, close relatives, and friends of the couple.

The Reception

Following tea with the Queen, there will be a super-exclusive reception at Buckingham Palace. Only 300 of the 1900 guests are said to have been invited to the lavish dinner and dance hosted by Prince Charles. Men invited guests are expected to wear uniform, suit, or black tie. There’s no dress code for the women invited guests, but, reportedly, women are expected to wear a hat at the wedding ceremony.

The Entertainment

The big day at Westminster Abbey will include performances from two choirs, one orchestra and a fanfare team. These include The Choir of Westminster Abbey, The Chapel Royal Choir, The London Chamber Orchestra, The Fanfare Team from the Central Band of the Royal Air force and The State Trumpeters of The Household Cavalry.

All together there will be 76 performers for the wedding service.

Following the wedding service, Claire Jones, the official Harpist to HRH The Prince of Wales will perform at a reception hosted by the Queen.

The Wedding Cake

We may love cutting into fake wedding cakes around here, but if you’re Royalty, you don’t just have one wedding cake, but TWO, and that’s exactly what William and Kate plan to do. The first will be a multi-layered, traditional fruitcake with a “floral theme” that will serve as a centerpiece of the wedding celebration. The second will be a chocolate-cookie cake.  The McVitie’s biscuit company is producing the dessert, made from a favorite recipe of the Windsors’. YUM!

The Dress

Everyone is speculating like mad over who will design the dress of the century. The latest rumors to hit the mill: Sarah Burton, the designer for Alexander McQueen will be designing Kate’s dress but the McQueen’s spokespeople have denied this.

When the engagement was first announced critics thought that it may be Bruce Oldfield that may go home with the honor, since he was Princess Diana’s favorite designer, but it seems less likely as the big day heads closer. Awhile back however, a bunch of designers sent Kate sketches of what they would envision her wearing. Here are my favorites:

“We designed a ‘blossoming’ dress because we imagined her as a new Botticellian Venus.” — Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, Valentino


“The royal wedding will be magical. Kate’s dress should be a modern mix of the traditional and contemporary.” — Monique Lhuillier

“The tradition of intricate hand-pieced lacework in the high-necked bodice with elbow-length sleeves, together with the voluminous skirt of a mixture of stiff and soft silk tulle, feels regal, yet poetic.” — Vera Wang

“We see Kate going completely classic. We love this off-the-shoulder silhouette for her. Her beauty and grace will make any gown look magnificent.” — Mark Badgley and James Mischka, Badgley Mischka

“The royal wedding will be magical. Kate’s dress should be a modern mix of the traditional and contemporary.” — Monique Lhuillier

Mon Obsession Du Jour

IVY Comes Out Of the Closet


















Well, sort of. Come on guys, you didn’t think I would come out just like that now did you? Drama-free and all..

A special thanks to the lovely and oh-sooo talented artist Sareen Akharjalian from for agreeing to create an avatar of me! She was also kind enough to make some generous enhancements ;)

If you guys haven’t checked out inkontheside yet, then you MUST, it’s an   up’and coming blog ( just celebrated its 1 year anniversary) caricaturing the quirkiness of Lebanese social dynamics, a definitive addition to your daily blog dose! Bisoux

The Lebanese Politicians’ Wedding Album

Their policies may not be your idea of a cup ‘of tea but these politicians  sure know how to throw a party.  Never mind if your tax dollars paid for it and you may have never gotten that invitation in the mail, nevertheless here’s a look at some of Lebanon’s most politically lavish weddings.

Exhibit A: The Berri’s

If you’re the daughter of one of  Lebanon’s richest men, then expect nothing short of a fairly tale wedding and that’s exactly what Nabih Berri’s daughter got. She even got Elie Saab to custom make a dress for her. Lavish is an understatement.

Exhibit B: The Lahouds

When daddy’s the president, the sky’s the limit, so when Ralph Lahoud exchanged vows with his bride Sabine Mazloum he did it in style at the Presidential Palace in Baabda in 2007. I’m not a big fan of the ballerina look or flower arrangement on her head , but hey, its her big day not mine.

Exhibit C:  The Geageas

She was getting wed to the  head of the Lebanese Forces,  but who would have thought that the shy girl Sethrida that appears in those wedding photos would one day become a Member of Parliament. Although I’m not crazy about the peacock look, I really like the long sleeve concept and lace on her dress. Feels like something Lady Gaga would wear on her wedding day. See Lady Geagea inspired Lady GaGa. (Always wanted to say that)

Exhibit D: The Aouns

Planning a wedding to an MP could not have been an easy task for Sarah Souhaid who said “I Do” to General Michel Aoun’s Nephew Alain Aoun in an outdoorsy ceremony.  Her look was refreshing and simple and I’m a sucker for  frills on an off-the-shoulder neckline.

Exhibit E: The Tuenis

As the youngest female MP in parliament, Nayla Tueni did the unconventional, she wed popular TV host Malek Maktabi in a civil ceremony in Cyprus. I think her Grecian goddess inspired dress and Roman setting go perfectly with the occasion, however his suit didn’t really go with the  theme.

Exhibit F: The Hariris

When your the world’s youngest billionaire, you get married in Paris the city of love, and that’s exactly what Hind Hariri, daughter of the late Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri did on her big day. In March 0f 2009, she wed her prince charming in a super blingy dress and diamond encrusted tiara-like crown, that looks it’s a secret weapon in disguise.

Mon Obsession Du Jour