Rumor Has It…

That when Roberto Cavalli visited Beirut not too long ago and stayed at the pish-posh Le Vendôme, he was here to discuss the opening of a restaurant/ lounge. Many of you are aware of the blingin Club Cavalli at the Fairmont in Dubai rumored to cost an astounding $30 million dollars in decoration. Why do I have a feeling that such lavishness would be more than welcome in Lebanon?

Well,  You know how much Lebanese people looove  extravagance , so leopard-prints and gourmet dishes topped with an international super model every now and then will undoubtedly flourish in this city. Bisoux

Cavalli's club in Dubai

Cavalli's club in Dubai

Cavalli Club's Signature Dish , Grilled Boston lobster and sweet scallops as featured by

One response to “Rumor Has It…

  1. Umm yeah. The concept will work..anything that gives the Lebanese people a sense that they are part of luxury and extravagance will work!

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