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IVY Eats At Graffiti In Hamra

Dubbed as one of the “cool” bistro’s in town, I thought to myself, I must try  Graffiti for a quick after-work bite. The place screamed “different”  and describes itself as ” Urban Bistro.”   A group of  slightly grungy-looking university students sat huddled in a corner with a huge cloud of smoke lingering above them while my friend and I made our way to a more secluded section in the back.  Three different waiters served us in total- which made the communication slightly annoying. One of them had A LOT of attitude, although he seemed to be the one with the most authority.  Although I usually find uncalled-for attitude a huge turnoff , I decided I may as well give the place the benefit of the doubt.

The heat has been painful this summer so what better to sip-on then some freshly-made iced teas. Superb

I had the croque monsieur. The portion:generous. The cheese was a delight and the sandwhich had so much potential, except it was too dry. Why? Because they simply placed the ham between the bread with no butter, béchamel sauce or anything that could give this sandwich that breath of life it needed. The fries were good. .

The variety of items on the menu weren’t exactly as unique as I’d expected.

Verdict: I would come back only for that iced- tea, sans the attitude. Bisoux

Don’t You “3a2belik” Me!!!

3a2belik; a statement expressing the wish of someone with greater wisdom than yourself, for the higher powers to interfere and make YOU next in line.

Enough is enough. How many times does a girl have to be subjected to “3a2beliks” in her lifetime?

On every single occasion you will get one of those. You get your masters degree and it’s  3a2bel lil PHD, you get engaged,  and it’s 3a2bel lil marriage, you finally get married and( your great aunts can die in peace)-  but then it’s 3a2bel lil children. You get the damn children and it’s 3a2bel lil freakin Farha of the damn children!!

Because you see, that’s what life is all about for us ladies here. Yes,  higher education was something for our parents to boast about- but that only lasts for so long. After a while the PHD is useless, if we have no one to share it with, like a husband for example. Yes, the husband, the necessary accessory every girl needs to be complete.

Sure you are the top earner at your advertising firm, a job most men would kill for, that doesn’t seem to matter, at the end of the day you are a “lonely” lady that will be seated at the (GASP) ‘singles” table during wedding and will be bombarded with pitiful looks from all the mothers in the room, “ haram she is still single”, or “ come habibti I want to introduce you to someone and then maybe you’ll be married too.”          So  what gave this  middle–aged lady  the idea that I’m going to take dating recommendations for her? Seriously?!!

Why do these people give themselves the right to judge my personal status and simply assume that I’m desperate to marry and I’m just unlucky?  If I want something- I’ll just get it- I don’t need collective wishes.  So save your 3a2beliks.

Why can’t a single girl just be happy dater? Thoughts? Bisoux

Ivy’s Search For The Best Burger In Beirut Continues- Next Stop:Classic Burger Joint

Ok so I finally tried it, Classic Burger Joint– the place everyone has been going bananas about.

Let me begin: The place sure is busy- packed- the waiter seating people was totally acting like a bouncer- I mean he had to-people just won’t take no for an answer- everyone wants to eat at Classic- so I got super excited when my  friend and I got a seat.

The concept– they succeeded in really giving this place the classic diner feel- especially with the glass coke bottles

The menu is short- but straight to the point-burgers, fries and some appetizers, so we had chicken tenders and they were damn good, just the right crispiness and temperature.

The Classic Burger- a patty with lettuce, tomato and Cheddar Cheese and some special sauce

The Cheese Classic Burger- Did not live up to it’s hype. Why? Because when I envision a classic burger I imagine a thick meat patty, that’s just my number one rule,and so the patty was pretty thin on this one and the meat tasted like your everyday meat you can make at home. And I’ve heard so much about this burger that I thought this was gonna be an experience- and well it was average.

What  does make this burger special however is the amount of good, real, cheddar cheese that makes everyone go.. YUM!  But you see that’s not enough to make a burger complete, the ingredients have to flow and well, they couldn’t with a tasteless meat patty.  Frankly, Bob’s diner’s burger beats this burger and so do many other burgers in this city.

Get a sneak peak inside the Classic Cheese Burger

Ok so the fries are good but not to-die-for~ The place is pretty cheap compared to the rest- 40,000LL for two classic burgers, two pops and chicken tenders. Unfortunately, they were very understaffed, the food arrived on time, but the waiter was hard to catch.

Would I go there again, probably if I was in the area, but would I intentionally go there again- No.

To be fair: My friend LOVED it.

The verdict- OVERRATED.


I Hate Wedding Season In Lebanon

I’ve discussed the preposterousness of  our versions of weddings here in Lebanon before on this blog, but now let me hate on the modern bride.

She is obsessive compulsive, erratic, crazy, detail-obsessed and well most of all, a performer. Gone are the days where the bride enters her arena in grace and demure, we now instead have a belly-dancer on our hands  making an entrance- dressed in a costume rather than what I once viewed as a magical Cinderella- like gown, leaving almost nothing to our imaginations, at times even downright raunchy, her dress embedded with enough  Swarovski or zircon (depending on the groom) to blind onlookers.

During her zaffeh- she enters like a professional, preforming , waving to her people, synchronizing her dance moves with the rest of her  flashy over-priced dancers – that is if she isn’t getting carried in on a stretcher, while her groom does his own silly dance version of what she’s been training him to do since he got on his knees and proposed.

It’s a production I tell you. Every move, each gesture, studied, planned and timed.  During the first dance  the groom will hold her up like a sack of potatoes for everyone to see. Ughhh

And her group of enablers, from the wedding planner that convinced her to place live gold fish on each table- to the firework agent, that charged her half a million dollars for a show that will make her look like an “ Amira.”  Because every girl should be an Amira on her Big Day!

They will bring some superstar artist, like Ragheb, Elissa or maybe even Haifa to add more cheesiness.  And then comes the big-ol-fake cake. Someone needs to explain this to me. The couple cuts into a cardboard cake the size of a hut, which EVERYONE knows is a FAKE, yet everyone pretends is REAL? why? how? what?? And then an army of little waiters go around the room with tiny real cakes with firecrackers?  Have we finally lost our minds.

I think we have. God help us all. Three more weddings this summer. And you know I can hardly wait. Bisoux

IVY Drinks and Eats At….

This is embarrassing. We hit up a bar in Hamra Friday night, and I can't for the life of me remember it's name, it was something like PEE BEE? PEE WEE!!?? I had a little much to drink you see. All I know is that melon martini was fab

The DJ

We ordered Dou Dou shots but instead got Tabasco shots mixed with Rum instead of Vodka! We almost passed out right then and there

The bartender felt so bad for us, he quickly helped us wash them down with some melon shots. That did the trick!

Hit up Zahr El Laymoun on Saturday lunchtime, a healthy Lebanese restaurant with only brown bread and nothing fried! Yes no French fries, only baked potato, even in your Taouk sandwich. The concept is innovative, the décor exquisite, the menu interesting, but unfortunately the food unimpressive and bland.

Now isn't this the cutest little set-up ever? Makes you feel like your hanging out in a village. Too bad you can never sit on those things for too long without some major backache.

"Samkeh Harra" looks great right? Well, truly a disappointment, the fish was soo fishy you just couldn't ignore it and the waiters just didn't get it. They kept saying well, it's fish!!! The homos was so dry, missing out on much lemon, and the tabouleh might as well have not had any dressing.Bisoux