IVY’s Search For The Best Burger In Lebanon

I think most of you can tell I love burgers. Be it the the All’American burger, the Lebanonized burger and at times even teta’s hambur-kafta. So I’ve been keeping an eye ( and mouth) out for all the burger places in town. I didn’t wanna go for the most obvious choices of burger-joints just yet, but I thought why not try out the less obvious ones.

Today’s Burger:  Cello In Hamra

Rating: **

A friend of mine recommended Cello on Jeanne d’Arc St in Hamra, as the new and up and coming fusion food place.  But I wasn’t impressed at all. Here’s why…

Assortment of appetizers that had, salmon (that was super fishy) mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes figs and perhaps bacon. This item sounded fabulous on the menu but turned out to be quite the disappointment. The bread was stale and the cheese tasteless. Over-Priced at 16.990 LL and the waiter didn't even care to know why we left half of it uneaten.

The Cello burger seemed so promising. But what a waste it was. The meat although the thickest you can get in town, was unspiced and overcooked. The tomatoes and cheese alone, were great, but failed to harmonize with the rest if the burger. Nothing flowed. The fries are great though, very Lebanese kitchen style. The food presentation is the only good thing this place has going for it.

The thick meat. Too bad it failed to deliver. I went there on a Sunday and although we were the only people there it was so difficult to find a single waiter. They were too busy singing in the back.

9 responses to “IVY’s Search For The Best Burger In Lebanon

  1. Hey Ivy!
    Already went through this with some friends.

    Try the one at Pacifico (hamberguesa) and the one at Ferdinand (with their special berry-something sauce)…

    Waiting for your feedbacks

  2. Hi Ivy! You can try Pizza Burgers (it is a mini-snack) located in 3ein el remmeneh! wow amazing burger….so full and excquisite.
    I discovered that the best burgers are mainly found in mini-snack places hidden here and there but that have been around for a long time. There is where all the rich flavors and delicacies are ;).


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  4. Classic burger joint in sodeco has a very decent burger, simple and to the point.

  5. Classic burger is the best. Hands-down!

  6. let’s Burger is also not bad

  7. Classic burger joint has some great burgers. May I recommend the BBQ burger? Absolutely divine.

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