Ivy’s Search For The Best Burger In Beirut Continues- Next Stop:Classic Burger Joint

Ok so I finally tried it, Classic Burger Joint– the place everyone has been going bananas about.

Let me begin: The place sure is busy- packed- the waiter seating people was totally acting like a bouncer- I mean he had to-people just won’t take no for an answer- everyone wants to eat at Classic- so I got super excited when my  friend and I got a seat.

The concept– they succeeded in really giving this place the classic diner feel- especially with the glass coke bottles

The menu is short- but straight to the point-burgers, fries and some appetizers, so we had chicken tenders and they were damn good, just the right crispiness and temperature.

The Classic Burger- a patty with lettuce, tomato and Cheddar Cheese and some special sauce

The Cheese Classic Burger- Did not live up to it’s hype. Why? Because when I envision a classic burger I imagine a thick meat patty, that’s just my number one rule,and so the patty was pretty thin on this one and the meat tasted like your everyday meat you can make at home. And I’ve heard so much about this burger that I thought this was gonna be an experience- and well it was average.

What  does make this burger special however is the amount of good, real, cheddar cheese that makes everyone go.. YUM!  But you see that’s not enough to make a burger complete, the ingredients have to flow and well, they couldn’t with a tasteless meat patty.  Frankly, Bob’s diner’s burger beats this burger and so do many other burgers in this city.

Get a sneak peak inside the Classic Cheese Burger

Ok so the fries are good but not to-die-for~ The place is pretty cheap compared to the rest- 40,000LL for two classic burgers, two pops and chicken tenders. Unfortunately, they were very understaffed, the food arrived on time, but the waiter was hard to catch.

Would I go there again, probably if I was in the area, but would I intentionally go there again- No.

To be fair: My friend LOVED it.

The verdict- OVERRATED.


22 responses to “Ivy’s Search For The Best Burger In Beirut Continues- Next Stop:Classic Burger Joint

  1. Ivy for the love of photography buy a decent camera.
    Blurry and overexposed photos: not cool !

  2. Alright thanks, I won’t try it

  3. hahahahah FADI- Your right I’m sorry but I find cameras to be a hassle, I just whip out my phone and snap away- plus I don’t wanna make my pic-taking obvious- I’m under-cover remember? ;)

  4. Would Highly recommend Brgr. Co. thats the only place for a real Burger in Beirut. I Gotta have it whenever im in town, plus its one of my all-time favorite old school places, (its where Tribeca used to be in Monot, in front of Julias)
    now I want a burgerrrrr :S

  5. Yes, I was just about to say, Brgr. Co is incredible! Ok, so they might not have as many options as Classic Burger..with their Mexican, BBQ, etc..but the patty is THICK and delicious..as are the fries..

    Try it out! Look forward to reading what you think!

  6. the best service ive had in burger joints and Lebanon in general would be – hands down – Roadster @ hamra , never have i been disappointed and they’re really good . Lets burger is nice as well , but i haven’t tried Burger. Co . but from the pics you posted about “Classic Burger Joint” makes me not want to eat there…:S :P

  7. I personally agree with the guys, brgr co. Is the best burger in Lebanon, and honestly the best amongst a lot that I’ve tasted worldwide,, and trust me I know my burgers. I lived in the states most of my life, the place beats the states. Try it ivy, let us know what you think.

  8. I’d like to try those chicken tenders! They look yum!

  9. I tried both, they are different…classic is a diner style burger, brgr co. Is a gourmet fast grab. I liked both!Brgr co. Is in my opinion the best I’ve tasted in lebanon so far. I love the live cooking, it gives it the ambiance that places miss in Lebanon, which we see in europe. And I heard its linked to a great chef too.

  10. http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=502744

    The X in the french kisses is really getting to me…

    Sans rancune,

  11. TRIBECA IS GONE??? :(

    though if i’m not being sentimental, i’d probably go to a good burger joint more often (though i am suspicious that this thread may have been ‘attacked’ by employees or friends of brgr co ;)).

    personally, my favorite burger in beirut is definitely @ lord of the wings, second place bob’s.

  12. I definitely agree with you on this review. Spot on. Except I didn’t try the chicken tenders. You’re right about the thickness of meat.

    And true, it does give a very nice vibe of a real authentic diner, this is what I liked the most.

  13. just saw this… http://beirutrestaurants.com/readfeatured.php?id=82
    I think you have a winner :)

  14. No one does burgers like Chili’s so far.

  15. TGI Friday’s Cheesy Bacon Cheese Burger = BEST THING EVER :O

  16. Ivy, where is your next burger stop?

  17. Funny, I was just there today! I totally loved the meat patty, and the whole thing! I love the home-made feel the patty tasted like, and like the Europeans believe, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. I went for Swiss N Mushroom, that had a little twist that I personally thing tops the classic burger!

    How awesome is it that you’re on a mission for the best burger? That’ one mouth-watering job!

  18. hi,
    im in the restaurant business ,in Canada..i was in Beirut last week,and they took me to that place..i dont like to exagerate but quality is below average.meat is not even 3 ounces,processed cheese no taste,frozen patties and fries.the only good thing is the bread but nothing else.i took my burger to go ,he did not let me in ..he took the money out …COME ON!
    THESES PLACES THEY DONT LAST LONG…i will say 3/10 being generous.

  19. Hello everybody, i am thinking of opening a burger joint (not in lebanon) like CBJ, does anyone know how they make their patties, what kind of grill do they use? how do they season their fries and so on… Any help would be appreciated but as everyone says, to get into that place is harder than to go to heaven so imagine talking to the owner :P:P Thanx in advance

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  21. CBJ is my favorite burger joint – although I’m starting to discover other burger restaurants in town (Mrs. Robinson is really good BTW)

    Check out my take on the Lebanese burger craze (you’re mentioned in it :)

  22. Lord of the wings, go for black angus, chedar, onion strips, bacon
    one of the best burgers iv ever had.
    best burger iv had was jack daniels burger at tgif *not in leb*
    gl on ur search ivy

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