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Pre-Drinking Tune of The Night

Love this song, been hearing it on my way to work every morning and was shocked to find out it’s a guy from a band called Plan B! And boy he can sure sing! Reminds me of something Amy Winehouse would do. And the beat is just so fine…ey ey ey ey baby. Bisoux- with an X ;)

Ivy Eats At ” Bread And Brown”- Jounieh ;)

Since I love food , I feel it’s only fair to share my opinions with y’all on how good ( or bad) my experience was… so you can save your time on money on what’s really worth it.

So I tried out this lovely place in Souk Jounieh called Brown Bread, apparently it’s been around for awhile, and it’s run by the owner who’s also the head chef in the kitchen- they have a lovely array of cookbooks you can read while you wait for you food. The menu  is very café-ish but distinct- it has some dishes you just wouldn’t expect in there- here’s what I had with my non-calorie caring friend ( and you know- they’re hard to find these days ;)  Average cost:  22 LL per dish. Bisoux

Chicken breast wrapped in bacon with mashed potato and white cream sauce. Comfort food at it's best

Philly Cheese Steak Baguette - damn good

Mon Obsession Du Jour

Alors on Danse

Rumor Has It…

That when Roberto Cavalli visited Beirut not too long ago and stayed at the pish-posh Le Vendôme, he was here to discuss the opening of a restaurant/ lounge. Many of you are aware of the blingin Club Cavalli at the Fairmont in Dubai rumored to cost an astounding $30 million dollars in decoration. Why do I have a feeling that such lavishness would be more than welcome in Lebanon?

Well,  You know how much Lebanese people looove  extravagance , so leopard-prints and gourmet dishes topped with an international super model every now and then will undoubtedly flourish in this city. Bisoux

Cavalli's club in Dubai

Cavalli's club in Dubai

Cavalli Club's Signature Dish , Grilled Boston lobster and sweet scallops as featured by

4 Important Tips To Remember Before You Hit On Her Tonight

Listen up boys, I’m sure many of you are pretty proud of the way you handle yourselves around us women. I’m sorry to break it to you, you don’t always get it right, actually rarely. So take notes if you wanna keep a lasting impression on the girl you may meet in Monot tonight…

1) Make Eye Contact– but DON’T STARE. Nothing gets our attention more than a man that can look us straight in the eye, without fidgeting on his Blackberry every two seconds. Most importantly, don’t be silly enough to check out another girl , thinking that we can’t notice.

2) Don’t Overdo  It- We get it, your hot , smart and you gotta really good career. BUT the last thing we wanna do is date a bragger. This ain’t a job interview honey so don’t oversell yourself.

3)Be a Gentleman- this may sound like the oldest tip in the book but still many men we meet today don’t open doors for us or walk ahead of us or even sit in the passenger seat of a car while we sit in the back.  Get some manners!

4)Easy On the Liquor–  There is nothing tackier than a man who can’t walk straight. We like our men in control. Typsy-ness can evolve into fun conversations drunkenness may cause you to make some moves on the dance floor we were hoping you didn’t have! Bisoux

IVY Gets Quoted By Octavia Nasr of CNN!

That’s right! CNN’s Sr Editor of Mideast Affairs the lovely  Octavia Nasr quoted my post on Miss USA’s Rima Fakih , you can also click here to read her article on the reactions of Arab-American’s reaction on the first Arab -American Miss USA.

Octavia’s been keeping in touch with Lebanese bloggers through Twitter and has been super-accessible to everyone!  Octavia thanks for listening and getting our voices out there! You Rock! Bisoux

Lebanese Beauty or American Bombshell? Miss USA 2010

Here’s another reason as to why the West always refers to Lebanese girls as “hot” or why we’re known for both our chic peas and exotic looks.  Our own Rima Fakih the 24 year-old Lebanese -American was crowned with the Miss USA title yesterday.

Her trick question: whether she thought birth control should be paid for by health insurance, and she said she believed it should because it’s costly. “I believe that birth control is just like every other medication even though it’s a controlled substance.”

I wonder if she has any family in Lebanon watching her on TV and if so whether or not her khalto would cringe at that answer. I know mine would ;) Birth control!!! Ya 3aybishoooooommm

So what do you guys think? Is Rima worthy of the title? This sparked a huge debate with my girls and I. Some find her super-pretty but I’m on the fence about her. I see prettier girls at Sky Bar. I mean anyone who say’s she ain’t pretty is lying but I’m not sure she’s all that. She is a very typical Lebanese beauty,nothing too out of the ordinary, but I may be wrong. What do you think? Bisoux

Avery Lebanese singer-like pose from Miss USA Rima Fakih

They don't come like this anymore. Everyone remembers Miss Universe 1971, Georgina Rizk. Now that was a beauty!